Current European Tax Rates


Income Tax: 40%;VAT: 19.6%; TOTAL TAX: 59.6%


Income Tax:45%;VAT:16%; TOTAL TAX: 61%


Income Tax: 42%; VAT: 20%; TOTAL TAX: 62%

Income Tax: 40%;VAT:25%;TOTAL TAX: 65%

United Kingdom   
Income Tax: 50%;VAT: 17.5%; TOTAL TAX: 67.5%

Income Tax: 52%;  VAT: 19%;TOTAL TAX: 71%

Income Tax: 53%;  VAT: 22%;  TOTAL TAX: 75%

Income Tax: 54.3%; VAT: 25%; TOTAL TAX: 79.3%

Income Tax: 55%;  VAT: 25%;TOTAL TAX: 80%

Income Tax: 58%;  VAT: 25%; TOTAL TAX: 83%


If you’ve started to wonder what the real costs of socialism are going to be – once the full program in these United States hits your wallet, take a look at the table above. Digest these mind-boggling figures. Keep in mind that in spite of these astronomical tax rates, these countries are still not financing their social welfare programs exclusively from tax revenues! They are deeply mired in public debt of gargantuan proportions. Greece has reached the point where its debt is so huge it is in imminent danger of defaulting. That is the reason the European economic community has intervened to bail them out. If you’re following the financial news, you know Spain and Portugal are right behind Greece.


The United States is now heading right down the same path. The VAT tax in the table is the national sales tax that Europeans pay. Stay tuned because that is exactly what you can expect to see the administration proposing after the fall elections. The initial percentage in the United States isn’t going to be anywhere near the outrageous numbers you now see in Europe . Guess what. the current outrageous numbers in Europe didn’t start out as outrageous either. They started out as minuscule – right around the 1% or 2% where they will start out in the United States. Magically, however, they ran up over the years to where they are now. Expect the same thing here.


It is the very notion that with hard work and perseverance, anybody can get ahead economically here in the USA . Do you think that can ever happen with tax rates between 60% and 80%?  Think again. With the government taking that percentage of your money, your life will be exactly like life in Europe … You will never be able to buy a home. You will never buy a car. You will never send your children to college. Let’s not shuffle the battle cry of the socialists under the rug either. It’s always the same cry. Equalize income. Spread the wealth to the poor (whoever they are). Level the economic playing field. Accomplish that and everything will be rosy.


It’s time to take a really hard look at reality. Greece is a perfect example. Despite the socialism system that has ruled this country for decades, with a 65% tax rate, Greece is drowning in public debt, would have defaulted without hundreds of billions in bailout money from the EU, and still. . . 20% of their population lives in poverty.

What has all that socialism money bought, besides ultimate power for the politicians running the show? Do you think these people are “free”? They’re not. They are slaves to their economic “system.”

Woman Chooses Death And God Over Voting For Clinton Or Trump



Her family wasn’t trying to make a political statement, but just show her humorous side.

RICHMOND, Va. — A Virginia woman’s obituary says she chose death over voting in the upcoming presidential election.

The obituary published by the Richmond Times-Dispatch and on a funeral home’s website reads, “Faced with the prospect of voting for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, Mary Anne Noland of Richmond chose, instead, to pass into the eternal love of God.”

Her husband, Jim Noland, tells WWBT-TV that she died at 68 on Sunday following a long battle with lung cancer.

He says one of her sons wrote the obituary’s opening line as a joke and as a way for her children to carry on her sense of humor.

Political comments have popped up in a number of obituaries nationwide this election season, with families using them to urge readers to vote for or against certain candidates.

STOP WITH THE FREAKING CONSPIRACY Theories !!…By Joe Jumping in, Biden Might Free Obama to Release The Hounds On Hillary

The article below, ( even though I think Joe Biden would  NEVER become President ) could have “legs” over some of the most ridiculous , far out, ideas that seem to be right out of Alex Jones and Michael Savage’s  “conspiracy playbooks”  It was so laughable and totally ridiculous, with NO CREDIBLE SOURCE about who’s saying this CRAP, and that’s why I would NEVER repeat it or post it to my website.

I plan on supporting Donald Trump, but he needs to approach the General Election very different than the Primaries.  During the Primaries, other than him making a few speech’s around the states, his “Ground Game” was literally non existent. He will NOT get away with this in the General Election! The reason you need to do this is because historical There’s  more DIMocrats than Republicans and when it comes to getting her voters out to vote, there’s none better! With Hillary’s money and a very organized  “ground game” Donald will need to “Meet”, or better yet “BEAT” HER people on the ground!……….Papa Mike


The VIDEO below is about Joe Biden becoming President! The difference with this one compared to the wild story  that was told to me, this one has a SOURCE!!


YouTube Preview Image


The conventional wisdom is that Joe Biden has been staying on the sidelines, waiting to see how bad the email scandal gets for Hillary. But while that might be true, consider that Biden need not just be a passive player in the game. There is a plausible theory by which Biden’s entry into the race by its very fact would increase the odds of Hillary encountering legal problems.

One reason that President Obama might be holding off on giving his Justice Department free rein to go after Hillary is that he doesn’t want to destroy the candidacy of the only plausible Dem candidate in the race. As brilliant and charismatic as is Lincoln Chaffee, still he might just not do.

But what if Biden were to take the initiative now to jump in? Might it not free Obama to release the hounds on Hillary? Obama would know that if Hillary’s campaign were badly undermined or even destroyed as a result, there would still be a bona fide Dem in the race. Indeed, recent polls suggest that Biden would make a stronger general election candidate than Hillary.

And given the choice, Obama might well prefer Biden over Hillary. Recall the glowing statement that Obama spokesman Josh Earnest gave on Biden’s behalf, even making something of an invidious comparison to Hillary. And Obama surely hasn’t forgotten the slights that Bill Clinton shot his way during the 2008 race. Consider also that Biden is more likely to defend and sustain the Obama legacy–such as it is–than would Hillary, who is already showing signs of distancing herself from Obama on some issues, such as with her call for a no-fly zone in Syria.

Even if Obama doesn’t have the gumption to call down an indictment on Hillary, simply letting it be known that one of her top aides is under serious criminal investigation might well be enough to spook the Dem primary electorate and donor class, throwing the race to Biden.

So if the race goes to the bold, it could be time for Biden to jump in, thus liberating his boss to do the right thing about Hillary’s compromising of classified intelligence.



The “Hildabeast” On National Security



RINOs) in the Republican Party. Hey Mittens Romneycare, why do you hate America? And you’re not even a conservative altho’ you pretended to be one in 2012. That goes for you Bill Kristol and Jonah Goldberg. Your “conservative purity” may give us a rat bastard commie, a crook, and a traitor as our next president. You guys are booger eatin’ moh-rons!




She would really look good in orange. So would Bubba. It’s amazing that not only are these two corrupt people not in jail, we have a major party trying to get one of them elected as president. The Dimocrat Party has officially become a crime syndicate and as Michael Savage sez about the media,  The Fourth Estate has become the Fifth Column.”

SOURCE: Grouchy Old Cripple


Chairman Chaffetz Q&A – Examining Employee Misconduct at EPA ? The Homeland Security…VIDIOS

image image image

This is why Donald Trump believes in Securing OUR BORDERS and not allow ANYONE , regardless of their ethnic origins, religious beliefs, ANYONE  to enter our country “ILLEGALLY” to STEAL, MURDER, RAPE, or really something as simple as walking down the street, if their caught, THEY WILL BE DEPORTED ASAP. Their here ILLEGALLY and their NOT American Citizens and by no means do they have ANY RIGHTS WHATSOEVER, so they don’t go to jail and within hours are released and back on our streets to offend again. This is as Obama says, we need to be Political Correct and can’t HURT THEIR FEELINGS! ……..Papa Mike

Please remember while watching both of these VIDEOS, that because of the Obama administration NO ONE WILL BE FIRED FROM THESE SERIOUS CHARGES, NO ONE!...even though you and I pay their salaries …….Papa Mike



YouTube Preview Image





YouTube Preview Image


I Miss Bill



I Miss Bill … yeah, right on!

It doesn’t matter what party you belong to
this is good natured political humour from a
show on Canadian TV, where a black
comedian said he misses Bill Clinton.

Yep, that’s right – I miss Bill Clinton!”

He was the closest thing we ever got to
having a real black man as President.

He played the sax.

He smoked weed.

He had his way with ugly white women.

Even now? Look at him …
his wife works, and he doesn’t!
And, he gets a check from the government every month.

Manufacturers announced today that they
will be stocking America’s shelves this
week with ” Clinton Soup,” in honor of one
of the nations’ distinguished men.
It consists primarily of a weenie in hot water.

Chrysler Corporation is adding a new car
to its line to honor Bill Clinton.
The Dodge Drafter will be built in Canada .

When asked what he thought about
foreign affairs, Clinton replied,
“I don’t know, I never had one.”

The Clinton revised judicial oath:
“I solemnly swear to tell the truth as I know it,
the whole truth as I believe it to be,
and nothing but what I think you need to know.”

Clinton will be recorded in history as
the only President to do Hanky Panky
between the Bushes. (get this one?)

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