Dec 12

hey Are With Their Inhuman Plans for Victim James Foley’s Beheaded Body

So ISIS wants to sell the headless body of James Foley for $1 Mill. And people still think we shouldn’t torture terrorists?


For ISIS, beheading American journalist James Foley wasn’t enough. They’re still trying to find ways profit from his brutal death. According to Buzzfeed News:

Middlemen with ties to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) have turned to a grim new method of trying to secure funds in recent days. With the group having failed to strike deals to ransom the U.S. hostages in its custody — instead beheading three of them since July — its intermediaries are now trying to negotiate the sale of the body of at least one of the men it killed.

They said ISIS wants $1 million for Foley’s body, which it would deliver across the border to Turkey, and that the group was willing to provide a DNA sample to facilitate a deal.
It’s hard to determine what’s more disturbing: that ISIS has kept Foley’s body because they want to sell it, or the fact that someone would actually purchase his body in the first place.



Dec 12

The Future Is Here: Watch What The U.S. Navy’s First Laser Weapon Can Do To America’s Enemies

The advance that the U.S. Navy just made in weapons technology seems like something out of a science fiction novel.

For the first time in history, an advanced energy weapons system is a reality. According to Time:

The Navy’s laser weapon system—LaWS, in sea-service jargon—was fired from the USS Ponce, a one-time amphibious ship that was converted to an “afloat forward staging base” in 2012 and assigned to the 5th Fleet in Bahrain. Firing a laser from the surface of the Persian Gulf is challenging because heat, humidity, dust and salt water can reduce its power.

Navy officers say the weapon’s power is adjustable, ranging from distract to disable to destroy.


YouTube Preview Image
Dec 12

Disability: It’s Not Just for the Disabled Anymore

How is Obama able to keep the official unemployment rate relatively low, even while inflicting crippling damage on the economy that steadily drives down the labor participation rate? Here’s how:

How much is the Social Security Disability program cutting into workforce participation? That’s a question examined in a piece from Moody’s Analytics, asking whether disability benefits are driving Americans away from seeking employment.

There are 237,000 Alabamians on federal disability, more than 6 percent of the population. …

Nationwide, nearly 10 million Americans, or about 3 percent of the population, are enrolled in the Social Security disability program.

The Moody’s piece mentions that a growing percentage of prime-aged workers are reporting that they aren’t in the labor force because of disability.

But while the amount of money in benefits being paid out increases, there does not appear to be a rise in the frequency of medical conditions that would explain its growth.

What explains the growth is that under liberal rule, it is ever easier to claim disability, and ever harder to find a job.

This exceedingly morbid trend will continue until either liberalism is overthrown, or America dies of it.

SOURCE: Moonbattery

Dec 12

Suspect Arrested in Brutal Murder of a Charlottesville Teacher & Her High School Daughter (Video)

AGAIN…..Where the hell is the OUTRAGE when another BLACK THUG MURDERS 2 WHITE PEOPLE. I’ve seen NOTHING about this on Obama’s Liberal Run Networks……Papa Mike

by Jim Hoft With The Gateway Pundit on Wednesday, December 10, 2014
Another brutal double homicide.
Charlottesville teacher Robin Aldridge and her teenage daughter Mani were brutally beaten in their Charlottesville home Fri


YouTube Preview Image

Murder suspect Gene Everett Washington, 30, and murder victim Mani Aldridge, 17, knew each other prior to Friday’s crime. (CBS6)

A Charlottesville mother and her 17 year-old high school daughter were brutally murdered on Friday night by Gene Everett Washington.
Don’t expect this to get much national media attention.
CBS6 reported:

The elementary school teacher and her teenage daughter murdered in their Charlottesville home Friday night were not random crime victims, Charlottesville Police Chief Tim Longo said during a Tuesday morning news conference.

Murder suspect Gene Everett Washington, 30, and victim Mani Aldridge, 17, knew each other prior to Friday’s crime. Chief Longo would not go into detail about the relationship between Washington and the Charlottesville High School junior.

Police arrested Washington Monday evening and charged him with two counts of first-degree murder. Mani and her mother, 58-year-old Robin Aldridge, were brutally beaten to death inside their Rugby Ave. home Friday, Longo said.

Their bodies were found around midnight after crews responded to a fire at the home. When firefighters arrived, they found intense flames on the home’s lower level.

Police believe the Aldridges were murdered around 6pm Friday however the fire was not noticed until midnight. Police do not suspect Washington returned to the scene.

“My son is not a monster,” Washington told CBS 6 news crews outside her sons residence…….Your son is not only a monster he’s the definition of pure EVIL, AND HE SHOULD BURN IN HELL FOR ETERNITY!………Papa Mike

Dec 12

Fox News Poll: Voters Say Make White House staff testify on Benghazi

A majority of American voters wants Congress to keep investigating Benghazi — and they want to hear from White House staffers, who they suspect of a cover-up.

That’s according to a Fox News poll released Thursday.

The September 11, 2012 terrorist attacks on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya resulted in the death of four Americans, including the U.S. ambassador.

By a 58-38 percent margin, voters think Congress should continue digging into the administration’s handling of the debacle.

And 6 in 10 say the Obama administration is covering up on Benghazi (60 percent). That’s more than twice the number that believes the White House is being “open and transparent” (28 percent).

Most Republicans think lawmakers should keep investigating Benghazi (78 percent) and believe the administration is hiding the truth (84 percent).

Views are more mixed among Democrats.  While a 58-percent majority opposes the investigation, nearly 4 in 10 think Congress should continue looking into Benghazi (38 percent).  And while 50 percent say the White House is being open and transparent, more than a third of Democrats — 36 percent — say it is covering up what happened.

Dec 11

Obama Is Opening A Backdoor For Illegal Immigrants To Become Citizens “INSTANTLY”


Via Washington Examiner:

President Obama’s recently unveiled immigration scheme creates a new path for illegal immigrants and those who overstay their visas to become legal citizens nearly instantly, according to Utah Sen. Mike Lee.

Taking to the Senate floor Thursday to reveal the backdoor he said Obama is opening to millions more illegals beyond the parents of children here legally, the Republican said, “This is the danger of unilateral executive action.”

While the issue is complicated, Lee said that Obama’s plan would ease the requirement that those overstaying their visas must leave then try to enter again legally.

It would also provide a way for those here illegally to be waived into America without any punishment.

Lee said that the Obama plan would provide “advance parole” to illegals, putting them on the fast track to a green card and citizenship. That status has been difficult to get in the past.

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Dec 11

In Case You Forgot This Little guy…. Case from March 2014 case still active


Hello. Don’t recognize me? That’s OK; I understand.
My name was Antonio West. I was the 13-month old child who was shot in the face at point blank range by two black teens, who were attempting to rob my mother, who was also shot.
I think my murder and my mommy’s wounding made the news for maybe a day, and then disappeared.
A Grand Jury of my mommy’s peers from Brunswick, Georgia ruled the black teens who murdered me will not face the death penalty… too bad it was me who got the death sentence from my killers instead, because Mommy didn’t have the money they demanded.

See, my family made the mistake of being white in a 73% non-white neighborhood, but my murder wasn’t ruled a ‘hate crime’.
Oh, and President Obama didn’t take a single moment to acknowledge my murder. He couldn’t have any children who could possibly look like me – so why should he care?

I’m one of the youngest murder victims in our great Nation’s history, but the media didn’t care to cover the story of my being killed in cold blood.

There isn’t a white equivalent of Al Sharpton, because if there was he would be branded a ‘racist’. So no one’s rushing to Brunswick, Georgia to demonstrate and demand ‘justice’ for me. There’s no ‘White Panther’ party, either, to put a bounty on the lives of the two black teens who murdered me.
I have no voice, I have no representation, and unlike those who shot me in the face while I sat innocently in my stroller – I no longer have my life.
Isn’t this a great country?

So while you’re out seeking ‘justice for Trayvon’, Michael Brown and Eric Garner please remember to seek ‘justice’ for me. Tell your friends about me, tell you families, get tee-shirts with my face on them, and make the world pay attention, just like you did for Trayvon.

I won’t hold my breath.
I don’t have to anymore.

Dec 10




imageWASHINGTON (AP) — The State Department has failed to turn over government documents covering Hillary Rodham Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state that The Associated Press and others requested under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act ahead of her presumptive presidential campaign. They include one request AP made four years ago and others pending for more than one year.

The agency already has missed deadlines it set for itself to turn over the material.

The State Department denied the AP’s requests, and rejected the AP’s subsequent appeals, to release the records sought quickly under a provision in the law reserved for journalists requesting federal records about especially newsworthy topics.

In its requests, the AP cited the likely prospect of Clinton entering the 2016 race. The former first lady is widely considered the leading Democratic contender hoping to succeed President Barack Obama. She has made scores of recent high-profile speeches and public appearances.

On Wednesday, the conservative political advocacy group Citizens United sued the State Department for failing to disclose flight records showing who accompanied Clinton on overseas trips.

Citizens United, which in 2009 mounted a legal battle that led to the landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision overturning campaign finance limits, said the department unlawfully was withholding the records it sought nearly five months ago.

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Dec 10

Global Survey Finds America One of The World’s Least Racist Country’s…

Has anyone told Obama, Holder, Sharpton, NBC-CBS-ABC-MSNBC and the entire DIMocratic party?……….Papa Mike


Dem base hardest hit.

Via Daily Caller:

With all the recent race clanging on MSNBC and other cable news networks, now’s probably a good time to remind everyone that America is among the least racist countries in the world.

I know this statement will be shocking news to regular viewers of “PoliticsNation,” but it also has the quality of being true.

From 2010 to 2014, the World Values Survey asked residents in over 50 countries who they would not want as neighbors. Just over five percent of respondents in the United States said “people of a difference race.” That’s far more tolerant a response than citizens of most European, African and Asian countries gave. As a comparison, 15 percent of Germans, 41 percent of Indians and 22 percent of Japanese said they wouldn’t want to live next to “people of a different race.” The Washington Post depicted the results in a useful chart.

The survey is probably not a perfect indicator of how pervasive racism is in a given society, but the results do correlate with what we know anecdotally. Take, for instance, the fact that America elected and then re-elected a black man for president.

SOURCE: Weasel Zippers

Dec 09

HHS Paid One Org Over $280 Million To House Unaccompanied Illegal Alien Children This Year…

Illegal alien children

imageYour tax dollars hard at work!

Via Capitol City Project:

The Department of Health and Human Services dished out over $182 million to one organization in order to house unaccompanied illegal alien children over the span of four months, according to documents released on December 3. The taxpayer funds ended up covering the likes of free laptops, big screen TVs, and pregnancy tests. In 2014 alone, the group was awarded well over $280 million in federal grant money and surpasses $460 million when factoring in 2013. This is just one group in a sprawling network of those sheltering illegal alien children.

The December 3 documents, obtained by Judicial Watch, show BCFS, formerly known as Baptist Children and Family Services, was paid $182,129,786 in order to provide “basic shelter care” for 2,400 “unaccompanied alien children” (UAC) during a four month span.The budget included charges of $104,215,608 for the 1,200 UAC’s at a Fort Sill, Oklahoma center and another $77,914,178 for the 1,200 UACs at the Lackland Air Force Base shelter located in San Antonio, Texas. From June 12 to October 18, these figures equate to $86,846.34 for every illegal alien child housed at Ft. Sill and $64,928 per illegal alien child from May 18 to September 18 at the Lackland Air Force Base location. On top of this, $2,648,800 was given as compensation to members of the BCFS “Incident Management Team” — or $88,293 per person.

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Dec 09

Watchdog: IRS Paid $6 BILLION In Bogus Child Tax Credits

The IRS paid at least $6 billion in child tax credits in 2013 to people who weren’t eligible to receive them, a government investigator said Tuesday.

Payments went to families that mistakenly claimed the tax credit or claimed the wrong amount, as well as taxpayers who committed fraud, according to an audit by J. Russell George, the Treasury inspector general for tax administration.

The audit highlights problems with a tax credit that President Barack Obama has championed as a way to help low-income working families.

Obama’s 2009 economic stimulus package temporarily expanded the credit to more families that don’t make enough money to pay federal income tax. The expanded credit expires at the end of 2017.

These families receive the $1,000-per-child credit in the form of a tax refund. The report released Tuesday focused on payments to these families.

For years the IRS has said the risk is low for improper payments related to the child tax credit. The report says that assessment is incorrect.

“It is imperative that the IRS take action to identify and address all of its programs that are at high risk for improper payments,” George said in a statement.

In a statement, the IRS aid it “continues to aggressively explore new ways to detect and stop potentially fraudulent claims while maximizing the use of limited compliance resources.”

Dec 09

Booger Eatin’ Moh-Ron Of The Day!

Click on image to enlarge.


And I would like to walk again. Looks like we’ll both be disappointed. Why do you think you deserve $15 an hour? Do you have any marketable skills? Did you get a decent degree? What? Your gender studies degree is useless? Whoda thunk it? A lot of these jobs that you would like to be paid $15 an hour for will, in the future, be done by robots. They don’t bitch. They don’t get sick. They don’t need days off. They won’t be rude to customers. They won’t go on strike. So go ahead price yourself out of the market you booger eatin’ moh-ron. Then you can live on the beach waiting for handouts or maybe in a van down by the river like Matt Foley.

What a maroon!

SOURCE: Grouchy Old Cripple

Dec 09

Boehner, House Leadership Approves Nearly $1 Billion for Illegal Central American Immigrants

this all ads up to MORE DEMOCRAT VOTERS and another DIMocrat in office in 2016!!!….Obama, Holder and Sharpton are making sure we will see DIMocrats in control for another 8 years after Obama walks out of the White House…..Papa Mike

by Jim Hoft With The Gateway Pundit on Tuesday, December 9, 2014
Illegal immigrants take the train to America.
Children younger than eight are able to walk across the border into America today.

House Republican Leaders approved nearly one billion dollars to aid poor and unskilled Central American illegal immigrants in their proposed spending bill.
The Daily Caller reported:

The GOP’s draft 2015 “omnibus” spending bill reportedly includes $948 million to help poor and unskilled Central American migrants establish themselves in the United States, but includes no effective restrictions on President Barack Obama’s plan to provide work permits and tax payments to millions of resident illegal immigrants.

That new spending works out to $16,928 for each of the 56,000 youths, young adults and children who crossed the border during the 12 months up to October 2014.

Prior to October, Obama’s officials sent only 1,901 of the migrants back home to Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua, according to a federal report.

Much of the $948 million may also be used to care for the next wave of illegals who could flood across the border during the summer. The influx in the summer of 2015 is expected to be large, because Obama is offering work permits and social security numbers to at least five million illegals already in the country.

The $948 million fund is part of the one-year, $1 trillion 2015 spending plan described in a late-night report from The New York Times.

Dec 09

Obama: Keystone Pipeline Could Contribute To “Disastrous” Climate Change…

Obama’s own State Department begs to differ.

Via WaPo:

President Obama spoke in dismissive terms of the Keystone XL pipeline Monday during an interview on “The Colbert Report Monday, saying its modest benefits need to be weighed against its contribution to climate change, “which could be disastrous.” […]

“We’ve got to make sure that it’s not adding to the problem of carbon and climate change. We have to examine that, and we have to weigh that against the amount of jobs that it’s actually going to create, which aren’t a lot,” he said. “Essentially, this is Canadian oil passing through the United States to be sold on the world market. It’s not going to push down gas prices here in the United States. It’s good for Canada.”

Referring to the youthful audience at the taping, Obama emphasized how they would bear the brunt of climate change’s impact.

“These young people are going to have to live in a world where we already know temperatures are going up,” he said. “We’ve got to measure [the pipeline’s benefit] against whether or not it’s going to contribute to an overall warming of the planet — which could be disastrous.”

SOURCE: Weasel Zippers

Dec 08

New Survey Shows Hillary Clinton Is Too Liberal For Most Voters…


Another problem for Pant Suits to worry about…

Via Washington Examiner:

Hillary Clinton has a new problem as she tries to tiptoe away from her former boss’ liberal policies and lay claim to her husband’s crown as ruler of the centrist Democrats.

According to a new survey of how voters view her politics, the former architect of Bill Clinton’s failed plan to nationalize healthcare, the one-time New York senator and President Obama’s first secretary of state is viewed as a true-blue lefty.

Pollster David Winston provided Secrets with his latest analysis that included his trademark political sliding scale that for the first time tested the public’s opinion of Clinton’s political pulse.

He found that on a scale of 1 for liberal to 9 for conservative, voters put Clinton at 3.6, to the left of the House Democratic Caucus and just shy of Obama’s 3.37, the most liberal on the chart.

SOURCE: Weasel Zippers

Dec 08

Pat Lynch, Prez of NYC’s Patrolman’s Benevolent Assn: Obama, Holder, DeBlasio Are “Running a Revolution” (VIDEO)

Pat Lynch, President of New York City’s Patrolman’s Benevolent Association had harsh words for Barack Obama, Eric Holder and Mayor Bill DeBlasio in his interview on NewsMax TV.

Lynch told Steve Malzberg,

“It seems like they’re running a revolution rather than running a city or running a country… It’s your actions that lead to interaction with the police, not what you look like.”

The Patrolman’s Benevolent Association of New York City represents 50,000 active and retired New York City police officers.
Via NewsMax TV:


YouTube Preview Image

NewsMax TV reported:

The powerful police union boss came out swinging against allegations of racism and excessive force that have been lodged against the NYPD in the case of Eric Garner. Garner, an obese man with respiratory problems, was selling loose cigarettes on the street when he was confronted by cops. He died of a heart attack after a police takedown, in which many described Officer Daniel Pantaleo as employing a chokehold as Garner gasped “I can’t breathe.” A grand jury declined to indict Pantaleo, despite the medical examiner labeling Garner’s death a homicide.

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Dec 08

Let ‘em eat………. dog vomit?

As Michelle Antoinette and her tweenage daughters are still digesting their six kinds of pie Thanksgiving Dinner…. School kids across the land are still expressing their anger and angst about the school lunches she and her gob’mint cronies have foisted on them..

Here is a twitter pic from Greene, Iowa — food basket to the Nation.


Lunch consists of a tablespoon of apple sauce, a quarter of an orange, a half pint of low fat milk, and……. dog vomit??

Makes the bologna sammiches of my youth look pretty damned good!

Posted by Pecozbill

Dec 08

Interesting headlines today—

– Saudi born engineer Mostafa Ahmed Awwad, an immigrant husband of an American woman has been arrested for trying give finite plans and details of still unfinished super new aircraft carrier USS Gerald Ford to Egypt!

Whats worse, he also tried to provide them with the engineering specs to ensure sinking the ship with a missile by showing them where to target it. I remember when security clearances were difficult and demanding processes.


— Six more Gitmo long term detainees Islamic terrorists have been released and placed in some weird happy life in Uruguay in South America. I don’t know about you folks, but I only see two likely outcomes from this deployment of career terrorists. They will either catch a plane home to the arms of ISIS or (and more probable) be a field training team of young South American Islamic Terrorist wanna-bes!! And we didn’t even get a young American deserter in return for these killers.

Once trained, it’s only a long walk North to that Mexican/American border where we now have a welcome wagon installed for young folks from South America!

What a country!!
Posted by Pecozbill

Dec 08

Socialist Professor Forces Students To Recite Anti-Republican, Anti-American Pledge…This Happens In Most Liberal Colleges

by Jim Hoft With The Gateway Pundit on Monday, December 8, 2014
We don’t need a “conversation” on race in this country. What we need is for young black males to stay in school, get an education, and quit breaking the laws. And we need for the Al Sharptons and Louis Farrakhans and ESPECIALLY President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder to stop inciting riots and encouraging groups of blacks to seek revenge for something they don’t – or WON’T – understand the truth about…..

While many people are rightfully concerned about the spread of the Federal Common Core curriculum in American schools, sadly it seems few people are paying attention to those currently teaching our children in the realms of higher education.

Case in point.

Campus Reform reports that a college professor in Denver is forcing his students to recite an Anti-American, Anti-Republican ‘pledge of allegiance’ (pictured above):

“Dr. Charles Angeletti, a self-proclaimed atheist and socialist professor of American Civilization at the publicly funded Denver university, required students recite the satirical Pledge of Allegiance during the fall 2014 semester according to a class flier obtained by Campus Reform.

“I pledge allegiance to and wrap myself in the flag of the United States
Against Anything Un-American and to the Republicans for which it stands,
two nations, under Jesus, rich against poor, with curtailed liberty and
justice for all except blacks, homosexuals, women who want abortions,
Communists, welfare queens, treehuggers, feminazis, illegal immigrants,
children of illegal immigrants, and you if you don’t watch your step.”

The flier was distributed to the entire class and students were required to recite it according to Steven Farr, an MSU freshman majoring in Meteorology.”


Dec 08

Getting Ready

I did not know this. Charlotte, NC is remodeling their stadium, which includes installing a retractable roof, for the 2016 Democratic National Convention and Obama’s farewell speech.


Dec 07

Standing Ovation On The House Floor!

This small speech from Trey Gowdy’s latest address to the House of Representatives is NOT neither Republican or Democratic…’s about “the rule of LAW”…..Papa Mike
This is not the “re-cycled” speech that dominated the internet a month or so ago….this is South Carolina Republican Trey Gowdy’s latest address to the House of Representatives.

You may or may not like this gentleman but this brief speech earned him a standing ovation from members of both parties in the House.

Rep. Gowdy has put common sense and honest emotion into what we’re all feeling and displays the intelligence and understanding we should expect from all our elected representatives. Both parties were listening and gave him a standing ovation.


YouTube Preview Image

Thanks Jim


Dec 06

Iron Mike Ditka Lays Refreshing Dose of Real Talk on Anyone Trying to Exploit Ferguson Tragedy


NFL Hall of Famer Mike Ditka weighed in on Ferguson rioters as well as St. Louis Rams players who performed the “hands up, don’t shoot” gesture on the field.

In an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times, Ditka said:

“It’s a shame this thing has come to this… the shame of it is, I’m not sure they care about Michael Brown or anything else. This was a reason to protest and to got out and loot. Is this the way to celebrate the memory of Michael Brown? Is this an excuse to be lawless? Somebody has to tell me that. I don’t understand it.”
On the subject of the Rams players making the “hands up” gesture, Ditka added:

“I understand what the Rams’ take on this was. I’m embarrassed for the players more than anything. They want to take a political stand on this? Well, there are a lot of there things that have happened in our society that people have not stood up and disagreed about.”
On the subject of police strength, Ditka expressed concern for law enforcement officials if they were to be stripped of power:

“I wasn’t in Ferguson. I don’t know exactly what happened. But I know one thing: If we dismantle and limit the power of our policemen any more than we have already, then we’re going to have a lot of problems in this country.”
The legendary Chicago Bear finished by saying:

“This policeman’s life is ruined. Why? Because we have to break somebody down. Because we have to even out the game. I don’t know. I don’t get it. Maybe I’m just old fashioned.”
Iron Mike is no stranger to bold statements about controversial issues. He previously called the Washington Redskins name debate “so stupid it’s appalling.”

Dec 05

The Family Of Black Man Shot By Brooklyn Cop To Al Sharpton: STAY AWAY, And Stop Exploiting His Death


The police describe this shooting as “accidental”, why the officer had the gun out is unclear. But part of the problem was the stairway was so dark you could not see clearly. Which means you also couldn’t see that the man was black, sorry race hustlers. This man’s killing was wrong, but appears to have absolutely nothing to do with race. But then again, neither did the Ferguson or Garner cases have any indication that race was at all a factor.

Via The Blaze:

A family member of 28-year-old Akai Gurley, an unarmed man shot and killed by a rookie police officer in a public housing stairwell, is reportedly speaking out against Al Sharpton and accusing the TV host of exploiting the death.

“Al Sharpton came in, put his name on the situation, but has not even made one single call to the parents to Akai,” Hertenceia Peterson, Gurley’s aunt, told TMZ.

Peterson, who claimed to be speaking for Gurley’s mom as well, said Sharpton only appears interested in using the tragedy for “money and political gain.”

The aunt also said Sharpton is not welcome at the funeral or Gurley’s wake on Friday night, even though the activist recently said he plans to deliver a eulogy.

SOURCE: Weasel Zipper

Dec 05

President Obama Makes a BAD Decision to Make a Statement on Eric Garner Grand Jury Decision

Just because Obama is the President of the United States does NOT give him the right to say that the New York police officers that were involved in the death of Eric Garner were racially driven, and that this kind of thing has been going on for DECADES! In my opinion this death was caused by the physical condition Eric was in, he was over weight, he had asthma, heart problems, but I also believe as soon as the young man said he couldn’t breathe the choke hold they had on him should have stopped immediately! If anything the officers should have been charged for unnecessary force and possibly manslaughter. It in NO WAY had a damn thing to do with the COLOR OF HIS SKIN! Our President along with his puppet AG Eric Holder have to STOP throwing gasoline on the fire because I blame those two, Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, the Black Preachers and clergy spewing hatred EVERY SUNDAY from the pulpit. I also blame NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, the major newspapers and magazines across our country and even most of the teachers and professors in all our major colleges for spreading the hatred and have blamed the WHITE’S for all of the unrest and the looting, burning and rioting this last month…..Thanks again OBAMA! You and Holder keep stiring the pot and we we will see how far that gets us……..Papa Mike


YouTube Preview Image

President Obama took about five minutes at the White House Tribal Nations Conference to tell a whopper and blast the Grand Jury that chose not to indict a New York Police Officer who subdued a man who later died while in custody.

The case of Eric Garner is making big news today with protests on the streets of New York.

The President said he’s gotten a call from his Attorney General about the no indictment of the officer and said:

My tradition is not to remark on cases where there may still be an investigation.
Except on the Henry Louis Gates case, when he said Cambridge, Massachusetts police had acted “stupidly.” Oh, and the Trayvon Martin case, when he said “if I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.” That is, before saying that “Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago.”

Obama then heaped civil-sounding scorn on the Grand Jury of New York when he said his administration would be investigating its finding:

…We are going to be scrupulous in investigating cases where we are concerned about the impartiality and accountability that’s taking place.

Dec 05

Anchor Beats All Competitors to Claim #1 in Coveted Evening News Slot

Humble, unassuming Bret Baier is turning out to be pretty well-liked around American households.

The Fox News anchor is quickly building a reputation as one of the most solid, straight-shooting newsmen out there and has taken over the top spot at 6 o’clock, blowing past all his competitors – cable and broadcast alike.
The remarkable feat for the Fox chief political anchor was headlined at the Fishbowl D.C.:

According to Nielsen, FOX News Channel’s Special Report with Bret Baier surpassed ABC’s World News Tonight with David Muir in five key markets across the country in household viewers including Baltimore, Jacksonville, Ft. Myers, Providence and St. Louis. As a cable news program, this is quite an impressive feat for Special Report, as its rival World News Tonight is a broadcast program.

With more than a double-digit advantage over Muir, Special Report easily beats World News Tonight. Baier also outperforms the broadcast program CBS’ Evening News with Scott Pelley in both Atlanta and Austin in household viewers.
Politico‘s chief White House correspondent Mike Allen also noted the achievement on his news sheet the “Playbook.” Not only did Baier get to the top among competitors at his hour, he now ranks among the most watched on Fox News:

In cable news, Baier ranks #1 in the 6PM/ET hour, beating CNN, MSNBC, and HLN combined in both demo and total viewers. Averaging more nearly 2.5 million in total viewers, Special Report ranks #3 with P2+ only behind primetime shows The O’Reilly Factor and The Kelly File.


Dec 05

Bill O’Reilly Drops 50-Megaton Truth Bomb on Guest Who Claims It’s ‘Hunting Season on Black Men’


YouTube Preview Image

Radio talk show host Tavis Smiley appeared on The O’Reilly Factor on Wednesday to weigh in on a New York grand jury’s refusal to indict police officer Daniel Pantaleo in the death of Eric Garner.

While O’Reilly agreed with Smiley that the death of Garner (who was illegally selling cigarettes on the street at the time of the confrontation) was controversial, they parted ways when Smiley charged that white police officers indiscriminately target blacks.

O’Reilly’s response? Facts and statistics.

Smiley: “There is no respect for the humanity and the dignity for black life in this country.”

O’Reilly: “Do you know how many blacks were killed by police by gunfire last year?”

Smiley: “Off the top of my head, I don’t.” (Which begs the question, on what basis did he make the charge?)

O’Reilly: “The number is 123. Do you know how many whites were killed? 326. There are 43 million-plus black Americans — 123 were killed by police gunfire. There isn’t an epidemic of this. … But when it happens it’s extremely troubling.”
Regardless of the facts, Smiley persisted, saying it’s “open season, hunting season” on blacks. Speaking of facts, here are a few more:

Police killings of blacks are down 70% in last 50 years
In 2013, blacks committed 5,375 murders
In 2013, whites committed 4,396 murders
Whites are 63% of the population, blacks are 13%
Also, from 1980 through 2008, 93% of black murders were committed by other blacks. And while blacks constitute 13% of the population, they committed 49% of total murders for the same period.