5 thoughts on “This Is From A Veternarian The “Grouchy Old Cripple” Knows

  1. Did you notice that the grouchyoldcripples website is corrupted with some kind of virus or worm? Might want to let him know. My chrome brouser won’t let me log onto his website.

  2. I have been trying to access Denny’s site for days now and no browser that I have tried will let me in. There used to be just a warning about malware, but now the page just goes to an error message. If you can contact Denny, please let him know.

    Or is he just being Silenced!

  3. Denny told me by email today that he is seeking a WordPress guru to undo an error introduced during a recent upgrade. His terrific blog was not silenced individually, but was part of a much larger WordPress exploit.

  4. Thank goodness I’ve found some info about Denny’s situation , I have read him daily for years — unfortunately misplaced his e-mail address , hope to see him back soon!

  5. Was quite concerned something bad happened to GOC – comforting to know (certainly not for Denny) it’s a computer glitch. Looking forward to seeing him back as well ..

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