Gun Owners In America Need To Quit Turning The Other Cheek


I for one, have had enough of these rabid Anti Gunners and their relentless attacks on not only myself as a gun owner but on every other decent American who owns a gun and has done absolutely nothing wrong.

Get ready for some return fire.

You sanctimonious loud mouths want to use the media and Big Business to beat up on law-abiding citizens to further your political agendas?

How about we show you a little something called Economic Warfare?

It is way past time for every law-abiding gun owner in this country to get serious about where they spend their money.

If you know of a business that has gone out of their way to let you know that they are anti gun then return the favor and let them know that you won’t be spending one thin dime on any product or service they provide and most importantly, why.

No car rentals from these people, no staying at their hotels, no eating in their restaurants, no buying their clothes, nothing.

Trust me, most companies have a very slim profit margin and are acutely attentive to sudden drop offs in income.

At the same time, go out of your way to do business with gun friendly businesses.

You have friends, tell them to do the same thing.

There are over 100 million gun owners in this country.

That is 1/3 of the total population in this country alone and that is serious buying power.

It is also serious political power.

Just because we don’t have mass media available to spread the word doesn’t mean it can’t happen. Word of mouth and peer to peer messaging is still very effective.

Spread the word that enough is enough and that you are tired of being harangued and punished for things you didn’t do.

Sick and tired of ignorant people wanting to restrict your God given right to protect yourself because of what some mentally ill maniac did clear across the country that you had nothing to do with.

Start an Email chain or pass one on that is already going around.

Pass a link to this Blog post or Email it to a friend.

If your elected representative is anti gun then make sure they know that you will be supporting their opponent and why.

Enough is enough, these people need a math lesson they will never forget.

It’s time to show them that their bully tactics and their propaganda comes at a price.

The price of doing business.

Author: Papa Mike


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