Wounded Warriors Project A Legal Scam

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    This comes from Guidestar (http://www.guidestar.org/) which is a great source for information.  The Form 990 filed annually by not-for-profits shows where the money goes, and the Form 990 is available from Guidestar; its free


Wounded Warriors Project A Legal Scam


by Alex Graham

Wounded Vets are big money… Just when we thought it was safe to come out of the woods after the last news of the Big Six VSOs padding their bank accounts on the backs of all our disabled, along comes this article and investigation revealing nothing is sacred among thieves.

Sad to say, the Wounded Warrior Project is bled dry by a top heavy, greedy executive structure and the remaining funds are disbursed to multi-tier distribution organizations with similar management structures. By the time the money actually goes to direct benefits for veterans, there is probably less than 10% that reaches them.


Below are results of an investigation by a retired USMC Colonel:

·       Compensation for the top ten WWP employees runs from $150K to $333K per officer annually.

·       WWP was the center of controversy involving their anti-Second Amendment position…


Wounded Warrior Project, Inc. Review


Wounded Warrior Project, Inc. (WWP) is a registered non-profit organization whose mission is to support and honor veterans.  This they accomplish per their website by

  • Raising awareness and enlist the public’s aid for the needs of injured service members
  • Helping  injured service members aid and assist each other
  • Providing unique, direct programs and services to meet the needs of injured service members

BBB accredited charity and a listed recipient of Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) donations. In FY 2012 reported an income of $154,958,901.  A review of their expenses as noted in their 2012 IRS 990 tax return required of non-profits reflects $4,657,084 in Grants to organizations and $871,194  in Grants to individuals. This equates to about 3.5% of total income being expended in directly helping wounded warriors or (through grants) other organizations with similar goals. 


The following appears to be their overhead expenses for 2012:


Officers, Directors & Trustees



Other wages


Pension Plan


Employee Benefits


Payroll Taxes






Professional Fund Raising


Advertising & Promotions


Office Expenses




Occupancy (rent)








Outside Services


Meetings and events


Direct Response Service


Promotional Items


All other expenses


Joint Costs (Expense from educational campaign and fund raising solicitation.)



Overhead Expenses


The above data was sourced from http://www.guidestar.org/.  They are a leading source of nonprofit information whose mission is to revolutionize philanthropy by providing information that advances transparency, enables users to make better decisions, and encourages charitable giving.  Guidestar is not a charity evaluator or watchdog. They are a 501(c)(3) public charity that collects, organizes, and presents the information in an easy-to-understand format while remaining neutral.  An example of this is showing how one charity compares with similar charities (Top Score is 80.0) doing the same type of work as noted below:





Wounded Warrior Project – FL 54.39 «««
USO of Illinois – IL 58.16 «««
DAV Service Trust – KY 55.36 «««
Hope For The Warriors® – NC 65.58 ««««
Navy SEAL Foundation – VA 68.76 ««««


http://www.charitynavigator.org/index.cfm?bay=search.summary&orgid=12842#.UokjeLXTnIV for more data on WWP.  Readers are encouraged to use such sources in determining how their donations will be spent before making them.


 Thanks Rich,

Sincere thanks for sending this article.

Since my 2013 contribution to WWP was approx. the cost of a round-trip fare to Hawaii [Business-Class, in the winter], I decided to investigate a bit more.

Please go to this other link below, review it, and forward to your distribution list as you see fit..



It’s almost impossible to select a good charity unless you constantly check the ratings..

Fisher House and Homes for Heroes, Army Navy Airmen, VFW, Amer.Legion, Salvation Army, and Navy Seal funds seem to be good……..So far..

Best wishes to all…

Are You Freaking Kidding Me?…

DOJ To Spend $750K Training ‘High-Risk’ Inmates In Technology


They are going to work the 0bamacare call centers

Via CNS News

The Justice Department is planning to spend $750,000 to train “medium to high-risk” incarcerated adults and juveniles in the technology field.

According to the grant solicitation, “the target population must include medium to high-risk offenders as identified using a validated assessment tool. ‘High-risk offenders’ are defined as individuals that score moderate to high risk based on a validated risk assessment tool.”

“‘Risk’ is defined as the likelihood that a person will re-offend upon release from a facility. Applicants must identify the validated assessment tool used and the risk levels eligible for participation in the program,” it added.

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My Retirement


Some have asked what I’ve been doing in retirement.
Well, I applied for a building permit for a new house. It was going to be 100 ft tall and 400 ft wide, with 12 gun turrets at various heights, and windows all over the place and a loud outside entertainment sound system. It would have parking for 200 cars, and I was going to paint it snot green with pink trim.
The City Council told me; “Forget it… AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN!”
So, I sent in the application again, but this time I called it a ‘Mosque’.
Work starts on Monday.
I love this country. It’s the government that scares the shit out of me.

Baby Killers Planned Parenthood To Spend $18 Million Supporting Democrats In 2014 Midterm Elections…”

cecile richards

In return the Democrats will flood them with hundreds of millions in taxpayer dollars

Via Politico:

The political arm of Planned Parenthood is preparing to launch its largest campaign offensive ever, targeting more than a dozen states and some of the cycle’s top Senate and gubernatorial races to raise the alarm about the stakes of the 2014 midterm elections for women’s health care and abortion rights.

The cost of the midterm campaign is expected to cross the $18 million mark, including $2.4 million the group spent in 2013 for Virginia’s off-year governor’s race, officials with the group said. That investment would make the Planned Parenthood Action Fund and Planned Parenthood Votes — the national federation’s political entities — two of the heaviest outside spenders on the Democratic side, and certainly among the top independent expenditure campaigns focused on reaching women.

With Democrats increasingly reliant on their yawning advantage with women voters in recent years — and state and national Republicans repeatedly taking aim at Planned Parenthood as a prominent abortion services provider — the group has rapidly become a vital part of the roundtable of left-of-center groups plotting the Democratic coalition’s electoral strategy.

Cecile Richards, president of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, said the group intends to show that candidates don’t need to campaign defensively on “women’s reproductive health issues,” citing the importance of that message to Democratic victories in the 2012 elections and last year’s Virginia race.

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Credit Card Scam

The scam works like this:

Person calling says – ‘This is (name) and I’m calling from the Security and
Fraud Department at VISA. My Badge number is 12460, your card has been
flagged for an unusual purchase pattern, and I’m calling to verify. This
would be on your VISA card which was issued by (name of bank). Did you
purchase an Anti-Telemarketing Device for $497.99 from a marketing company
based in Arizona?’ When you say ‘No’, the caller continues with, ‘Then we
will be issuing a credit to your account. This is a company we have been
watching, and the charges range from $297 to $497, just under the $500
purchase pattern that flags most cards. Before your next statement, the
credit will be sent to (gives you your address). Is that correct?’ You say

The caller continues – ‘I will be starting a Fraud Investigation. If you
have any questions, you should call the 1- 800 number listed on the back of
your card (1-800-VISA) and ask for Security. You will need to refer to this
Control Number. The caller then gives you a 6 digit number. ‘Do you need me
to read it again?’

Here’s the IMPORTANT part on how the scam works- The caller then says, ‘I
need to verify you are in possession of your card’. He’ll ask you to ‘turn
your card over and look for some numbers’. There are 7 numbers; the first 4
are part of your card number, the last 3 are the Security Numbers that
verify you are the possessor of the card. These are the numbers you
sometimes use to make Internet purchases to prove you have the card. The
caller will ask you to read the last 3 numbers to him. After you tell the
caller the 3 numbers, he’ll say, ‘That is correct, I just needed to verify
that the card has not been lost or stolen, and that you still have your
card. Do you have any other questions?’
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Joe’s Plumbing

I don’t know where this came from but if anyone knows, please let me know so I can give credit or link to the author. I received this in an email

Only weeks after leaving office, Barack Obama discovers a leak under his sink, so he calls Joe the Plumber to come out and fix it. Joe drives to Obama’s new house, which is located in a very exclusive gated community where all the residents make more than $250,000 per year. Joe arrives and takes his tools into the house. Joe is led to the guest bathroom that contains the leaky pipe under the sink. Joe assesses the problem and tells Obama that it’s an easy repair that will take less than 10 minutes.

Obama asks Joe how much it will cost. Joe checks his rate chart and says, “$9,500.”

“What?! $9,500?” Obama asks, stunned, “But you said it’s an easy repair!

Joe says, “Yes, but what I do is charge those who make $250,000 per year a much higher amount so I can fix the plumbing of poorer people for free,” explains Joe. “This has always been my philosophy. As a matter of fact, I lobbied the Democrat Congress, who passed this philosophy into law. Now all plumbers must do business this way. It’s known as ‘Afordable Plumbing Act of 2014.’ I’m Surprised you haven’t heard of it.”
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Mass Dems Honor Former Democratic State Rep Recently Released From Federal Prison On Bribery Charges…”

Dianne Wilkerson

Anyone from Mass knows who Dianne Wilkerson is, for those who don’t, she was caught on tape stuffing cash from an undercover FBI agent into her bra.

Via Boston Globe:

The event honored 18 “women of color changing our world,” but one recipient was singled out for special praise.

Mayor Martin J. Walsh went off script at last Thursday’s event, recognizing his “dear friend” at Table 2. State Representative Gloria Fox described her as a sister in politics and said they had been an “unbeatable team.” And former state representative Willie Mae Allen, just before handing this guest her plaque, said, “We’re depending on you.”

Accepting was former state senator Dianne Wilkerson, once the highest-ranking black woman in state government but recently inmate No. 21757 038, convicted of accepting $23,500 in bribes.

It was the first time many had seen Wilkerson since her release from a federal prison in Danbury, Conn., in September, and it was a homecoming few ex-offenders receive when reentering society. Not only did the Prince Hall Grand Chapter Order of the Eastern Star Jurisdiction of Massachusetts Inc. honor her at the Grove Hall event, but MassEquality will also recognize her among a slew of other champions of gay marriage at an event later this week. […]

She officially exited in mid-November 2008, the day after her indictment and three weeks after her initial arrest.

Eighteen months later, after initially pleading not guilty, Wilkerson pleaded guilty to eight counts of attempted extortion for taking $23,500 in bribes, including ten $100 bills she stuffed into her bra as the scene was recorded by the FBI.

The eight cash payments, made in 2007 and 2008, came from a witness who was cooperating with the FBI and from undercover agents. The money was to secure a liquor license for a nightclub and legislation to pave the way for a commercial development in Roxbury, which she represented.

Dianne Wilkerson in action:

SOURCE: Weasel Zippers

Two America’s


Want to know why citizens who work for a living dislike those who vote
for a living? This guy hits the nail on the head.
In early January 2014, Bob Lonsberry, a Rochester talk radio personality
on WHAM 1180 AM, said this in response to Obama’s “income inequality speech”:
Two Americas
The Democrats are right, there are two Americas.
The America that works, and the America that doesn’t.
The America that contributes, and the America that doesn’t.
It’s not the haves and the have not’s, it’s the dos and the don’ts.
Some people do their duty as Americans, obey the law, support
themselves, contribute to society, and others don’t. That’s the divide
in America.
It’s not about income inequality, it’s about civic irresponsibility.
It’s about a political party that preaches hatred, greed and
victimization in order to win elective office.
It’s about a political party that loves power more than it loves its
country. That’s not invective, that’s truth, and it’s about time
someone said it.
The politics of envy was on proud display a couple weeks ago when
President Obama pledged the rest of his term to fighting “income
inequality.” He noted that some people make more than other people,
that some people have higher incomes than others, and he says that’s
not just.
That is the rationale of thievery. The other guy has it, you want it,
Obama will take it for you. Vote Democrat.
That is the philosophy that produced Detroit. It is the electoral
philosophy that is destroying America.

NOT EVEN A SMIDGEN OF CORRUPTION: Lois Lerner Will Not Testify Without Immunity or Court Order”

Barack Obama told Bill O’Reilly there was “not even a smidgen of corruption” in the IRS targeting scandal.

Then explain this…
The attorney for Lois Lerner will not testify next week in front of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform without immunity or a court order.
FOX News reported:

The attorney for Lois Lerner, a central figure in the IRS scandal, said Wednesday his client will not comply with a request to return to Capitol Hill next week to testify.

Attorney William Taylor said Lerner, who resigned last year as the agency’s tax-exempt organizations chief, will return only if compelled by a federal court or if given immunity for her testimony.

Taylor stated his position in a letter to Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. He was responding to a letter Tuesday from Issa saying, in part, that Lerner’s testimony remains “critical to the committee’s investigation.”

The committee continues to investigate the IRS’ targeting of Tea Party groups and other conservative organizations trying to get tax-exempt status.

Issa and Lerner’s attorneys continue to argue about whether she is protected under the Fifth Amendment from having to testify.

Last year, Lerner invoked the Fifth Amendment right during her first-and-only appearance before the committee, but only after she professed her innocence during an opening statement.

“We understand that the committee voted she had waived her rights,” Taylor wrote Issa. “We continue to respectfully disagree.”

SOURCE: The Gateway Pundit

Republicans Talk Impeachment at House Hearing on President’s Duty to Execute the Law



 IMPEACHMENT……I have a better and quicker idea, how about calling the the FBI and have Obama and Holder arrested! There so much proof on those two “THUGS” to put them away so far they would have to “pipe sunshine” back to their cells!…….Papa Mike


The House Judiciary Panel is holding a special hearing today to see if the president went over the line of the US Constitution to advance his agenda.

You can watch live on CSPAN.

Witness Panel 1

Witness Panel 2

Depending on the findings of the panel the Obama Administration may be forced to follow the US Constitution or other extreme measures may be taken including impeachment proceedings.

Rep Jim Gerlach (R-PA) offered this testimony today:

I think we can agree that Congress has fairly limited means of redress in the event that the executive branch circumvents the legislative branch through its decisions not to enforce certain federal law. Congress can try to pass new laws to either remedy or defund a violating action – but a president who undertook the action will not likely support the measure. Where the action rises to a “high crime or misdemeanor,” the House may initiate an impeachment proceeding. But, such an avenue would surely be extremely divisive within the Congress and the nation generally, and would divert the attention of Congress from other important issues of the day.

Finally, judicial relief could be sought, but we well know that that process can take years and years while the underlying transgression continues.

Rep. H. Tom Rice (R-SC) added this testimony:

The “take care” clause in Article II, section 3 of the Constitution provides that the President shall “take care that the laws be faithfully executed.” While the President has the right to exercise reasonable discretion, he may not choose which laws shall be enforced. This is fundamental to our constitutional framework. Knowing the expectations for the executive branch, I have watched President Obama’s various actions with great dismay.

My constituents overwhelmingly share this dismay. Throughout my first months in office, my constituents continually voiced the same refrain: President Obama is overstepping the bounds of his office and Congress is doing nothing to stop his power grabs. Some have even suggested impeachment. If the President can continually use his discretion to rewrite laws without congressional approval, the House of Representatives and the Senate may as well cease to exist. This erosion of our separation of powers diminishes our democracy; leaving us with an imperial presidency.

 SOURCE: The Gateway Pundit


John Bolton: Obama Is Actively Trying to Diminish the Power of This Nation (Video)”

Ambassador John Bolton was on The Factor tonight to discuss Barack Obama’s curious foreign policy. The former UN ambassador told Bill O’Reilly that Obama is actively trying to diminish the power of this nation.

Bill O’Reilly: Do you, John Bolton, believe that the president of the United States is actively trying to diminish the power of this nation?

Ambassador John Bolton: Yes, how else do you explain his defense budget?

Bill O’Reilly: Why is he trying to hurt the nation? If he diminishes our power we are weaker. Why does he want to make us weaker?

Ambassador John Bolton: Well, as I think I said before, in his view a weaker America is a less provocative America and therefore will contribute to international peace and security. I think it’s the opposite. I believe a weaker America invites challenge.

Bill O’Reilly: So you really believe he wants to weaken this nation and in doing that we will be safer?

Ambassador John Bolton: That is his view. I believe that is correct and I believe that is the predominant view in academia in America today.

Via The Factor:


Some People Should NOT Own Guns!

A 36-year-old Michigan man shot himself in the head in front of his girlfriend while giving her a lesson in gun safety.
“(The situation) is pretty unique, as I have never heard of anyone testing out the safety of a gun by pointing at their head and pulling the trigger,” said Independence Township Undersheriff Michael McCabe.
After spending most of the day drinking, the man started to demonstrate how his three handguns worked, his girlfriend told authorities. To show hat they were empty, he put each to his head and pulled the trigger. The third was loaded.
The woman was performing CPR on the man when the police arrived. He was pronounced dead at the scene.


SOURCE: Knuckledraggin My Life Away

Ted Nugent Responds to Critics for Calling President Obama ‘SubHuman Mongrel’ on CNN Erin Burnett…VIDEO

Ted may be a bit rough around the edges, BUT it’s amazing that CNN will focus on words, which hurt NOBODY then will not focus on FOUR DEAD AMERICANS in Benghazi! Will not focus on the lies Obama told on Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the IRS and Obamacare! They will not focus on Obama violating his oath to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States. Will not focus on Obama, violating US Laws. Will not focus on Obama dismantling our military and making us weak, in a volatile world! They will not focus on his terrible foreign policy, where we the United States of America, have become the laughing stock in  the world. They will not focus on Obama increasing our debt more than all other Presidents combined. Will not focus on Obama destroying our economy. Will not focus on Obama, saying there is income inequality, while he is spending millions on vacations, party’s, and golfing!……

SOURCE: Sent to me by Ron

“Law Breaker Holder” Has Given The Green Light For States To Stop Defending Bans On Gay Marriage…


Can you believe what this man has gotten away with? Once again he has broken the law and if you think ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC or any major newspaper is going to tell you much about this your dreaming! Obama and the rest of the DIMocrat Kool-Aid drinkers will support him 100%…..Papa Mike

ATTORNEY GENERAL ERIC HOLDER tells state AGs they do not have to defend laws they feel are discriminatory — even though those laws were passed by a legislature and signed by a governor — effectively giving the green light for states to stop defending gay marriage bans.


You can read more about this HERE

Sick! Code Pink Leader Says al Qaeda Terrorists No Different than Poor U.S. Street Gang Kids

The SICK FREAKING people who belong to “CODE PINK” should all be deported to the Middle East! Did they forget about these “simple poor street thug KIDS who murdered 2,996 innocent men women and children on 9/11”?

Such talk and terrorist alliances have not prevented Code Pink from working with President Barack Obama and leaders in the Democratic Party.

Guest Post by Kristinn Taylor with the Gateway Pundit.

qaeda code pink
Obama bundler Jodie Evans, far left, and Medea Benjamin, third from right, protest in Yemen with al Qaeda tied group al Karama, June 17, 2013. Photo via al Karama.

Terrorist supporter Susan ‘Medea’ Benjamin spoke sympathetically of al Qaeda terrorists in a speech to a leftist group in Miami, Florida last week.

Benjamin, co-founder of the leftist front group Code Pink, spoke on February 18th to a gathering of fellow leftists at Florida International University according to a report by the leftist site FightBack!News.

“Medea Benjamin spoke about her travels to American-created war zones and areas being targeted by U.S. drones. She described tragic encounters with families of those murdered by American drones in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Somalia – including the mother of three sons who were all targeted and killed by drone strikes.

“”It is horrible that there are so many innocent casualties,” she said. “But even those actually targeted by drones and labeled as ‘militants’ are usually young people who join organizations like Al Qaeda because they don’t have much and have run out of options. Hearing their families speak about them was like hearing about young people who decide to join gangs in the U.S.””

Yes, Susie, people who join al Qaeda–the world-renowned terrorist group famous for the 9/11 attacks on America–are doing so for the paycheck, not the promise of eternal life with 72 virgins and the chance to slaughter Americans, Jews and anti-Islamist Muslims with bombings, plane hijackings and suicide attacks.

Benjamin also fails to note that many al Qaeda terrorists are well educated sons (and daughters) of privilege.

Last year Benjamin and her Code Pink co-leader—and Obama bundler—Jodie Evans traveled to Yemen where they met with the father of slain al Qaeda spiritual leader Anwar al-Awlaki and raised funds for the families of al Qaeda terrorists.

Such talk and terrorist alliances have not prevented Code Pink from working with President Barack Obama and leaders in the Democratic Party.


Another Obama Record… More College-Educated Millineals ( Millennials are the group of young people born between the early 1980s and the early 2000’s )Are Jobless & Living in Poverty Than Any 20th Century Generation at That Age”

Posted by Jim Hoft on Monday, February 24, 2014, 10:06 PM

obama youth 2
The youth vote was critical in Barack Obama’s reelection.

Another record!
More college-educated Millinials are jobless and living in poverty than any other 20th Century generation at that age.
Forbes reported:

It’s not all good news, though. The Pew found that the both the share of college-educated 25 – 32 year-olds unemployed and those living in poverty is greater than any other generation of the 20th century at the same age. And while salaries for college grads have grown by $7K over the last 40 years, median earnings for those 25 – 32 have been stagnant for decades, even as the cost of education has soared. Other data from the University of Waterloo actually shows Millennials underearning their parents at the same age.

As well, there are important limits to the Pew’s research to consider. Their data only includes Millenials who were employed full-time during the previous year, regardless of education level. In essence, they’re only surveying those Millennials for whom education has actually paid off as to their views on education. It’s easy to say that education is a worthwhile investment if your degree has actually benefited you in the form of gainful, career-oriented work. Absent from the discussion and from the Pew’s somewhat heartening news are the attitudes of the millions of recent college grads who are unemployed or underemployed, like the 15% of 2013 grads who fall into one of those camps, or the 36% working jobs that don’t require their degrees.