Trey Gowdy Wants You to Recall a Case Just Like Hillary’s Email Scandal That Didn’t Go So Well for the Offender


Trey Gowdy brought his usual candid insight into the Hillary email scandal and discussed a related case that led to General David Petraeus receiving 2 years probation and a $100,000 fine.

Petraeus plead guilty to a “misdemeanor count of removing and retaining classified information.” The violation arose from sharing classified information with his biographer Paula Broadwell, with whom the general had an extramarital affair.

Gowdy was not quick to made a direct comparison, but he did lay out the heart of the matter:

“The lady out in front of the Department of Justice wears a blindfold and holds a set of scales. And she does so, so she treats everybody the same, whether it’s me or you, whether it’s General Petraeus, whether it’s a Cabinet-level official. I was not a part of the prosecution team or the defense team for David Petraeus. I don’t know all the facts. I know this: That the same rules ought to apply to people irrespective of their station in life.”
The South Carolina Congressman, who is heading a Benghazi investigation committee, also said that:

“This is a serious national security issue, and the seriousness of it should transcend normal, partisan politics.”
The Congressman has been attempting to get to emails and other communications on Hillary Clinton’s extralegal private email server that may contain information relating to why four American servicemen were left to die at Benghazi by the Obama administration. From Gowdy’s statement:

“For months the Select Committee on Benghazi has called on Secretary Clinton to turn over her server to a neutral, detached third party for independent forensic examination. She refused every entreat,” Gowdy said. “Secretary Clinton said she created this unusual email arrangement with herself for ‘convenience.’ It may have been convenient for her, but it has been troubling at multiple levels for the rest of the country.”

“Congress, the media, the public, private litigants and FOIA requestors were denied access to public documents, and recently the Inspectors General for two separate Executive Branch entities expressed concern about the possible exposure of classified material as a direct result of her decision to eschew the email rules applicable to everyone else and create her own.”
In Gowdy’s recent interview on Fox News, he made it clear that he was interested in justice and accountability – not Hillary’s personal matters. He said:

“I don’t care about her yoga emails. I don’t care about her bridesmaid dresses. I just care about every email that relates to Libya and Benghazi.”
While Hillary Clinton through her campaign spokesman Nick Merrill initially seemed to agree on an October 22nd public hearing before the House Benghazi Committee, there has been some debate over the conditions set by Mrs. Clinton’s lawyer: “the date not be moved and that the panel keep its questions within certain parameters.”

“There is no agreed-upon date because there are no agreed upon conditions,” a Benghazi Republican source told Politico. “It’s a leak by Nick Merrill because he wants you all to stop talking about her classified information.”

Author: Papa Mike