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This booger eatin’ moh-ron actually believes this. We may be on the verge of war due to Islamic terrorism and Turkey shooting down a Russian jet and all he’s worried about is the junk science of global warming. And this mythical global warming is an opportunity to steal money from rich nations to give to the dictators of poor nations.

As for Turkey shooting down the jet, that idiot Marco Rubio thinks we should support Turkey. Yeah. The Turkey who wouldn’t let us use it for supply routes during the Iraq War. Some ally Turkey is. Turkey is more of an ally of ISIS than it is of NATO. Erdogan has been trying to turn Turkey from a secular democracy into an Islamic gummint. Once again, it is an ally of ISIS. If Putin retaliates, we should stand by and watch and take no action. Turkey brought it on itself.

Coming Soon: More Muslim Immigrants Than The Population Of Wash D.C


Via Washington Examiner:

President Obama’s open-door immigration policy is set to accept more immigrants from Muslim nations over the next five years than the entire population of Washington, D.C., according to federal documents.

Figures from the Department of Homeland Security show that the president has already issued 680,000 green cards to immigrants from Muslim nations over the past five years. Unless Congress changes his policy, that number will be repeated in the next five years.

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Difference Between The Terms ISIS and ISIL…..And The Man That Will NEVER Call Them “ISIS”


I know that ISIL and ISIS is confusing to me. I read and studied the explanation below and found that it basically agreed with my understanding. If some of you better informed friends see anything wrong with this explanation, please enlighten me. I find all of the world situation very discouraging. I probably will not live long enough to see the sad situations of the future that I imagine, but I grieve for the youth of this country and the world. I think that the last few years have worsened the world situation dramatically, but I won’t discuss politics. I just want the most qualified person to be elected in 2016 because this may be our last chance to modify our country’s and the world’s future.

Here is an explanation of the difference between the terms ISIS and ISIL.

ISIS = Islamic State of Iraq and Syria . Iraq is to the east of Jordan (shaped like the hatchet) and Syria is to the north.

ISIL = Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant . Iraq is still to the east of Jordan, and “the Levant” is a term that comes from “the rising (of the sun, i.e., to the east)” – and is basically the land along the Mediterranean – that includes Lebanon , Israel , and those countries along there.

By saying ISIL, you “negate” Israel as its own country and lump it in with the rest of the countries along the Mediterranean – and Israel sort of disappears (loses its sovereignty) and becomes part of “the Levant ” – which is therefore part of ISIL.

If you’ve wondered, as I have, why all government agencies and especially BHO calls it ISIL and even spells it out every time it’s used, instead of ISIS as the rest of the world here’s the answer.

In one press conference after another, when referring to the Muslim terror super-group ISIS, United States President Barack Obama will use the term ISIL, instead of their former name ISIS , or current name Islamic State.

Have you ever wondered about that? Here is the difference:

What makes up the near exact center of the Muslim Levant ? Israel .
ISIL stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant .

Now, to us Westerners we don’t really make much of a distinction, do we?
No, honestly from our perspective it’s all about the same. But how would a Muslim living in the Middle East view it?

Just what is the Levant anyway? Let’s take a look.

The geographical term LEVANT refers to a multi-nation region in the Middle East . It’s a land bridge between Turkey to the north and Egypt to the south.

If you look on a map, however, in the near exact middle of the nations that comprise the Levant , guess what you see? Come on, guess!

It’s Israel .

****When Barack Obama refers over and over to the Islamic State as ISIL, he is sending a message to Muslims all over the Middle East, that he personally does not recognize Israel as a sovereign nation, but as territory belonging to the Islamic State.

Now you know why Obama says that he has no plan, no goal, and no stated aim for dealing with ISIS . But he does have a plan. Obama’s plan is to drag his feet for as long as he can, doing only the bare minimum that Congress forces him to do. His plan to buy ISIL as much time as possible to make as many gains as they can.

Listen as Obama and his press secretary and the spokesperson for the State Department and his Joint Chiefs of Staff painstakingly spells out the letters I-S-I-L so there is no doubt in your mind.

And it’s working.

The Islamic State has garnered millions of dollars, a vast cache of weapons, and in their latest foray have captured Syrian fighter jets and now 12 commercial passenger planes. With each passing day that Obama fulfills his stated aim of doing nothing, the Islamic State grows by leaps and bounds. The ultimate goal, of course, has not changed and will never change.

The ultimate goal is the destruction of Israel .

Now you know a little bit more about why Obama chooses his words so carefully.

Sen. Jeff Sessions Has List Of 15 Refugees Who Were ‘Vetted’ But Turned Out To Be Jihadis…



Via Breitbart:

Senator Jeff Sessions is out with a list of 15 vetted refugees who quickly joined jihad plots to attack the United States.

He’s spotlighting the refugees-turned-jihadis because he’s trying to prod GOP leaders into halting Congress’ normal practice of giving the president huge leeway to import foreign migrants and refugees into the United States.

This year, Obama is promising to bring in an extra 10,000 low-skill, potentially difficult-to-integrate Syrian migrants into the United States. Sessions and other critics fear he’ll use his many powers — and Congress’ autopilot funding for refugee programs — to bring in far more than 10,000 migrants.

In fact, from 2010 to 2015, Obama has allowed more than 200,000 low-skill migrants from Central American to enter the United States, and then disappear into the nation’s growing population of at least 11 million illegal immigrants.

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More Proof the Obama Administration is Sabotaging the War on Terror?

imageAs the situation in the Middle East grows more dire, a steady flow of information has leaked from Pentagon sources and retired generals suggesting that the Obama Administration has placed petty politics above our national security. As Fox News reports:

Analysts at U.S. Central Command were pressured to ease off negative assessments about the Islamic State threat and were even told in an email to “cut it out,” Fox News has learned – as an investigation expands into whether intelligence reports were altered to present a more positive picture.

Fox News is told by a source close to the CENTCOM analysts that the pressure on them included at least two emails saying they needed to “cut it out” and “toe the line.”

Separately, a former Pentagon official told Fox News there apparently was an attempt to destroy the communications. The Pentagon official said the email warnings were “not well received” by the analysts.

Those emails, among others, are now in the possession of the Pentagon inspector general. The IG’s probe is expanding into whether intelligence assessments were changed to give a more positive picture of the anti-ISIS campaign.

The former Pentagon official said there were “multiple assessments” from military intelligence and the CIA regarding the “rapid rise” of ISIS in Iraq and North Africa in the year leading up to the group’s territory grab in 2014.
The spread of ISIS might not be a big deal to the President, who was elected on the promise to transform the nation into an egalitarian green space for adult millennial children to frolic irresponsibly(within the confines of their safe spaces, of course). But at some point, someone has to deal with it. That he’s ignored the cries of the adults in the room is a major indictment of his presidency.

Source: AAN
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A New Taxpayer Bailout To Cover Up Obama Care’s Failure?


By: Betsy McCaughey November 21, 2015

How dare the Obama administration bail out insurance companies with our money in order to hide ObamaCare’s failures. Thursday, just hours after giant insurer UnitedHealthcare said it’s losing money selling ObamaCare plans and will likely exit the health exchanges next year, the Obama administration quietly promised to bail out insurers for their losses – using your money.

Nearly all insurers are bleeding red ink trying to sell the unworkable plans. Without a bailout, more insurers will abandon ObamaCare, pushing it closer to its demise. A bailout would benefit insurers and the Democratic Party, which is desperate to cover up the health law’s failure. Ironically Democrats (including Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders) bad-mouth bank bailouts but are all for insurance-company bailouts. Truth is, it’s a ripoff for taxpayers, who shouldn’t have to pay for this sleazy coverup.

The pressure is building on Republicans in Congress. Industry groups like the American Health Insurance Plans and giant insurers are joining with the Obama folks to lobby ferociously for a bailout.

United Health Care’s Thursday bombshell rattled investors, health-plan subscribers and ObamaCare partisans. The insurer currently covers more than half a million ObamaCare plan subscribers in 23 states, including New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

The insurer announced losses of $425 million on ObamaCare plans, and CEO Stephen Hemsley said, “We cannot sustain these losses,” and “we saw no indication of anything actually improving.”

Hemsley pointed to enrollees who were older and sicker than expected and in many cases gamed the system by waiting until they were ill to sign up. “We can’t subsidize a market that doesn’t at this point appear to be sustaining itself.”

When UnitedHealthcare speaks, the industry listens. It’s the nation’s largest insurer. And the problems it faces are slamming all insurers.

According to the consulting firm McKinsey, insurers lost billions selling ObamaCare plans in 2014, and the losses are mounting again this year. On Friday, Aetna also conceded it is losing money on ObamaCare.
Similar pressures already have forced a dozen insurance ObamaCare co-ops out of business, including the New York giant insurer Health Republic. If enrollments continue to stagnate, it’s likely other insurers will follow UnitedHealthcare and jump ship.

On Thursday, the administration tried to calm insurers, sending them a written memo full of promises. Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services vowed to go to Congress for full funding to reimburse insurers for their losses.

At issue is the Affordable Care Act’s so-called “risk corridor” program. Profitable insurers are supposed to pay into a fund every year to help unprofitable insurers. But with nearly all insurers losing money on ObamaCare, there’s not enough money in the pot. Insurers requested $2.9 billion to offset their 2014 losses, and were told they would get only 13 cents on the dollar, because the pot is so empty.

That shortfall pushed several co-ops into bankruptcy, including Health Republic. UnitedHealthcare also said it was a reason for its reluctance to stay in ObamaCare. But too bad for insurers. They’re in business to take risks and either make money or lose it.

The risk-corridor program shouldn’t be used to funnel taxpayer money to insurers. But the administration is trying to weasel around it and get Congress to fill the pot with taxpayer dollars. That’s what makes it a bailout. And crony capitalism.

When Obama tried this last year, Republicans in Congress stopped it. In the coming weeks, count on Obama and congressional Democrats to try slipping insurance-bailout money into the spending bills being rushed through Congress as the year closes.

Let’s face it, Obama will do anything to protect his signature health-care law, even if it means paralyzing the budget process. As long as Republicans keep their backbone and their eyes on the fine print, they can stop the bailout again. Taxpayers shouldn’t have to prop up the failures of ObamaCare.

Betsy McCaughey is the author of “Beating Obamacare.”

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