Pentagon Declines To Classify Ft. Hood Shootings As A Terrorist Attack…

If an al-Qaeda-inspired gunman screaming “Allahu Akbar” as he guns down 13 American soldiers is not a terrorist attack then what is?

Via Washington Times:

Already facing intense scrutiny for its shifting narrative about the assault on the U.S. Consulate in Libya, the Pentagon now says it will not reclassify the Fort Hood shootings as a terrorist attack over concern about biasing the case against the gunman — an argument that is getting a mixed review from legal experts.

Late Friday, after 160 victims of the Fort Hood shooting called on the Pentagon to label the attack terrorism instead of workplace violence as it has for the past three years, the Department of Defense said it would not reclassify the attack.

In rejecting the victims outcry, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s spokesman cited concern that having the government weigh in could bias the case against Mr. Hasan. Maj. Hasan, 42 is awaiting trial and faces the death penalty if convicted.

When asked how Mr. Panetta plans to respond to the victims, his spokesman took a day and a half to respond, eventually emailing a statement Friday night.

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And, just think… He’s their foreign policy genius.
Blowhard Joe Biden asked his audience this today:

“How many of you know someone who served in Iraq or Iran? How many of you know someone who was injured in Iraq or Iran?”

Sure Joe, we all have several friends in the Ayatollah’s army.



Welfare spending jumps 32% in four years

Welfare spending has grown substantially over the past four years, reaching $746 billion in 2011 — or more than Social Security, basic defense spending or any other single chunk of the federal government — according to a new memo by the Congressional Research Service.

The steady rise in welfare spending, which covers more than 80 programs primarily designed to help low-income Americans, got a big boost from the 2009 stimulus and has grown, albeit somewhat more slowly, in 2010 and 2011. One reason is that more people are qualifying in the weak economy, but the federal government also has broadened eligibility so that more people qualify for programs.

Sen. Jeff Sessions, the ranking Republican on the Senate Budget Committee, who requested the Congressional Research Service report, said it underscores a fundamental shift in welfare, moving away from a Band-Aid and toward a more permanent crutch.

“No longer should we measure compassion by how much money the government spends but by how many people we help to rise out of poverty,” the Alabama conservative said. “Welfare assistance should be seen as temporary whenever possible and the goal must be to help more of our fellow citizens attain gainful employment and financial independence.”

Overall, welfare spending as measured by obligations has grown from $563 billion in fiscal 2008 to $746 billion in fiscal 2011, or a jump of 32 percent.


It’s amazing to me how many Americans continue to be duped by Barack Hussein Obama as he flat-out tells them he’s going to make it MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE for them to drive cars, ride airplanes, heat their homes in the winter or cool them in the summer.

You would think people would see stuff like this, where Obama sets aside huge tracts of land for “solar energy” and recall how EVERY SINGLE TIME Obama has fed money to these folks they’ve gone belly-up or moved the jobs overseas.




The Obama administration set aside a chunk of land bigger than Rocky Mountain National Park for future solar boondoggles.
CNS News reported, via Free Republic:

The Obama administration announced last week that it is setting aside 285,000 acres of public lands to be used for “commercial-scale solar development” – a total acreage amount that surpasses Rocky Mountain National Park, with 265,461 acres owned by the federal government.

“As part of President Obama’s all-of-the-above energy strategy to expand domestic energy production, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar today finalized a program for spurring development of solar energy on public lands in six western states,” the Department of Interior press release on the new project states.

“The Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (PEIS) for solar energy development provides a blueprint for utility-scale solar energy permitting in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah by establishing solar energy zones with access to existing or planned transmission, incentives for development within those zones, and a process through which to consider additional zones and solar projects,” the press release states.

A fact sheet accompanying the press release states that the project will include “economic incentives” for development of solar power in the 17 “energy zones.” The fact sheet does not provide details about those incentives but labels them “strong incentives.”

The fact sheet also states that the project “sets a clear process that allows for development of well-sited projects on approximately 19 million acres outside the zones,” and that the environment of public lands is being protected by designating 78.6 million acres off-limits for solar development.

Or you would think that people would be paying attention to how Obama has been shutting down power plants, closing coal mines and prohibiting oil exploration in the US by cutting the number of drilling permits by 36%.

Romney brought that out and Obama again flat-out lied:


oil drill permits


According to the Bureau of Land Management, the current administration has actually decreased approval of drilling permits by 36 percent. Even under Bill Clinton, his administration increased the approval of drilling permits by 58 percent, and George W. Bush increased approval by 116 percent.

SOURCE:  Kickin & Screamin 


In case you missed it:

In the Ryan/Biden debates the “moderator” (what we know as a Kept-Whore liberal plant) interrupted Joe Biden 5 times. Paul Ryan? Three times as often.

In last night’s debate, the pattern re-emerges: Crowley interrupted Obama 9 times and Romney THREE TIMES AS MUCH MORE!!

Candy Crowley, who was suspected of being one more liberal moderator in the tank for Barack Obama, was more than just in the tank for him; she dove in and sucked all the water out for him so he could pretend he walked on water.

In the Vice-Presidential debate, Martha Raddatz, no slouch at shilling for the Democratic Party, interrupted Paul Ryan 15 times and Joe Biden only five.


Crowley made Raddatz look like an amateur. She interrupted Obama nine times, (although four of those were when he wouldn’t respect the time limit when discussing assault weapons; he went over his time limit all night long), but when it came to Mitt Romney, she was utterly beyond the pale.


Crowley interrupted Romney 28 times. 28 times. Her desperation to keep Romney from scoring points was so patently obvious that it wasn’t really a surprise when she had her infamous moment: the moment when she interrupted and falsely claimed Romney was incorrect in accusing Obama of refusing to call the Benghazi attack an act of terror.


And even beyond the interruptions, there were numerous instances where Crowley’s obvious partisanship prompted her to treat Romney with great disrespect:


1. She wouldn’t let him respond when Obama lied about the auto industry. First she called him Mr. Romney instead of governor, then protested, “there’ll be plenty of chances here to go on, but I want to… We have all these folks. I will let you absolutely… OK. Will – will – you certainly will have lots of time here coming up.” Romney never did get the chance to respond.


2. After the question asking whether gas prices as they stand now are the new normal, Obama got 2 chances to respond. When Romney asked for his second chance, Crowley shut him off by saying, “ … in the follow up, it doesn’t quite work like that. But I’m going to give you a chance here. I promise you, I’m going to.” She didn’t.


3. When discussing how he would deal with deductions, just as Romney was about to destroy Obama with statistics, Crowley jumped in to save her man not only by denying the value of statistics, but changing the narrative to say Romney’s numbers couldn’t possibly add up:

“And Governor, let’s – before we get into a vast array of who says – what study says what, if it shouldn’t add up. If somehow when you get in there, there isn’t enough tax revenue coming in. If somehow the numbers don’t add up, would you be willing to look again …”


4. When Romney was trying to make a point of Obama’s pension investing in China, Crowley cut him off by insinuating people were tired of him talking:

“Governor Romney, you can make it short. See all these people? They’ve been waiting for you. Make it short.”

Then she really tried to humiliate him with this: “If I could have you sit down, Governor Romney. Thank you.” She never asked Obama to sit down.


5. The infamous incident when she interrupted Romney’s claim about Obama’s refusal to call the Benghazi murders a terror attack:

“It – it – it – he did in fact, sir. So let me – let me call it an act of terror…

Prompted by Obama to say it a little louder, Crowley obliged:

“He – he did call it an act of terror. It did as well take – it did as well take two weeks or so for the whole idea there being a riot out there about this tape to come out. You are correct about that.”


6. 6. Just as egregiously, when the question was about assault weapons and Romney naturally started to discuss fast and furious, Crowley quickly shifted him away from that and turned it into an attack on Romney’s assault ban position:


“Governor, Governor, if I could, the question was about these assault weapons that once were once banned and are no longer banned. I know that you signed an assault weapons ban when you were in Massachusetts, obviously, with this question, you no longer do support that. Why is that, given the kind of violence that we see sometimes with these mass killings? Why is it that you have changed your mind?’


The fact that Obama escaped all night long by lie after lie didn’t seem to disturb Crowley in the slightest. She had her shadowy agenda, and she stuck to it fiercely. Now it is our job to throw her out into the sun where every American can see exactly how dirty she is.

And, lastly, a no surprise, we find out democrats got more time overall in the debates:

If you want more time to get your message out in debates, it’s good to be a Democrat.

According to the CNN debate clock, President Obama spoke at greater length than Mitt Romney during both debates, as did Vice President Biden during his debate with Paul Ryan. In the first debate, Obama spoke for 3 minutes, 14 seconds more than Romney — which means he got 8 percent more talking time than Romney. In last night’s debate, Obama spoke for 4 minutes and 18 seconds longer than Romney, giving him 11 percent more talking time. Obama talked for 52 percent of the time when either man had the floor, while Romney talked for 47 percent.

During the vice presidential debate, the gap wasn’t as wide: Biden spoke for 1 minute, 22 seconds more than Ryan. Still, that gave Biden 3 percent more speaking time than Ryan.


ALL Debate Moderators Come From Liberal Networks And They Do NOT Deny It!!!

No Coincidence: Democrats Get More Talking Time In All Three Debates…

The lapdog media will do whatever it takes.

Via NRO:

… According to the CNN debate clock, President Obama spoke at greater length than Mitt Romney during both debates, as did Vice President Biden during his debate with Paul Ryan. In the first debate, Obama spoke for 3 minutes, 14 seconds more than Romney — which means he got 8 percent more talking time than Romney. In last night’s debate, Obama spoke for 4 minutes and 18 seconds longer than Romney, giving him 11 percent more talking time. Obama talked for 52 percent of the time when either man had the floor, while Romney talked for 47 percent.

During the vice presidential debate, the gap wasn’t as wide: Biden spoke for 1 minute, 22 seconds more than Ryan. Still, that gave Biden 3 percent more speaking time than Ryan.

Women Are Running AWAY From Obama!!!

Women Turn on “Big Mistake” Barack

Newsweek dubs Obama: American women’s big mistake:

It was an accidental drubbing.

But there is truth to the cover – Women are turning from Obama.
According to Gallup – Women are pushing Mitt Romney into the lead.

Mitt Romney leads President Obama by four percentage points among likely voters in the nation’s top battlegrounds, a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll finds, and he has growing enthusiasm among women to thank.

As the presidential campaign heads into its final weeks, the survey of voters in 12 crucial swing states finds female voters much more engaged in the election and increasingly concerned about the deficit and debt issues that favor Romney. The Republican nominee has pulled within one point of the president among women who are likely voters, 48%-49%, and leads by 8 points among men.


SOURCE: The Gateway Pundit




I actually called the Michigan Dept. of Human Services, and yes, option 3 is Arabic! I went to the website for them in the link below and sure enough, on the right side of the page, there is an application for food assistance PDF file in English, Spanish and Arabic! I opened the file to see for myself and it’s there alright. Have we gone completely nuts by allowing this in the United States of America?!!…

allowed to have as many as 4 wives.  Many Muslims have immigrated into the U.S. and brought their 2, 3, or 4 wives with them, but the U.S. does not allow multi-marriages, so the man lists one wife as his, and signs the other 2 or 3 up as extended family on welfare and other free Government programs!

So now in Michigan when you call the Public Assistance office you are told to Press 1 for English. Press 2 for Spanish, or Press 3 for Arabic! Here is the number 1-888-678-8914.(Try it if you don’t believe this!)

Every time you add a new language to an American program it requires an additional number of persons fluent in that language to process those persons who refuse to learn English in order to live here at an additional cost to the taxpayer!  Why are we even allowing persons to immigrate here who cannot provide for themselves, putting them in our welfare system?

Press 3 for Arabic. This is alarming, and quite outrageous!!! This seems to have happened clandestinely, for, as far as I know, no public announcement, or opportunity to vote on this was offered to the American people. They are just adopting an official stance, and very likely using taxpayer money for it, in various capacities, without public knowledge or approval.

The following link takes you into the State of Michigan Public Assistance page, (as in Food Stamps etc). You won’t have to scroll far before you see the assistance-letters options for…(get this)…..English, Spanish, and ARABIC !!!
When did the ARABIC option sneak into our culture? Will we soon have to listen to our governmental offices, stores, and other venues offer us the option of “pressing 3 for ARABIC?”,1607,7-124-5453_5527—,00.html

After getting to this site, click on the “forms” button to get an application in Arabic!

Please inform every red-blooded American you know, that this has happened. It is outrageous! The camel’s nose is literally now OFFICIALLY under our tent!



Romney Leading Among Hispanics in Florida?

Could Mitt Romney be riding a preference cascade in Florida that includes Hispanic voters?   A new survey  shows Barack Obama’s support rapidly eroding in a key Democratic constituency — and this isn’t a Republican internal poll, either:

An exclusive Tampa Bay Times/Bay News 9 statewide poll shows many Hispanic voters dropping their support for Obama.

Last month, 52 percent of Hispanic voters polled said they would vote for the president. That has now dropped to 44 percent.

Romney picked up some ground among Hispanics, from 43 percent to 46 percent. And the number of undecided Hispanic voters has doubled from 5 to 10 percent.

Here’s the graphic from the TB Times, which shows the dramatic shift:

A caveat is in order.  The report doesn’t include the poll data, so we can’t see the modeling, and it also doesn’t include the top-line number — which I assume the TB Times wants to hold for tomorrow.  However, the poll comes from the respected Mason-Dixon polling firm, which means that this is no GOP-consultancy push poll, and has to be taken with some seriousness.

That makes this very bad news for Obama.  It’s possible for Mitt Romney to win Florida without winning Hispanics, but it’s got to be nearly impossible for a Democrat to do it.  And a nine-point drop in one poll series is a very significant change, especially in a single month.  With this kind of movement in this demographic, I’m assuming that Mason-Dixon will be reporting something pretty positive for Mitt Romney, who has had leads in the latest Florida polling this month.


SOURCE:  Hot Air

NY Times Reporter: The Crowds Romney Is Getting Are ‘Obama-Sized’ Crowds From 2008

Jeff Zeleny from The New York Times told Chris Wallace on FOX News Sunday,

Romney Crowds Are Surging After Record Debate Performance

America’s Comeback Team: Romney-Ryan in Lancaster, Ohio – Battleground Watch

Jeff Zeleny from The New York Times told Chris Wallace on FOX News Sunday,

“I spent five days in Ohio this week. And one thing I was struck by was just the enthusiasm on the Republican side. The crowds that Governor Romney was getting I would describe as Obama sized crowds from 2008. Some 10,000 people, day after day after day at rallies at county fairgrounds. And these people that I spoke to were not as intent on defeating the president, which they are. But they were saying in the affirmative that they want to elect Mitt Romney.”

WOW!… Ohio Coal Miners to Obama: Quit Lying About Us!

Ohio coal miners read a letter to Obama on Friday.

Ohio miners gathered Friday afternoon read aloud a letter the miners mailed to Obama. They told the president to quit lying about them in his ads. (Herald Star Online)

Ohio coal miners held a press conference on Friday to tell Barack Obama to quit his lies and mistruths about them.
The Ohio Intelligencer reported, via Wake Up America:

Coal miners at the American Energy Corp. Century Mine said they want President Barack Obama to stop what they term “the war on coal” – and to stop spreading “mistruths” about them.

Miners gathered Friday afternoon to express their opposition to Obama’s energy and environmental policies, which they believe threaten their jobs. Miner Mitch Miracle read aloud a letter the miners mailed to Obama that outlines some of their concerns.

The miners said Obama’s campaign team is running ads filled with “blatantly false” statements about the miners regarding their participation in Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s August campaign stop at the Century Mine. These ads assert that the miners were forced to attend the event by the mine’s owner, Robert Murray.

“There are numerous false statements and absolute lies concerning our participation in this event, mostly started by a local ‘shock jock’ radio host,” the miners’ letter to Obama states. “Why would you (Obama) lie about the 500 working miners who have signed this letter? We, the employees of the Century Mine would request you immediately stop these false ads.”

This summer, Murray Energy Corp., parent company of the Beallsville mine, cut or relocated 56 workers with the closure of the Red Bird West mine near Brilliant. Murray also cut 29 mining jobs from The Ohio Valley Coal Co.’s Powhatan No. 6 Mine. All of this was done, Robert Murray said, because of Obama’s “war on coal.”

Murray then hosted the Romney campaign stop in Beallsville in August, during which many miners appeared behind Romney as the former Massachusetts governor spoke about the need to protect coal mining jobs. In response to the assertion some have made about the miners being forced to appear with Romney, the miners made several points on Friday.

SOURCE: The Gateway Pundit

The Gaffemeister!

OK. Who won? Don’t ask me. I had to turn it off. First off, a VP debate is a waste of time. Who really cares what the VP’s think? Second, I had to turn if off because I got tired of watching Plugs the Gaffemeister act like a buffoon. Jug Hussein Ears said he lost the first debate because he was “too polite”. Plugs sure took care of that in this debate. He was consistently rude and interrupted Ryan over and over again. How did you like his smirk and his condescending attitude? Did he think that played well with the American people? I know he was trying to rattle Ryan and get him to lose his temper, but Ryan looked like the adult in the room. Prolly because he was.

I’m sure the liberals loved him. Why not? That’s how liberals debate on the talk shows. They constantly interrupt and talk out of turn and don’t let their opponents finish their comments. To them, talking louder than their opponent is a strategy.

We had that old $5 trillion canard that has been repudiated countless times, even by CNN, altho’ the first time Biden brought it up he said $500 billion.

Heh. Vice President Beavis.

SOURCE:  The Grouchy Old Cripple

Obama Administration Had Video All Along Showing There Was No Protest at Benghazi Consulate

For the last month the Obama Administration has misrepresented the 9-11 terror attack in Benghazi that left four Americans dead including the US ambassador to Libya. President Obama and his administration repeated the line that protesters gathered outside the consulate before the deadly attack.

Now we learn that all along the Obama Administration had video of the 9-11 terror attack. And that there was no protest. There was only a terrorist attack.
Eli Lake at The Daily Beast reported:

Video footage from the United States consulate in Benghazi, Libya, taken the night of the Sept. 11 anniversary attacks, shows an organized group of armed men attacking the compound, according to two U.S. intelligence officials who have seen the footage and are involved in the ongoing investigation. The footage, which was recovered from the site last week by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, offers some of the most tangible evidence yet that a military-style assault took place, according to these officials.


The Obama administration has been studying the videos, taken from closed-circuit cameras throughout the Benghazi consulate’s four-building compound, for clues about who was responsible for the attack and how it played out. The two officials tell The Daily Beast that analysts are hoping to decipher the faces of the attackers and match them up with known jihadists.


The videos could also play into an expanding investigation by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform that is looking at whether security steps could have been taken that would have saved the life of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans killed that day. Rep. Jason Chaffetz, who is one of the Republicans leading the House investigation, says he hasn’t been given the footage.


In addition to the footage from the consulate cameras, the U.S. government is also poring over video taken from an overhead U.S. surveillance drone that arrived for the final hour of the night battle at the consulate compound and nearby annex.


Video from the compound’s cameras debunk the initial line from the Obama administration that there was a protest in front of the consulate on the night of the attacks, according to one of the U.S. intelligence officials who has seen the footage, and a senior Obama administration official familiar with what they show.

SOURCE:  The Gateway Pundit

Biden’s Lies From The Debate




BY: Andrew Stiles
October 12, 2012 1:25 pm



“I always say what I mean,” Joe Biden said Thursday.

The notoriously gaffe-prone train enthusiast and current vice president of the United States made a number of factually inaccurate statements during last night’s debate.


1. The Obama administration “did not know” the Libyan embassy had requested additional security prior to the terrorist attack that killed four Americans

“We weren’t told they wanted more security there,” Biden said in response to a charge from Republican opponent Paul Ryan. “We did not know they wanted more security.”

The vice president’s statement stands in direct contrast to sworn testimony from State Department officials during a congressional hearing earlier this week.

Two security officials working in Libya at the time told members of Congress they repeatedly requested additional security prior to the attack out of concern for their safety, but were denied.

“All of us at post were in sync that we wanted these resources,” said Eric Nordstrom, the former head of regional security in Libya.

“We felt great frustration that those requests were ignored or just never met,” lamented Lt. Col. Andrew Wood, a Utah National Guardsman who led a security team in Libya.

State Department officials have confirmed that repeated security requests were made and subsequently denied.

Nordstrom said he believed the requests were not approved “because there would be too much political cost.”

The White House now claims Biden only meant that neither he nor President Obama was personally informed of the security requests, but press secretary Jay Carney on Friday awkwardly declined to say whether or not they ever were briefed on the matter.


2. Ryan and House Republicans “cut” embassy security by $300 million

The House Republican budget, which Ryan authored, proposed spending about $22 billion less on non-defense discretionary spending in 2014 compared with Obama’s budget, or about 0.63 percent of the federal budget for that year.

Budgets do not typically identify specific cuts, as those are determined by congressional appropriations committees. However, Democrats have extrapolated that $300 million of the $22 billion would be cut from embassy construction, maintenance, and security.

That is not necessarily true, however. And it is certainly not true that Republicans have “cut” the embassy funding—because the Ryan budget was never enacted.

A senior State Department official who testified before Congress earlier this week said budget considerations were not a factor in the decision to deny the U.S. Libyan delegation’s repeated requests for additional security.


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