Should We Pretend the Election Didn’t Happen?: Tucker Grills DNC Chair Candidate


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Jehmu Greene, who is running to be the next DNC chair, was challenged by Tucker Carlson on a range of issues during a compelling interview Monday night.

Carlson pressed Greene for her thoughts on why Hillary Clinton lost, Rep. John Lewis’ (D-GA) recent comments and much more.

The longtime congressman and civil rights leader made headlines over the weekend by telling NBC News that President-elect Donald Trump’s election victory was not legitimate in his view and that he would not attend the inauguration.

That led to a series of tweets from Trump, going after Lewis by claiming that his Atlanta-area district is infested with crime and “falling apart.”

Carlson asked Greene about a comment on Fox News in which she referred to the presidential vote as the “alleged election.”

“Did you mean we should pretend [the election] didn’t happen? As someone who wants to lead the Democratic Party, what’s your position on that?” he asked.

Greene said “something happened in this election with Russia,” leading to a group of Democrats storming out of a classified briefing on the subject.

She said “we may never know” the full extent of Russia’s actions, calling it an “attack on our democracy” and criticizing Trump for continuing “baseless attacks.”

“The Navy deemed [John Lewis] so respected as an American that they named a ship after him. To see what Donald Trump is doing on Martin Luther King Day, nobody is standing for it. Not Democrats, not Republicans, not anybody who cares about the future of this country,” said Greene.

Carlson asked whether Greene, if elected as DNC chair, would tell Democrats across the country that Vladimir Putin was the reason for Clinton’s defeat.

Obama White House Refuses to Call Trump ‘Legitimate’ President


Outgoing White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough declined to call President-elect Donald Trump “legitimate” when questioned by CNN’s Jake Tapper on State of the Union on Sunday morning.
McDonough would only say that President Barack Obama considered Donald Trump’s election “freely elected.”

He added that the Democrats that are boycotting Trump’s inauguration on Friday have “significant” concerns.

Specifically, McDonough suggested that Trump’s election was influenced by Russia. He also suggested Trump could allay those concerns by “reaching out” to Democrats who refused to attend the ceremony.

The following exchange took place:

Tapper: There are now at least eighteen House democrats who are boycotting the Trump inauguration. Does President Obama think that’s appropriate, or do they think, does he think they should follow his lead and attend for the sake of honoring the office and the peaceful transfer of power?

McDonough: Well, the president has made very clear since the election that we should do everything in our power in this transition period to make sure that the next president and his team are up and ready to go. In fact, on Tuesday night in a speech he called him the “freely elected” President of the United States. So that’s the charge that we have taken. By the same token these Democrats and others have pointed out that they’ve got a significant concerns. And we found some of those concerns — the intelligence shows that the Russians did intervene, and they did intervene with the purpose of helping one candidate, and hurting the other. So these are by no means, uh, trivial concerns. So my hope would be that the President-elect will reach out to somebody as consequential and somebody who is such a leader as John Lewis, who has done so many things over the course of his life, to try to work this out. And hopefully it’s not just reach out to him, but pursue some of the policies that Mr. Lewis has literally fought, bled, and gone to jail for over the course of his remarkable life. And that would be that kind of thing that would not only send a message to the American people that we’re prepared to work together, but would also sent a message to the Russians that we are united, their efforts to divide us, to weaken us, to advance their own interest at the expense of ours, are going to fail.

McDonough was referring to the spat between Trump and Rep. John Lewis (D-GA), who recently called Trump “illegitimate” because of a “conspiracy” by Russia. (Trump responded by questioning Lewis’s commitment to his district.)

Tapper followed up to clarify whether President Obama considered Trump “legitimate”:

Tapper: Just to be clear though, President Obama thinks that President-elect Trump is legitimate.

McDonough: The President has made very clear that he believes that he is the “freely elected” president. He will be inaugurated on Friday, and he will come into office hopefully strengthened by the kind of transition that we’ve tried to run in this White House.

Tapper followed up by asking McDonough whether, given Trump’s own efforts to question Obama’s legitimacy with the “Birther” theory, “should put this away, this whole idea of legitimate, illegitimate.”

McDonough declined: “The president’s not going to get into the middle of this right now.”


SOURCE: Breitbart

Judge Jeanine Slams John Lewis, Rosie O’Donnell Over Trump Comments


This week on “Justice”, Judge Jeanine Pirro fired back at Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) over his claims Donald Trump is not a legitimate president-elect, and criticized comedian Rosie O’Donnell for her recent comments about the New York businessman.

Lewis, 76, a longtime Atlanta representative and a Civil Rights era leader, told NBC that Russian meddling in the 2016 election delegitimized Trump’s win and said he will not attend the inauguration.

“Pray tell, Congressman, what’s not legitimate?” Pirro asked, “Trump won by a large electoral college margin and in spite of efforts to do a recount… nothing changed.”

She noted Lewis’ experience in the Civil Rights movement, where he fought for “equal rights and equal justice”, and was rewarded with a 30-year tenure in Congress, but questioned why Lewis would not extend the same reward to Trump.

“Did you not take an oath to support the Constitution? You, a Congressman for 30 years know how to amend the Constitution if you don’t like it.”

Of O’Donnell, Pirro said the actress should never have made even a passing reference to instituting “martial law” to prevent Trump’s inauguration.

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We are six days away from what for centuries has been a peaceful transition of power yet our democracy has never been in greater danger. Instead of enjoying and celebrating this time honored, sacred and hallowed tradition, where the torch is passed to a new democratically elected president of the greatest nation on earth, we are mired down in the politics of division, fake news, and hate fueled resistance to the 45th president of the united states. Shame on us.



SOURCE: FOX News Insider


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