A Coin Toss Is Racist???


I was gonna write about this but Ron did it better. One of my readers wanted me to make this African speed skater my Asshole of the Week last week.

Ron on.

The coin toss, perhaps the simplest and most incorruptible means of random selection, is now racist, according to “Reverend” Jesse Jackson.

J.H.F.C.! How could ANY method be any LESS racist than a friggin coin flip. Good Gravy! It’s 50/50, you friggin moron.

ANOTHER reason why I can’t get interested in sports any more. Disgusted me when the Olympics allowed pro basketball, tennis, golf, and other players into the games. That was utter Bullshit!

Then there was that black-power fist crap, and the massacre of the Jewish athletes by “Palestinians,” and the jerks who publicly declared that they weren’t doing it for the country, but for themselves. Never mind the government interference with special facilities, hormone treatments, and so on.

Of course the NFL “Kneegroes” refusing to respect the flag/anthem because of a friggin myth popularized by black racists.

And now a black athlete (speed skater) claims that the coin toss (to which he had already agreed) to choose whether he or a white female would carry the flag in the opening ceremonies was racist, depriving him of his “right” to carry it.

Holy F—ing wow! Betcha if HE’d won the toss, some women’s group would’ve claimed the coin toss is sexist.

What the fletcher’s F—K does the political, racist, economic, or any other opinion by the athletes have to do with the competition!!

I don’t need OR want ANY athlete’s opinion about ANYthing other than blatant or overt bias by officials or timers or judges or referees. Somebody miss a line call or a takedown or a javelin distance, or a foot fault on the jumps or vaults, o.k. Raise hell about it. You don’t like somebody’s skin color or gender or religion, screw you. Go join the Taliban, or the KKK, or the BLM. Don’t pretend to represent the United States in friendly athletic competition.

SOURCE: Grouchy Old Cripple 

Author: Papa Mike


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