How can FOX keep O’Reilly around a day longer after MORE than 50 advertisers have pulled their ads off the program? If all these advertisers don’t want to keep supporting this guy, then why does a company as large as FOXNews want to continue to stand behind him after what they now know..Have you seen their ratings and viewers lately, the Ailes boys I’m sure will NOT put up with the loss of these advertisers, viewers and REVENUE much longer! O’Reilly knows not to take it personally, ITS JUST BUSINESS!…..

Former Fox News star Megyn Kelly left her job for a new position at NBC News because she was frustrated by the behavior and comments made by colleague Bill O’Reilly after she discussed sexual harassment she’d experienced at the network, sources close to the situation claim.

According to The New York Times, Kelly was frustrated after O’Reilly criticized her during an interview on the “CBS This Morning” program in November.

She’d disclosed, in a book released on the same day as O’Reilly’s interview, that former Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes had allegedly sexually harassed her. Ailes, months before in July, left the network following several claims of employees about him and because of a lawsuit filed by former anchor Gretchen Carlson.

“Look, it’s open season,” O’Reilly said when CBS asked him about Kelly’s claims. “Let’s whack the Fox News Channel. I’ve had enough of it. It’s a good place to work. All right?”

Kelly complained in an email about O’Reilly’s comments, four people with knowledge of her reaction said. The email warned that O’Reilly’s remarks could intimidate other women who had experienced harassment.

Later that night, though, O’Reilly continued to scold Kelly’s claims, saying on his primetime show that “if you don’t like what’s happening in the workplace, go to human resources or leave.”

According to the sources, O’Reilly already knew about Kelly’s complaints before he made the comments on his show.

O’Reilly, meanwhile, was also facing accusations of sexual harassment of his own. Earlier this month, reports emerged that five women who had either worked on his show or who were guests had been paid a total of $13 million for agreeing not to seek litigation or speak about the accusations.

Fox News and Kelly both declined comment for The Times’ article, while O’Reilly and Ailes both deny the accusations made about them.

One of O’Reilly’s attorneys said in a statement that he could not comment on what Kelly thought or did, “except to say she never raised any such issue with him, nor did anyone else. At this time, it is apparent to any objective observer that Mr. O’Reilly is being subjected to a malicious campaign intent on harming his reputation and family through speculation and innuendo.”

O’Reilly is on vacation, with reports claiming he is away while his future at Fox News is being considered, The Times reports. More than 50 advertisers have pulled their ads off the program, and women’s and children’s rights groups have pushed for the show host’s dismissal.


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