More Government Control In OUR LIVES…..BUT, NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s Double Standard: 68 Hot Dogs Good, Sodas Over 16 Ounces Bad…

Is 32oz. of a sugared beverage like Coke or Pepsi bad for you, of course it is, but so is 2lbs.of a Pastrami sandwich from a famous deli and a THOUSAND of other restaurants in New York. When we were in New York a few years back every restaurant we ate at I had to take a “doggie bag” back to the hotel because the portions were so HUGE I couldn’t eat it all…..and I’m NOT a ‘Vegan’ I LOVE MEAT!. First the Government wants to control  the size of a Coke you can have, then what? They will want to install cameras in our refrigerators?……Papa Mike

I’m sure he’s figured out a way to justify his hypocrisy.

Via Daily Caller:

In an appearance on NBC’s “Today” show last week, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg preached “moderation” as he was explained why National Doughnut Day received the City of New York’s stamp of approval and 32-ounce sodas were marked for an outright ban.

But as long as things in moderation are OK, what does that say about Bloomberg’s role in the 96-year-old tradition known as the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest held at Coney Island in New York City every Fourth of July, which is hardly a showcase of moderation?

In 2011 Bloomberg praised the contest with flowery language (in a video he has posted on his office’s official YouTube page), suggesting it was part of the traditional Independence Day celebration, giving Americans a moment to reflect on “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

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The soda and Pastrami stats provided by Papa Mike


Coca Cola
 7-Eleven 32 oz Big Gulp
 (28 oz soda + 4 oz ice)
 Sugars, total:        91g
 Calories, total:        364
 Calories from sugar:    364
 7-Eleven 44 oz Super Gulp
 (38 oz soda + 6 oz ice)
 Sugars, total:        128g
 Calories, total:        512
 Calories from sugar:    512

There is 1032 calories in this 2lb. sandwich from a famous deli in New York…Their 1lb has 516

Someone Must Have Turned His Teleprompter Off!

Just imagine how the Lame Stream Media would treat a Republican if he screwed up the name of his opponent.

 Lost jobs. A nonexistent recovery. High gas prices. A record for the amount of people on food stamps. This just gives me another chance to wonder how Peggy Joseph is doing with her mortgage and gas for her car.

Grouchy Old Cripple

When Hitler Found Out Walker Won His Recall Election!

How appropriate that the recall election was the day before D-Day AND the day after I was born, June 6th. 1944…….Papa Mike

The best way to demolish the Left is to make fun of it. It only pisses off the rat bastard commies even more.

WHAT A PIG!…..Obama’s Risqué Joke Reveals No Respect For His Wife – Or Women

Maybe Obama should just glue the teleprompter to his head.  We already knew the Socialist-In-Chief has no respect for our military, no respect for the separation of government powers, no respect for our country, but now we know he, also, has no respect for his wife.

President Obama insulted the First Lady of the United States before the entire country with a completely offensive suggestion that she’s sexually deficient.  Nice.

Via DrudgePolitico reported,

President Obama, in Los Angeles for a fundraiser, offered this observation on his wife’s exercise routine, via the pool report:

“Michelle outdoes me in pushups as well,” he said, after saying that she’s taken some criticism on her technique “because she doesn’t go all the way down” – a line that he let hang, naughtily, provoking laughter from the crowd.

Maybe the crowd laughed, but I’m sure his wife isn’t.

SOURCE: Gateway Pundit