“If she was doing that much yoga she wouldn’t need to wear a pantsuit.” BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

I read somewhere else that the Russians and Chinese have prolly hacked her server and if she became president, they have enough info to blackmail her and would thus own an American president. There are a few things wrong with that conjecture.

You cannot blackmail someone who has no shame. Just think, about 50 years ago, BJ could have been blackmailed with Monica, but in the 90′s, it was no big thing. The feminists didn’t raise hell because he was a Dimocrat who supported abortion. Who cares that a bunch of women were victimized by a misogynist serial sexual harasser? Certainly not the people who claimed to support women. It showed the blatant hypocrisy of NOW. Gloria Steinem even came out with the One Free Grope Rule with regards to Kathleen Willey. A Republican could have never gotten away with what BJ did.

Suppose Thunder Rodent Thighs does become president and the Russians or Chinese do follow through with the threat and release damaging information. What do you think would happen? Nothing. How’s that Benghazi probe going? And look at all the crap Cankles and her crooked husband have gotten away with already. Sure, the Republicans could try to impeach her,but I doubt if anyone has the spine to try that. Even if they did, the Dimocrats in the Senate would circle the wagons like they did with BJ. The LSM propaganda arm of the Dimocrat Party would demonize the special prosecutor, like they did with Ken Starr and that’s provided that one is appointed to investigate yet another Clinton scandal. TRT will have appointed an attorney general whose main job is to protect her like Janet Reno protected BJ.

It shows just how far down the shitter this country has descended that Cankles, a lying, thieving, hypocrite has a good chance of becoming president of the United States. Both she and her husband should be in jail. He should have been kicked out of office not for Monica but other crimes like the thousand FBI files and the politicization of the IRS. He made Nixon look like a choirboy.

Look who’s been running the country for the last six-and-a-half years. Obungler violates the Constitution and no one even tries to stop him. His own party has decided to give up their congressional power to him. Fifty years ago, Congress would not have voluntarily given up their power like they have to this guy. The opposition party is made up of a bunch of spineless pussies like Boner and McConnell who would rather destroy their base that fight the real enemy. The media has become willing lapdogs who are no longer journalists but propagandists, or as Insty sez, “Dimocrat operatives with bylines”.

We are witnessing the last days of our once great Republic. White guilt elected an unqualified, closet Mooslime, rat bastard commie. We will never be able to repair the damage he has done to this country. He is also creating the blueprint for a future dictator who will seize power and usher in the “socialist utopia”. I give us twenty to forty years. A stupid uninformed populace, a lapdog media, a supine Supreme Court, and a spineless opposition party and all that will lead to the destruction of the most free,the most powerful, and the wealthiest country in the history of the world. I’m glad I got to see it. It’s sad to see the descent.

We walked on the moon. Then we decided to declare a war on poverty, a war that could not be won, and in doing so created a permanent parasitic underclass that does nothing but consume valuable resources and give us high crime and the destruction of once great cities like Detoilet which was once the “Paris of the Midwest”. Look at what has become of Baltimore where the National Anthem was written. We could have had a high orbit permanent space station and a high orbit delivery vehicle. We could have a colony on the moon. Instead we get Black Lives Matter and the canonization of thugs like St. Trayvon of Skittles, St. Michael of Swisher Sweets, St. Eric of Smoothies, and St. Freddie of Heroin. Do you realize that if we remove the statistics of gun crimes done by blacks, we are way down on global statistics of gun violence. Without blacks, we would not have a “gun problem”.

What’s the use? We’re finished! At least I got to see this great nation at it’s best. It’s sad watching the decline.

Author: Papa Mike