Never know what’s gonna get caught up on the thought wheel in my brain in the early mornin. Today it was an old C & W song “Take Your Memory With You When You Go.” Stuck on replay. Finally, down by the dentist’s office, it went into a fade and another one dropped onto the turntable: “Dreamin” by Johnny Burnette,

And somehow that led into Negro Football League kneeling, which my brain quickly classified as inappropriately appropriated symbolism. Only thing this phony posturing and protesting is likely to accomplish is widening the racial divide and undercutting the average black people’s agenda, which was doing very nicely until DingleBarry came along.

Black people are by many powers of 10 more likely to be killed by black criminals than by white policemen. Michael Brown wouldn’t even be dead if he hadn’t charged a cop and tried to take his gun away after robbing a convenience store. Black people are more likely to win the lottery or be hit by lightning than murdered by police brutality.

Anybody who believes this “protest” by pampered millionaire entertainers, many of whom are felons, is providing the impetus for average Americans to “have a conversation” about race relations and deprivation and reparations and social justice and all that hogwash need to have their gyroscopes readjusted. When blacks or liberals say they want a “conversation,” what they really mean is that they’re going to list their demands and expect the rest of us to kneel and listen.

Average people tend to believe that sports and politics don’t mix, and SHOULDN’T. They want NFL games to be an escape from the BS of Congressional gridlock and political hypocrisy and international terrorism, not a platform for ethnic debate. And they certainly believe that the national anthem and the flag should be respected, not used as a focal point for “Me! Me! Look at ME!” I’m important because I can catch balls and run.

Many entertainers who are parroting the sadly misinformed Kaepernick are no more than copycats, monkey-see/monkey-doers. And those who aren’t even black are me-tooing out of some misguided sense of doing the politically correct thing, not that they honestly want poor black families moving into their neighborhoods or their children hanging out with black kids in the ‘hood.

Goodell, and Jones for that matter, see their players as nothing more complex than thoroughbred horses. They need good food, good stalls, good medical attention, and good practice facilities. They are the sports/entertainment version of plantation slaves in every sense of the word to the coaches, managers, owners, and league officials.

None of them REALLY want to be close friends with arrogant running backs who will be destitute 10 years from now, or wide receivers who will be non compos mentis by the time they’re 50, or 300 lb masses of tattooed flesh who speak in monosyllabic grunts and eat whole COWS for lunch. And they CERtainly don’t want to be seen in social situations with pituitary freaks covered in ink and wearing ostentatious bling everywhere on their bodies, including their teeth, ears, and nostrils.

Here’s Johnny Burnette around 1961 or so as the tune for my rewrite:

Kneelin. Be sure to check out my new lyrics below the VIDEO and by all means “SING ALONG”


Kneelin, I’m always kneelin
Kneelin, before game time
Beggin, I’m always beggin
Hopin, someday I’ll find

Someone, one who’ll repay me
For that ol’ slavery, but until then
I’ll keep on kneelin
Keep right on kneelin
Gripin, ‘til my kneelin pays off

Beggin, I’m always beggin
Hopin, vengeance is mine
Trippin, I’m always trippin
Knowin, one day I’ll find

White guilt, white guilt to ‘fess up
PC to feed me, but until then
I’ll just keep on kneelin
Keep right on kneelin
‘Til the fans are heelin

Lyin, til my beggin pays off
Yeah I’ll go on kneelin
Got to keep on kneelin
Make ‘em keep on spielin

Keep the sponsors reelin
‘Til the fans are heelin
ESPN dealin
‘Cause we’re so appealin

Kneelin . . . . . .

Yeah, you guys go on kneelin in the belief that things would be better with RaceCard Al and “Hands Up/Don’t Shoot” Eric and “Police Acted Stupidly” DingleBarry in charge of the whole shebang, if O.J. were the NFL commissioner, if LeBron were running the NBA, if Barry Bonds had the reins of MLB.

In the meantime, if you think this country has been so unfair to you, if you cannot bear to live under what you consider racial oppression, if you think you could live better somewhere else, take your millions and go there . . . please. I’m sure there are thousands of travel agents who would happily make arrangements for you.

And you won’t hurt ANYbody’s feelings by leaving, I assure you. Not even Hollywood, ‘cause they’ll find plenty of poorly educated, badly informed, easily misled morons to take your place.

Oh, and “Take Your Riots With You When You Go.”


What these morons don’t realize is that they are killing the golden goose.

Goodell and some owners met with some players today and according to Goodell, the subject of kneeling wasn’t brought up. Yeah. I’m sure that’s true.

The N.F.L. for now will continue to let players kneel or sit during the national anthem without a penalty, capitulating to demands by the athletes for free expression but potentially further alienating fans who object to the protests and feel they are disrespectful to the flag and the military.

But, after a meeting Tuesday with union representatives and players, the league did promise to help support some of the causes targeted by the protesting players, including reform of the criminal justice system.

Dear NFL – You have one job and that is to play football. Unfortunately, you have forgotten that is your primary reason for existence. How much longer will you ignore the declining ratings and declining ticket sales? MNF set another ratings low this week. CBS is taking it a hit in earnings due to declining ratings. Pete Rozelle, Vince Lomabardi, Tom Landry, George Halas, and many other football legends would not have put up with this crap.

In less than four weeks you have gone from the number one sport in the country to the least liked. Quite an accomplishment. You can always replace the players. Good luck replacing the fans!!!

Finally the other black players that want to stand and place their hands over their hearts are beginning to get off their knees and joining the 99.9% Of the fans who came there to watch a freaking FOOTBALL GAME. So President Trump I beg of you PLEASE keep your mouth shut about all this Anthem stuff because it looks like it’s very close to get settled on it’s own. Every time you start “tweeting” another 100 or so players, mostly black get right back to Kneelin because they are ALL protesting you for chiming in on their PROTEST….Just STOP with your LYING “tweets” their NOT helping the situation and just go back to bed..……….Papa Mike



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