Barbara Walters On Jane Fonda

 Obama wants to honor her?  Well, he freed a traitor for 4 enemies.  So what can you expect?  Makes me ill just reading about it.

For those who may have forgotten what Jane Fonda did during this time of Police Action (now called WAR) I will bring back some history for you……

Jane Fonda toured North Vietnam, propagandized on behalf of the communists, and participated in an orchestrated

“press conference” with American POWs in 1972. There’s no denying that she defamed POWs by whitewashing the

Viet Cong’s treatment of them and later calling them liars when they spoke out.

As you can see in the below photo’s…….Jane was having a lot of fun with our enemy!


J ane Fonda was on 3 times this week talking about her new book. . .
And how good she feels in her 70’s. . . She still does not know what she did wrong. . . Her book just may not make the bestseller list if more people knew.
  Barbara Walters said :
Thank you all.  Many died in Vietnam for our freedoms.  I did not like Jane Fonda then and I don’t like her now.  She can lead her present life the way she wants and perhaps SHE can forget the past, but we DO NOT have to stand by without comment and see her “honored” as a “Woman of the Century.”(I remember this well.)For those who served and/or died. . .
And now President Obama wants to honor her!!!!


Author: Papa Mike