Cardinal Dolan: Obama’s Actions Are “Radical, Unprecedented, and Dramatically Intrusive”

By: Andrea Ryan

There’s nothing like lying to a Cardinal to get you in good with the faith community.

The other day Peggy Noonan, the disappointing traitor to her Conservative mentor, published an article in the Wall Street Journal declaring that Obama’s mask of deceit, dishonesty, and treachery was no longer fooling the American people.

Today, James Taranto, has another article exposing the president’s proclivity for being “imperious and deceitful”.  After a meeting last November, Obama promised then-Archbishop Timothy Dolan to “respect the Catholic Church’s rights of conscience”.  Two months later, Obama publicly humiliated the same church for which he claimed immense regard with his unconstitutional birth control mandate.

In Taranto’s interview, Cardinal Dolan describes a president with “radical, unprecedented, and dramatically intrusive” behavior.


And These Are The People That Call Themselves “The Religion Of Peace”..Wake Up AMERICA!

This could be coming to the United States and welcomed by President Hussein Obama that’s if we don’t stop it next November…..How sad for the UK!….Papa Mike