Sheriff David Clarke Tells AG Nominee: DOJ Must Stop Undermining American Law Enforcement Officers

I just love this guy! He will NOT take any crap from Eric Holder and because of  this the “Far Left Media ABC,CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC and NPR refuses to report on anything Sheriff David Clarke has to say!…….Papa Mike




Testifying in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke called on U.S. Attorney and Attorney General Nominee Loretta Lynch to rebuild the broken relationship between the Department of Justice and local law enforcement

Citing Attorney General Eric Holder’s involvement in Ferguson, Missouri over the summer, Clarke laid out a defense of police working in dangerous communities and called on Lynch to open lines of communication from Washington to cities around the country.

“I want to spend some time critiquing…Attorney General Eric Holder’s tenure at the Department of Justice and use it as a framework as a way forward,” Clarke said. “Incendiary rhetoric used by Eric Holder created a pathway for a false narrative that then became the rallying cry for cop haters across America. It sparked and justified hatred for America’s law enforcement agents and its offices. Without a shred of evidence a broad brush has been used to unfairly malign the reputation of the professional policing in the United States. The accusation has been made that our communities systematically engage in the practice of targeting young black men because of the color of their skin. That claim is patently false. I reject out of hand the mere suggestion of it. If I’m wrong, someone needs to show me the evidence. Officers at the local level put on their uniforms and go out everyday to make their communities better and safer. Without them our communities would collapse into utter chaos.”

Clarke also argued that the Department of Justice and the next attorney general must ensure that a proper and fair rule of law standard will be applied at the federal level when unfortunate incidents occur at the local level.

“Are cops perfect? No, in fact far from it, but they are the community’s finest. Every community is unique in what will work and what will not work,” Clarke said. “For the nation’s sake, stop undermining the integrity and character of the American law enforcement officer.”

Clarke isn’t alone in his statements. Late last year, former assistant FBI director under Holder and current Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund President Ron Hosko, argued the same and called on President Obama to also play a role in the reestablishment of trust.

“It is my sincere hope that Ms. Lynch, if confirmed, will take immediate steps to begin repairing the rift created between the Obama Administration and the dedicated men and women of America’s law enforcement community,” Hosko said in a statement. “The mere replacement of the attorney general is not enough. President Obama should demonstrate a re-commitment to the rule of law and a retreat from words and actions that signal a distrust of our law enforcement professionals. Early in his tenure and with no understanding of the underlying facts, he accused police of ‘acting stupidly’ in an engagement with a Harvard University professor, only to later learn of details that supported the police response. More recently, he sent three White House representatives to the funeral of Michael Brown, a young man who had just robbed a store and who reports suggest violently assaulted a police officer in an attempt to disarm him. By these words and actions, the president questions legitimate law enforcement authority, encouraging like-minded people to do the same, and widening the divide between police and the people they serve.”

“We look forward to Loretta Lynch’s confirmation hearings to become the attorney general, but there’s no time to rejoice – significant damage has been done and there is much work ahead to undo it. The Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund stands ready to support important discussions between police and the Obama Administration to rebuild the trust that has so obviously been lost,” Hosko said.

A confirmation vote for Lynch is expected next month.


Pants Suit Faces Scrutiny for Use of Private Jets At The Expense Of Tax Payers While Racking Up Frequent Flyer Miles



The use of private jets helped take Air Mary Landrieu down.

Via Bloomberg

Hillary Clinton took more than 200 privately chartered flights at taxpayer expense during her eight years in the U.S. Senate, sometimes using the jets of corporations and major campaign donors as she racked up $225,756 in flight costs.

Clinton, 67, the frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016, reported the travel in official filings with the Senate. The records were provided to Bloomberg News by a Republican operative.

Some of the companies whose planes she used included Coca-Cola Co., Citigroup Inc. and Saban Capital Group Inc.

While the flights fell within congressional rules and were not out of the ordinary for senators at the time, they could play into the emerging Republican line of attack that Clinton’s wealth and years in government office have left her out of touch with the voters she’ll court on the campaign trail.

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‘The View’s’ Whoopi Goldberg Gets Fired Up About ‘American Sniper’ (Video)

See video: ‘The View’s’ Whoopi Goldberg Slams Seth Rogen, Michael Moore Over ‘American Sniper’ Criticism


This beats everything, this has to be a GREAT picture when “far left” anchor of the “View” comes to the defense of Oscar nominated American Sniper. GREAT job Woopie!……..Papa Mike


Co-host of ABC’s daytime talk show shares her impassioned sentiments about the controversial film..
The discussion of Clint Eastwood‘s Oscar-nominated film “American Sniper” continued on ABC’s “The View” Monday.
Moderator Whoopi Goldberg shared her thoughts on the film, which she called, “One of the most extraordinary movies ever made.”
The film about lethal marksman Chris Kyle, who was killed in February 2013 by a veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, recently surpassed $200 million at the box office after opening last December, Box Office Mojo reported.

“This movie changed my life. There’s a reason this movie is touching such a cord, and it’s telling a truth that no one has ever told,” Wallace said. “This movie tells the story of the toll that this has taken on the military without telling you what to think of the war or the military.”
“This movie is perfection,” Wallace added.
“I don’t want to go to war, I’m not going to lie,” Goldberg said. She followed up the admission with praise for the men and women in service. “I worship the folks that decide that that’s how they’re going to do their life. They’re going to give their life, take care of us. I love it,” she said.
Since its release, the film has elicited a polar response from critics, some who’ve praised the film and others who believe it’s too celebratory of Kyle, TheWrap previously reported. Guest co-host and stylist Stacy London shifted the conversation to what has made the biopic popular among moviegoers.

“Bravery has consequences, and that’s what this movie really talks about. No matter what, war affects you whether you get angry or depressed. This movie does an excellent job of showing what the consequences are,” London said.

In The Dictionary Under Tax Cheat Is The Picture Below Of “The Reverend” Himself


But he’ll get away with it because it would be raaaaaa-cist to prosecute him. He’ll prolly plead poverty which is what he did when he lost a defamation of character lawsuit brought by Steve Pagones whom he slimed in the Tawana Brawley hoax. He claimed he didn’t have the money to pay the settlement so others paid it for him. One of the “others” was Johnny Cochran. Sharpton is a racist and an anti-Semite, He’s also a waste of oxygen. He is 100% dooshbag. Way to go NBC by giving this asshole his own program on MSDNC.

Defense Against Demagogues


by Walter E Williams

When gasoline sold at record prices, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., said, “I think it’s time to say to these people, ‘Stop ripping off the American people.'” When the average price of regular gas was close to $4 a gallon, Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., called for Congress to look into breaking up giant oil companies. The claim was that “Wall Street greed (was) fueling high gas prices.”
Today in some places, gasoline is selling for less than $2 a gallon, less than half of its peak price in 2008. The idiotic explanation that attributed high oil prices to greed might now be adjusted to argue that big oil executives have been morally rejuvenated. They are no longer greedy and no longer want to rip off the American people. My guess is that everyone in the oil business would like to charge higher prices. Plus, there’s no legal prohibition against big and powerful Exxon Mobil’s selling its regular gas today for $4 a gallon. Exxon stations don’t do so because the market wouldn’t bear that price.

The attempt to explain human behavior by greed is foolhardy. If we define greed as people wanting much more than what they have, then everyone is greedy. Show me someone who doesn’t want more of something, be it cars, houses, clothing, food, peace, admiration, love or war. The fact that people want more is responsible for most of the good things that get done. You’ll see Texas cattle ranchers this winter making the personal sacrifice of going out in blizzards to care for their herds. As a result of their sacrifice, New Yorkers will have beef on their grocery shelves. Which do you think best explains cattlemen’s behavior, concern about New Yorkers or their wanting more for themselves?

This year’s congressional efforts to reduce corporate income tax will create great opportunities for demagogues. The United States has the highest corporate income tax rate among the 34 industrialized nations of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. The effect of high corporate taxes gives corporations incentives to lower their effective tax rates by engaging in activities that lower their competitiveness and to shift profits to foreign subsidiaries.