All The Name-Brand Companies Disguising Themselves As Kirkland Brands


By  Kirkland Signature Coffee
If stopping at your local Starbucks is a daily ritual, save yourself some time and money by brewing the good stuff at home. That’s right, Kirkland Signature brand is produced by everyone’s favorite coffee shop. That said, only the Decaf House Blend Medium Roast, House Blend Medium Roast, and Espresso Blend Dark Roast blends are available. 

Love it or hate it, Kirkland’s “Real Mayonnaise” is beloved by millions across the country as a sandwich spread or snack dip. The packaging used in stores is heavily comparable to Hellmann’s iconic mayo, but supposedly Costco representatives have mentioned that food vendor E.D. Smith produces the tasty spread for its warehouse locations.


Like the large selection of meat, poultry, and seafood cuts, Costco’s selection of fine cheeses is just as spectacular. One of the more common finer cheeses in its stores is the famous Parmigiana Reggiano. To ensure quality cheese, Costco outsources many of its cheese from Italy. The Kirkland-branded Parmigiana is produced by Formaggi Zanetti. It’s even aged for a minimum of 24 months.

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