Former Obama Officials Go Into Damage Control Mode After Latest Dump of Hillary Emails Reveals…

It’s kind of fun to watch them scramble…

The State Department released last night nearly 2,000 emails from Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State involving her various private email addresses.

Through the large, nighttime dump of emails are a series of correspondences between then-Obama administration officials and Secretary Clinton’s staff, requesting access to her private and highly secretive email address.

Among the officials was David Axelrod, the Obama campaign mastermind turned senior advisor to the President. In an email dated June 8, 2009, Hillay’s chief of staff, Cheryl Mills requested permission from Clinton to reveal the email address to Axelrod, writing:

“[Axelrod] wants your email – remind me to discuss with you if i forget.”
A little over two weeks later, Axelrod chatted with Clinton about about her fractured elbow that resulted from a slip and fall on her way to the White House. He wrote:

Source: State Department

Hillary ultimately replied, thanking Axelrod for his sympathy and telling him, “watch where you step and stay grounded!”

Upon discovery of Axelrod’s correspondence with the Clinton private email, he took to Twitter to justify his actions:

Later in the year, Rahm Emanuel had to request Clinton’s email, despite being the President’s own chief of staff at the time.

Amanda Anderson, who was Emanuel’s special assistant in 2009, emailed members of the Clinton State Department staff notifying them that Emanuel did not have her email address:

“The Secretary [Clinton] and Rahm are speaking, and she just asked him to email her — can you send me her address please?”
After that, Mills asked Clinton if it was acceptable to give Obama’s chief of staff the Secretary of State’s email address, to which Hillary ultimately approved.

Clinton and her 2016 campaign have yet to comment on the emails’ release.

The Libtards Didn’t Think About This!


As we near the celebration of the birth of America, let’s extend respect to all our citizens, including faithful Christians.

Recognizing that slavery is an inhumane act of discrimination, and that the confederate flag may serve as a painful symbol of that tragic era of American history, our leaders should also admit that the promotion of homosexuality is creating a major rift in the fabric of our nation.

We are seeing an unjustified war against the 51 million Americans who voted for man/woman marriage on state ballots. But the reality of marriage remains as elemental as the rising of the sun each day.

Same sex relationships will never be marriage, regardless of what any court decides. The identity and behavior of homosexuality can never be the basis of an authentic union between two people.


Religion of Peace News: 42 Million Muslims Support ISIS

Someone asked me once where are all the GOOD MUSLIMS, well that’s not hard to figure out their mostly among the 42 MILLION Muslims who support ISIS, the Taliban and Al-Queda…….Papa Mike

ISIS blew the heads off a string of Iraqi prisoners last week.


ISIS cut off the heads of 21 Coptic Christian laborers in February.


Then the crowd cheered and stoned the ones that survived.

Despite its 7th century barbarism, 42 million Muslims support the Islamic State.
(And those are just the ones that admit it!) reported:

The study, based on four recent polls, reveals the shocking level of support for the caliphate around the world.

Ryan Mauro of the Clarion Project, which carried out the research, warned that “ISIS is only a fraction of what it could potentially become”.

He said: “If we don’t act quickly, this is still going to grow – and what we’re looking at today is going to look like the good old days compared to the future.”

More than 8.5million people view ISIS positively, and around 42million view them somewhat positively, according to the data.

Last week the group marked its first anniversary with a series of deadly terror attacks across three continents since last Friday.

At least 30 Britons are feared to have been slaughtered by Islamist gunman Seifeddine Rezgui in Tunisia.

The victims included a former professional footballer, a man celebrating his 30th wedding anniversary and a young photographer.


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