House GOP Issues Report, Formally Accuses Holder Of Misleading Congress in Leak Investigation

Is it a “strongly worded” report? Over-under on anything actually being done for his blatant lying?

Via Fox News:

House Republicans, in a lengthy report on the Justice Department’s leak investigations, formally accused Attorney General Eric Holder of misleading Congress with “deceptive” testimony that he knew nothing of the “potential prosecution” of the press.

The 70-page report was released late Wednesday by Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee. To coincide with the release, lawmakers also wrote a letter to President Obama calling for a “change in leadership” at the Justice Department.

“The deceptive and misleading testimony of Attorney General Holder is unfortunately just the most recent example in a long list of scandals that have plagued the department,” House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., said in a statement.

The report delved into the department’s aggressive investigations over various security leaks, but focused in large part on the FBI affidavit seeking a search warrant for Fox News correspondent James Rosen’s emails in connection with one such probe. The DOJ sought access to the documents by arguing Rosen was a likely criminal “co-conspirator” in a leak case, citing the Espionage Act.

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Five years ago I would’ve thought this was a joke

But now I can believe that not only is it real but she’ll probably get the freaking job. Wanna guess what will be #1 on the Hit Parade? You guessed it – Patriot groups and organizations because we’re ‘racists’.



Just two weeks after Janet Napolitano announced her resignation as Secretary of Homeland Security, the Congressional Black Caucus has suggested Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee of Houston fill her spot.

A letter dated July 25 and signed by Rep. Marcia Fudge, Ohio Democrat and caucus chairwoman, urges President Obama to consider Miss Jackson Lee for the position, calling the Democrat a “voice of reason” that the agency could stand to gain, the Houston Chronicle reported.

Representative Jackson Lee would serve as an effective DHS Secretary because she understands the importance of increasing border security and maintaining homeland security,” the letter reads.

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Everything Old Is New Again… Monica Lewinsky – Bill Clinton Sex Tape Surfaces

The hits keep on coming…The “Hilldabeast” will always “stand by her man”

Via Drudge–
monica tape

The National Enquirer will publish details of a sex tape Monica Lewinsky recorded for Bill Clinton at the height of their affair.
Radar Online reported:

A sex tape that Monica Lewinsky recorded for Bill Clinton at the height of their scandalous affair has leaked, during which the former White House intern is heard planning a secret sexual rendezvous with the president and declaring she is “too cute and adorable” to be ignored.


On the audio tape obtained by The National Enquirer, Lewinsky at one point tries to seduce the commander in chief: “I could take my clothes off and start… well… I know you wouldn’t enjoy that? I hope to see you later and I hope you will follow my script and do what I want.”


Lewinsky, who turned 40 last week, made the three-minute, 47 second recording in November 1997 and addressed it to “handsome.”

Details of the sexually explicit tape are in the new issue of the Enquirer, which hits newsstands Thursday.

SOURCE: The Gateway Pundit

“Peter Tweeter Repeater” Stands By Top Aide Who Called Female Intern a “F*cking Slutbag,” “C*nt,” “Twat”…


Ever notice how liberals always get away with saying things a conservative would be crucified for?

Via NY Post:

Anthony Weiner’s foulmouthed flack Tweeted a mea culpa today — posting a photo of ‘swear jar” crammed with $100 bills and a Visa credit card after she blasted a former campaign intern as a “slutbag” and a “c-nt.”

“Not my best day yesterday,” Morgan wrote in the Twitter post. “Should’ve know better, been better. Gotta pay up.”

The posting came after Morgan let loose an explicit, profanity-laced tirade against former Weiner intern Olivia Nuzzi, who wrote an article about her experience with the embattled campaign.

Weiner today said he is sticking with his potty-mouthed press secretary, telling reporters “You bet!” when asked if Morgan still had a job after her maniacal meltdown.

Morgan also issued a statement apologizing to Nuzzi.

Nuzzi – who has changed her Twitter ‘bio” to include the titles “Slutbag, tw-t and c-nt” — tweeted: “As to Barbara Morgan’s apology, of course I accept it.”


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Worst. President. Ever… Obama Second Quarter GDP at 1.7% – Worst Growth Rate Since Depression

Worst. President. Ever.
Obama GDP rate reaches new lows.
obama gdp
(Market Watch)

Via Drudge:
Income inequality rose faster under Obama than Bush or Clinton…
1st Q GDP revised to 1.1% from 1.8%…

The AP reported:

U.S. economic growth accelerated in the April-June quarter to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1.7 percent, as businesses spent more and the federal government cut less.

The Commerce Department says growth improved from a sluggish 1.1 percent rate in the January-March quarter, which was revised from an initial 1.8 percent rate. The pickup in growth was surprising as most economists predicted a far weaker second quarter.

Consumers increased their spending more slowly in the second quarter. And a surge in imports reduced growth by the most in three years. But the federal government cut spending only 1.5 percent. And state and local governments increased spending for the first time in a year.

And, there’s more…
Unemployment and Deficits are at record levels.
Urban Grounds

Millions of Americans have left the workforce.
participation rate obama
Reflections of a Rational Republican

GDP growth is at anemic levels.
growth gap obama

The Obama recovery is the worst ever.
us recovery obama worst ever

Obama is simply the worst ever.
It’s a good thing the media is covering for this guy.

GOP Senators Cruz, Rubio, Lee Call For Defunding Obamacare On Senate Floor

Via NRO:

Republican senators Marco Rubio, Mike Lee, and Ted Cruz took to the floor of the Senate today to lambast the president’s health-care law and urge their colleagues to defund it in the upcoming continuing resolution.

The senators spoke in a colloquy for about 45 minutes, alternately making their cases to Republicans in Congress, some of whom have expressed opposition to the plan. The trio of tea-party favorites cited statistics showing Obamacare’s effects on health-insurance premiums, employment, and the larger economy, pointed to Democrat-aligned groups asking for the law’s repeal, and derided President Obama for delaying the implementation of the employer mandate until after the 2014 election.

Senator Rubio even went so far as to compare the law to Coca-Cola’s infamous New Coke, which was such a flop after its introduction in the 1980s that the company pulled it from shelves.

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Study: Many Americans Collecting Disability Payments Say They Are Capable Of Working, But Don’t Want To…”

Nothing infuriates me more than the rampant SSDI fraud and abuse we see in this country.

Via Washington Examiner:

Recipients of federal disability checks often admit that they are capable of working but cannot or will not find a job, that those closest to them tell them they should be working, and that working to get off the disability rolls is not among their goals.

More baffling, most have never received significant medical treatment or seen a doctor about their condition in the last year, even though medical problems are the official reason they don’t work. Those who acknowledge they’re on disability because they can’t find a job say they make little effort to find one, according to a Washington Examiner analysis of federal survey results.

Unearned disability, called SSI, is for individuals who have petitioned to be classified as disabled. Many of them have never worked and have never paid into Social Security. Earned disability, or SSDI, is for those who have held jobs for significant periods of time and paid at least partially into Social Security before becoming disabled. […]

Among the most notable results of the survey:

* Returning to work is not a goal for 71 percent of the SSDI recipients, 60 percent of the SSI recipients.

* 75 percent of the SSDI recipients don’t see themselves returning to work within five years, 65 percent of the SSI recipients don’t.

* 72 percent of the SSDI recipients get cash under the table in addition to their tax-funded benefits, 70 percent of the SSI recipients do.

* 27 percent of the SSDI recipients received 1-3 years of college, 13 percent of the SSI recipients.

* Lack of childcare is NOT the reason they don’t work, according to 95 percent of the SSDI recipients, 84 percent of the SSI recipients.

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Sorry “Nanny” Bloomberg, The Big Gulp Is Back In New York, You Failed Again Over Stepping Your Authority While Trying To Play God!

Appeals Court Rules Against Nanny Bloomberg, Upholds Ruling Slapping Down Big Gulp Ban…

Love it.

Via NY Post:

An appeals court today dealt another blow to Mayor Bloomberg’s proposed soda ban, calling the controversial regulation “invalid” because it violates “the principle of separation of powers.”

In March, a lower court judge first rejected the ban that stropped city restaurants, delis and other businesses from selling large sugary drinks, just a day before it was scheduled to launch.

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Milton Tingling slapped Bloomberg and his Board of Health for overstepping their bounds.

The four-judge Appellate Division panel agreed today.

“Like Supreme Court, we conclude that in promulgating this regulation the Board of Health failed to act within the bounds of its lawfully delegated authority,” they wrote in the unanimous ruling.

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Silly Team Obama Believes They Can Get Palestinians From Wanting to Kill Jews

Silly Team Obama believes they can get Palestinians from wanting to kill Jews.
What silly people.
isreali terror victims
Faces of Israelis murdered by liberated Palestinian terrorists.

The Obama administration also believes the Isreal-Palestinian conflict is behind the turmoilin the Mideast.

Today, before peace talks, Palestinian Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas said his goal is not a single Israeli in “Palestine.”
YNet reported:

As talks resume in Washington Palestinian president says ‘In a final resolution, we would not see the presence of a single Israeli – civilian or soldier – on our lands.’

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas laid out his vision on Monday for the final status of Israeli-Palestinian relations ahead of peace talks that have resumed in Washington for the first time in nearly three years.

Abbas said that no Israeli settlers or border forces could remain in a future Palestinian state and that Palestinians deem illegal all Jewish settlement building within the land occupied in the 1967 Middle East war.

The forceful statements appeared to challenge mediator US Secretary of State John Kerry’s hopes that the terms of the talks, scheduled to begin Monday night over dinner, be kept secret.

“In a final resolution, we would not see the presence of a single Israeli – civilian or soldier – on our lands,” Abbas said in a briefing to mostly Egyptian journalists.

“An international, multinational presence like in Sinai, Lebanon and Syria – we are with that,” he said, referring to United Nations peacekeeping operations in those places.


SOURCE: The Gateway Pundit

Senator Ted Cruz: ‘So Sad to See’ This President ‘Consistently Disregard the Constitution’ and the Law (Video)”

Senator Ted Cruz weighed in on the lawless Obama regime today on America Live,

“It is really sad to see this administration, this president, this Justice department, so consistently disregarding the disregarding the Constitution, disregarding the law.”

So true. It’s very sad.

 SOURCE: The Gateway Pundit


STOP OBAMACARE Before It’s Too Late!


This is a video from Megan Kelly’s show with an interview with she and Ted Cruz…

He is asking for a ground swell of grassroots people to sign the petition to DEFUND OBAMACARE!!!!!

Click on the link below to sign the petition and you do NOT have to contribute one penny to anyone.


A screen will pop up and all you have to do it type in your name… and email address and hit… “Sign Petition” 

We have got to defund this monstrous unconstitutional madness… 

In the video below Ted Cruz will explain about defunding Obamacare…


Please sign this petition… I wish I could tell you to sign it 100 times… but I tried.. didn’t work… lol
Thanks Denise!

Working Class Hero Barack Obama Staying At $7.6 Million Private Resort, Books Over 75 Rooms For Staff During Luxury Vacation In Martha’s Vineyard…

And guess who gets stuck with the bill?

Via Washington Secrets:

The Massachusetts island of Martha’s Vineyard, the exclusive playground for presidents and their families, is about to get its annual summer infusion of cash and attention as President Obama and his family prepare to arrive August 10 for an eight-day vacation.

Local reports indicate that the first family will likely be staying at a $7.6 million resort home on southern edge of the island in the town of Chilmark where homes feature water access to Chilmark Pond, tennis courts and swimming pools.

Staying at the home of Chicago corporate finance manager David Schulte is a break from past Obama vacations because the $21 million home they’ve rented, Blue Heron Farm, isn’t available. Schulte’s summer home sits on nine and a half acres, has ocean views and a basketball court. […]

While the president typically keeps to himself and carries with him only a handful of staffers to Martha’s Vineyard, security will be tight. As in the past, the Wesley Hotel in Oak Bluffs will house security and communications officials. The owner told the Vineyard Gazette that the Secret Service has booked 70 rooms and another five have been reserved for the Transportation Security Agency. Rates at the hotel run from $225-$345.


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MORE People Should Step Up Like This…. Retired NY Teacher Lectures Weiner Over Unscrupulous Behavior (Video)

A retired New York teacher lectured pervert Anthony Weiner Sunday.

Peg Brunda told the embattled Democrat,
“Had I conducted myself in the manner in which you conducted yourself, my job would have been gone,.”

Actually, if she was a New York teacher accused of sexual misconduct she’d still be on the payroll.

The New York Post reported:

Boy, did she teach naughty boy Anthony Weiner a lesson!

In a public spanking, retired public-school teacher Peg Brunda refused to shake Anthony Weiner’s hand after telling him his pervy behavior made him unfit to be mayor.

“Had I conducted myself in the manner in which you conducted yourself, my job would have been gone,” the 30-year teaching veteran told Weiner during a visit to Superstorm Sandy-damaged homes on Staten Island.

“In the privacy of your home?” asked Weiner defensively.

“In the privacy of my home . . . I don’t quite understand how you would feel you would have the moral authority as the head administrator in this city to oversee employees when your standard of conduct is so much lower than the standard of conduct that’s expected of us.”

Weiner, surrounded by a horde of cameras and reporters responded, “Are you not voting for me?”

The lifelong Staten Islander shot back, “I would not vote for you sir, quite obviously.”

SOURCE: The Gateway Pundit