“All Summer Long”

This was a song we always played at the lake…When the music started Sharon was the first one up and dancing where ever she could with or without a partner! We had a camping and ski-club called the “Skeepers” We spent the entire weekend doing ski tricks, building pyramids on skis , riding round boards with a lawn chair on it while doing turn-arounds, bare foot skiing , and the most fun was riding a tractor inner tube ( tubing )….. We also had some time for a few pitchers of “Lemonade” with bottles of adult beverage and a little pink lemonade in the recipe…..Thank God we had about 15 COPS in the club to keep us all safe, but most of the time they were all hammered like the rest of us….We really had a great time and no one got hurt and we always found time to include all the kids in a lot of water stuff. It was very similar to the VIDEO!



Author: Papa Mike


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