20 Year Old Scotch

Drunk sitting at the bar…

Guy waltz’s in and asks the bartender for a 20 year old Scotch.

Bartender pours a dram or two and the guy sips, then pushes the glass back saying “this is only 10 years old, I’d like 20 if you don’t mind.”

Bartender digs around the bar, finds an old dusty bottle and pours another dram.

Guy sips… makes a face and says “no, no, no… 20 years. This is only 15.”

The Drunk is memorized by all this.

Finally the bartender goes into the back and digs through all the really old bottles and comes up with something he thinks is “really” old. Pours another couple drams.

Guy sips and says “not quite right there old chap. You’ve nothing better?”

Bartender huffs off.

Drunk pushes a glass towards the guy and slurs… “try dis.”

The guy sips, and then spits out the liquid while sputtering “This tastes like piss!”

Drunk says… “‘Xactly sir. Now canya tell me how old I am?”

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