Sad, Sad, Sad! Team Obama Claims His Words Were Taken Out of Context… Too Bad the Speech Is Still Posted on White House Website

Team Obama is still trying to wish away Barack Obama’s attack on business owners. Obama actually likes business and capitalism. He tells you all about it in his latest ad. And, he’s still trying to distance himself from his “you didn’t build this” speech from Roanoke.

You’d think if they were going to go that route they’d at least scrub the evidence from the president’s website.
The speech is still posted at———>

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Democrats Caught Red Handed (AGAIN!) Registering DEAD PEOPLE To Vote

I thought ACORN was exposed and is now “out of business”……Papa Mike

Lawless liberals trying to STEAL the election and win it for Obama by any means necessary.

Wake up people! Stop it now! Before it is too late!

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s campaign is
asking Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli to launch an investigation into
voter-registration forms that are being sent to Virginia residents and
addressed to deceased relatives, children, family pets and others
ineligible to vote.

The errant mailings from the Washington-based nonprofit group Voter
Participation Center have befuddled many Virginia residents, leading to
hundreds of complaints.

The organization has been mass-mailing the forms — pre-populated with
key information such as names and addresses — to primarily
Democratic-leaning voting blocs such as young adults, unmarried women, African-Americans and Latinos.

In a letter to Cuccinelli’s office and the State Board of Elections,
Kathryn Bieber, an attorney for the Romney campaign, calls for an
investigation into the matter by law-enforcement officials, claiming
that the mailings appear to violate “at least one and maybe several
Virginia laws aimed at ensuring a fair election.”

SOURCE:  LiveLeak

Democratic Voting Enthusiasm Down Sharply From 2004, 2008


This may be true, BUT check out the next ‘post’….this does NOT take in to account for all the “DEAD Dimocrats that are voting”….Papa Mike

Republicans more enthusiastic than in 2008

by Jeffrey M. Jones

PRINCETON, NJ — Democrats are significantly less likely now (39%) than they were in the summers of 2004 and 2008 to say they are “more enthusiastic about voting than usual” in the coming presidential election. Republicans are more enthusiastic now than in 2008, and the same as in 2004.

Trend: Compared to previous elections, are you more enthusiastic than usual about voting, or less enthusiastic?

Invitation to Chick-fil-A Event Disappears

ChickfilACowGovernor Mike Huckabee used a Facebook post to encourage a nation wide Chick-Fil-A event to demonstrate support for the CEO’s advocacy for traditional American moral values.

It appears that Facebook has scrubbed the post without explanation. The post encouraged Americans to buy something/anything from Chick-Fil-A on Aug 4 and is still being encouraged even though Facebook has scrubbed the post (see link below)

Everyone try to participate if you are anywhere near a Chick-Fil-A.

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He Can’t Help It… Obama Bashes Bush During VFW Speech

He Can’t Help It… Obama Bashes Bush During VFW Speech

U.S. President Barack Obama speaks at the 113th VFW National Convention in Reno, Nevada, July 23, 2012. (REUTERS/Jason Reed)

Barack Obama bashed President Bush yesterday during his speech to the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Obama told the military group, “After years of drift, we had to break the momentum of the Taliban.” …By that he means holding peace talks with the terror group.

From the White House website:

I pledged to make it a priority to take out the terrorists who had attacked us on 9/11. And as a candidate, I said that if we had Osama bin Laden in our sights, we would act to keep America safe — even if it meant going into Pakistan. Some of you remember, at the time, that comment drew quite a bit of criticism. But since I took office, we’ve worked with our allies and our partners to take out more top al Qaeda leaders than any time since 9/11. And thanks to the courage and the skill of our forces, Osama bin Laden will never threaten America again, and al Qaeda is on the road to defeat. (Applause.)

I pledged to finish the job in Afghanistan. After years of drift, we had to break the momentum of the Taliban, and build up the capacity and the capability of Afghans. And so, working with our commanders, we came up with a new strategy, and we ordered additional forces to get the job done. This is still a tough fight. But thanks to the incredible services and sacrifices of our troops, we pushed the Taliban back; we’re training Afghan forces; we’ve begun the transition to Afghan lead.

For the record… Seventy percent of the Afghan War casualties have happened on Obama’s watch, in just over three years.

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What a Great Way to Go Bankrupt…………..on a Bullet Train!!!!!.

Picture stolen by Papa Mike……

Wisconsin dodged a high-speed bullet when Republican Governor Walker killed HSR , and Florida’s Republican Governor Rick Scott was smart enough to pass on it, too – as were dozens of other SOBER ( Marijuana ) governors with calculators and a lick of common sense. It took the combined moon-battery of Jerry Brown, Ray LaHood, and Barack Obama to place the nation’s dumbest public works project on the nation’s most active fault line……

Dodging The Bullet Train
July 19, 2012
A first-class round-trip airline ticket from Los Angeles to San Francisco costs $393.60. And what, you may wonder, does that have to do with you?
Here’s what: It would be cheaper for you – the taxpayer – to buy first-class tickets for the first 112 million High Speed Rail (HSR) passengers than it will be to build the first phase of California’s HSR. Let that sink in for just a moment.
The taxpayers of the nation ($3.3 billion) and the state of California ($1.4 billion) will pay more than $4.7 billion to build a rail line that 99% of Americans (and over 70% of Californians surveyed for that matter) will never use. But wait – that is just the tip of the iceberg.
You see, that $4.7 billion only covers a tiny little stretch of the total system – Step 1, they call it. The California High Speed Rail Authority (CHSRA) tells us that this first leg is vital because it closes the rail gap between Bakersfield and Palmdale. The punch line writes itself.
The cost to build the entire 520 mile length of California’s HSR is now estimated to exceed $98 billion. That is not a misprint. If you need a little perspective, there are 119 countries whose GDP is less than $98 billion. $98 billion would buy 249 million first-class airfares. That’s right – 249 million rides from Los Angeles to San Francisco and back, twice as fast as the bullet train, free drinks, and you don’t have to stop in Palmdale.
And $98 billion is only the initial construction cost for California’s HSR; it does not include the annual operating and maintenance costs once the system is built. The California High Speed Rail Authority projects operating costs of $453 million per year; they say they will sell the 6 million fares it will take to break even and avoid a taxpayer subsidy.
Let’s stop laughing for a minute and give them the benefit of the doubt that a government public works program will come in on budget (snort), cost what they say to operate (involuntary passing of gas) and achieve the ridership they claimed in order to sell DOT on the project (milk through nose).
$98 billion would buy those 6 million California train dudes and dudettes first-class round-trip airfare from LAX to SFO and back for the next 41 years. 41 years is a long time – we will have forgotten the next two generations of Kardashians by then; Lindsay Lohan’s granddaughter will be in rehab.
And flying them all first class will save over $18 billion of train operating costs – money that can be used for other liberal priorities, like feeding hungry children, insuring the uninsured, building spy drones to buzz tea parties, suing states, or invading Syria.
This is what happens when people with no clue where money comes from decide what to do with yours. Economic absurdity requires a level of ignorance not easily maintained over the course of normal living. These ideas do not spring up in places like Bakersfield and Palmdale; they are hatched in reality deprivation chambers like Washington, Madison, and Berkley.
Actually, I am a fan of high-speed-rail – just not the public variety. If HSR was economically viable, private investment would develop it; there is enough cash on corporate balance sheets to build the California system four times over, to say nothing of the capital available in private equity firms.
HSR is built in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost in China, where advanced construction technology is utilized and the business climate favors economic development. But California is not China; California’s business climate favors Nevada – there’s your moment of clarity.
The irony is that many of the same people who worked to kill mining in Wisconsin are out pushing for High Speed Rail in California. Perhaps no one has explained it to them, but there isn’t one single part in that whole system that is woven out of hemp. It will take millions of pounds of iron, copper, nickel, silver, cement, aluminum, rare earth metals, and plastics refined from petroleum to make this bullet train they seem to think Providence owes them. And guess what – coal and nuclear power plants will furnish the power that will make it go fast. Trains do not run on good intentions.
Construction of the rail line will take thousands of diesel-powered machines and there will be belching black puffs of carcinogens every time a piece of dirt is moved. Those dozers and graders and excavators will be polluting the air in California and heaving greenhouse gasses up into the atmosphere for 20 years before the first green ride on that bullet train ever takes place.
The FAQ page of the California High Speed Rail Authority points to Spain as its role model. Yes, that Spain – the nation that had to borrow money from France to pay its portion of the Greek bailout to keep Portugal from falling next and taking Italy with it. Thank goodness we didn’t copy their health care model, too… oh, wait… never mind.
The California High Speed Rail project would be stupid even if we had money. But since the nation is broke, and California has to look up to even see the bottom of broke, the project is certifiably insane. That’s why all the grownups said no.
It was inevitable that this HSR project would end up in California; it is the only state in the union with enough weed ( Marijuana ) to make it seem like a good idea.

thanks Jim

PBS Bill Moyers Blames The NRA And Pro-Second Amendment Americans For Colorado Movie Shooting: “The Enabler of Death – Paranoid, Delusional, And As Venomous As A Scorpion”…

This is a perfect example why “public funding” for PBS should STOP ASAP!…..Papa Mike

And this guy’s salary is paid for with taxpayer dollars.

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