American Princess? Are You Freaking Kidding Me?



I heard on the radio sumpin’ about a magazine article about Chelsea Clinton that said that she was the closest thing we had in America to a princess. WTF? Princess? Of what? America’s number one crime family? WTF has she done? She got a high paying job with NBC where she bombed in doing an interview. Now she is an officer with the Clinton Foundation which is nothing more than a slush fund and a tax dodge for BJ and Thunder Rodent Thighs. Only 8% of the money it takes in actually goes to any type of charitable works. The rest goes to travel, fundraising, and “other expenses”. It was used by foreign gummints and corporations to pay off Cankles for favors when she was SecState. If it were run by a Republican family the LSM propaganda arm of the Dimocrat Party would be writing scathing stories about it on a daily basis and it would be on the nightly news constantly. Instead it’s “proof” That BJ and TRT care about others on a global basis.

Meanwhile, there is next to nothing about Barbara Bush who is actually doing good works in Africa. The LSM propaganda arm of the Dimocrat Party was more than happy to write about her and her sister when they were caught underage drinking, while ignoring AL Gore III’s drug use and Chelsea’s partying. Barbara founded Global Health Corps

She is the Co-founder and President of a public health-focused non-profit, Global Health Corps.[11] Global Health Corps provides opportunities for young professionals from diverse backgrounds to work on the front lines of the fight for global health equity.[12] In 2009, Global Health Corps won a prestigious Draper Richards Foundation Fellowship.[13] Bush was also chosen as one of the 14 speakers selected from an applicant pool of 1,500 to speak at the TEDx Brooklyn event in December 2010, where she spoke about Global Health Corps.[citation needed]

The LSM propaganda arm of the Dimocrat Party should also lover her since she’s for gay marriage as well, but her father and grandfather are RINO’s so it’s not surprising.

Somehow being the CEO of the Global Health Corps sounds better than being associated with the corrupt Clinton Foundation. Maybe Chelsea is considered a princess because all she does is act regal and make a lot of money by doing nothing. And just think, she’s a white trash princess at that. Ain’t America great? I’m sure that’s not what the LSM propaganda arm of the Dimocrat Party meant when they christened Chelsea an American princess. Meanwhile, a member of an aristocratic American family that actually does some good for the world is ignored. Media bias? Nah!

SOURCE: Grouchy Old Cripple