Record Lobbying In California Is Led By UNIONS… The California Teachers Association and The California State Council of Service Employees Which Is an affiliate of SEIU.


t would seem that the progressive left has decided to beat the ‘evil corporations’ at their own game.

According to an article in the Los Angeles Times, 2011 was a record year for lobbying in California and the top two offenders guilty of buying influence with politicians were unions:

“The California Teachers Assn. spent the most on lobbying last year, $6.5 million, in a year when schools were battling threatened budget cuts and legislators acted on bills involving education reform and charter schools.

The California State Council of Service Employees was the second-biggest spender on lobbying with $4.9 million.”

The California Teachers Association is the largest teachers union in California and The California State Council of Service Employees is an affiliate of SEIU.

These two unions even spent more money that the oil lobbyists who came in 3rd place spending just $4.2 million.

So my question is… when two unions spend more money lobbying than the ‘evil’ oil companies, does that make those unions more ‘evil’ or is this just another example of a progressive double standard?

Author: Papa Mike