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Ratings For Obama SOTU Lowest In 15 Years

January 25, 2015



And those who attended, weren’t even fully there, lol…

Via JWF:

Lowest ratings in 15 years. Like the overwhelming majority of Americans, we avoided it.

Television viewership for President Obama’s State of the Union address fell to a 15-year low, according to numbers from Nielsen.

The hour and fiftenn minute-long speech drew an average of 31.7 million viewers on broadcast and cable networks Tuesday, the measurement firm said.

The combined figure is down about 5% from last year’s State of the Union address, which clocked in at 33.3 million.

This year’s count, which does not include people who streamed the event online, was the lowest since President Clinton’s final State of the Union in 2000. That speech pulled in just under 31.5 million viewers.

Nielsen’s combined tally included networks ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, Al Jazeera America, Azteca, CNN, Fox Business Network, Fox News Channel, Galavision, MSNBC, MundoFox and Univision.

But just like in the election, where the people who didn’t vote were obviously with him, the people were all watching the livestream, that explains the plummeting numbers!

SOURCE: Weasel Zippers


Ted Nugent Rocks National Anthem in Defiant Salute to ‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle and U.S. Military

January 25, 2015
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With the release of American Sniper last week, many commentators and celebrities have emerged to trash the memory of the man profiled in the movie, Chris Kyle. Others have used the movie to criticize the U.S. military.

However, Ted Nugent decided to do something a little different at the Outdoor Channel’s Golden Moose Awards in Las Vegas last night. He performed the National Anthem, but before he did it he defiantly dedicated it to Chris Kyle and the rest of the armed forces.

“Freedom is not free. This is dedicated to the heroes of the military. God bless the military warriors, especially the snipers. God bless the snipers. This is for Chris Kyle in the defiance of the pieces of s*** who don’t get it.”
The crowd cheered the dedication, loudly at times. Nugent then rocked out his high-decibel performance of the National Anthem….



David Clarke, Wisconsin Sheriff: ‘Al Sharpton Ought To Go Back Into The Gutter He Came From

January 25, 2015


Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke didn’t pull any punches in his assessment of the Rev. Al Sharpton — who vowed to keep fighting for justice for slain Ferguson teen Michael Brown, despite the feds’ decision to drop a civil rights investigation — and characterized him on national television as less than intelligent and unworthy of respect.

“The grand jury in Ferguson, Missouri, got it right,” Sheriff Clarke said, during an appearance on “Fox & Friends.” “Officer [Darren] Wilson has been exonerated. The thing I want to know is how does he get his reputation back?”

Sheriff Clarke then directed anger at Mr. Sharpton, who spoke sharply in the wake of Attorney General Eric Holder’s decision not to prosecute Mr. Wilson, a former police officer, on civil rights

“I don’t expect anything intelligent to come out of the mouth of Al Sharpton,” Sheriff Clarke said, Mediaite reported. “We know he is a charlatan. Al Sharpton ought to go back into the gutter he came from. The police officer is owed a lot from him, Eric Holder and the president of the United States.”


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‘American Sniper’ Widow Takes Husband’s Place Behind the Barrel in Tearful Hunting Tribute

January 25, 2015



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American gun manufacturer Weatherby paid tribute to Navy SEAL Chris Kyle in a video about why the SEAL found peace of mind in hunting.

The video, narrated by Kyle’s widow Taya, explains that Kyle wanted to join the Weatherby team. However, she acknowledges how that was no longer a possibility after he was killed.

Weatherby chose Taya to take her husband’s place on a hunt in Wyoming. In the video, she shoots an antelope in her husband’s honor.

With tears in her eyes, Taya then says, “I feel like Chris was with me on this hunt” and that “[she] can’t wait to talk to him about it someday.”


Video: McDonald’s uses 19 ingredients in its fries, insists none of them will kill you

January 24, 2015


Ever make homemade french fries? It’s pretty easy, actually — just cut up some potatoes into thin strips, dump them into a pot full of boiling oil, remove them when they turn a golden brown and then salt them to your tastes. So really, that’s three basic ingredients: Potatoes, oil (peanut and canola both work fine) and salt. If you’re McDonald’s, however, it takes an insane 19 different ingredients to make something that should be an incredibly simple meal.

RELATED: McDonald’s explains that its McNuggets are really made from chicken and contain no beaks

In yet another one of its videos intended to dispel nasty rumors about the content and quality of McDonald’s food, the company explains why it needs to have these 19 ingredients to make its fries, including four different types of oil: Canola, corn, soybean and hydrogenated soybean. Interestingly, McDonald’s counts each of these oils as two different ingredients since they’re first used to partially fry the potatoes as part of the preparation process and then used to fully fry them when they’re about to be served.

Other staple ingredients include dimethylpolysiloxane, which McDonald’s explains is an anti-foaming agent, and potatoes, which McDonald’s says are thankfully the No. 1 ingredient.

Watch the whole video below, although we doubt it will make you feel better about eating fries at McDonald’s.

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WITH COPY OF EMAIL⇨ Evidence Shows Gov. Nixon Ordered National Guard OUT OF FERGUSON Before Riots

January 23, 2015

Governor Jay Nixon ordered the Missouri National Guard out of Ferguson, Missouri before the grand jury released its decision on Michael Brown’s shooting death.

As a result of this – DOZENS of Ferguson businesses were looted, torched and vandalized by hundreds of violent protesters and looters.

Ferguson Mayor Knowles tried desperately to contact Governor Nixon the night of the rioting but was unable to reach him or his staff.

The Associated Press obtained an email that shows Missouri Democratic leaders met to discuss Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson – who they wanted to resign.




The Senate Reached A Milestone This Week, Already More Amendments Voted On Than All Of 2014

January 23, 2015

Obama will need to stay in DC, and OFF THE GOLF COURSE with his veto pen at the ready

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…Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell took the time to point out that in three short weeks there have been more votes done this year than in all of 2014 when Senator Harry Reid and the Democrats had control.

The lucky bill to receive the fifteenth vote? The Keystone XL Pipeline bill.

SOURCE: Weasel Zippers