Dog Accidentally Farts In His Sleep But It’s Cat’s Comeback That Has Internet Losing It

Sometimes cats and dogs refuse to get along. This can cause chaos inside a household where owners find themself constantly having to break up fights between their pets. Whether it’s the sneaky cat that is always on the attack or the playful pup that just wants some attention – either one can start a fight. So on this particular day one owner had no clue he was about to capture a sight between his feline and pooch that he’d never forget.

AP Interview: Airbus Is Ready For Pilotless Jets – Are You?


LE BOURGET, France (AP) — The chief salesman for Airbus says his company already has the technology to fly passenger planes without pilots at all — and is working on winning over regulators and travelers to the idea.

Christian Scherer also said in an interview with The Associated Press on Monday that Airbus hopes to be selling hybrid or electric passenger jets by around 2035.

While the company is still far from ready to churn out battery-operated jumbo jets, Scherer said Airbus already has “the technology for autonomous flying” and for planes flown by just one pilot.

“This is not a matter of technology — it’s a matter of interaction with the regulators, the perception in the traveling public,” he told The Associated Press.

“When can we introduce it in large commercial aircraft? That is a matter we are discussing with regulators and customers, but technology-wise, we don’t see a hurdle.”

Several manufacturers are presenting unmanned aircraft at the Paris Air Show, primarily for military purposes — and some are also proposing pilotless “air taxis” of the future.

When it comes to autonomous passenger jets, safety is an obvious concern. It’s an issue that is on many minds after two deadly crashes of the Boeing 737 Max jet that have implicated problematic anti-stall software.

Scherer said the crashes “highlighted and underlined the need for absolute, uncompromising safety in this industry, whether from Airbus, Boeing or any other plane.”

While he said Airbus’ sales streategy hasn’t changed as a result of the crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia, “there is a capacity need that materialized as a result of this, and naturally you have airlines that are frustrated over capacity, that are looking for answers.”

Airbus announced several orders Monday as the air show kicked off, while Boeing had an anemic day as it works to win back trust from customers.

Scherer forecast continued growth in the aviation industry after several boom years, predicting the world will need at least 37,000 new aircraft in the next 20 years, especially in Asia — and that eventually the whole industry will stop creating emissions and “decarbonize.”

Trump Campaign Cutting Ties With Pollsters After Internal Numbers Leaked

I’m sorry folks I know I said, “no more politics” BUT this is such good news I just had to share it… I know a lot of you have been watching the ABC interviews with Trump and George Stephanopoulos, but if you missed any of it check out ABC tonight at 7:00 Central. I’m sure Stephanopoulos will once again get Trump fired up to tell more flat-out lies. This is why the Trump internal pollsters are getting fired. Stephanopoulos got Trump so frustrated when he said he was behind in all the head to head polls against Biden that he thought someone knew something that he didn’t so heads started rolling and then he leaked that!! . . I can almost promise you tonight Trump will continue to lie about him trailing Biden! Trump covers his ass by saying ALL the polls that show him behind are “Fake Polls”……..Papa Mike 

Both Pictures Below Were added by…….Papa Mike

By Chuck Todd, Kristen Welker and Ben Kamisar

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign is cutting ties with some of its own pollsters after leaked internal polling showed the president trailing former Vice President Joe Biden in critical 2020 battleground states, according to a person close to the campaign.

The move comes after NBC News obtained new details from a March internal poll that found Trump trailing Biden in 11 key states.

Portions of the campaign’s expansive March polling trickled out in recent days in other news reports.

But a person familiar with the inner workings of the Trump campaign shared more details of the data with NBC News, showing the president trailing across swing states seen as essential to his path to re-election and in Democratic-leaning states where Republicans have looked to gain traction. The polls also show Trump underperforming in reliably red states that haven’t been competitive for decades in presidential elections.

A separate person close to the Trump re-election team told NBC News Saturday that the campaign will be cutting ties with some of its pollsters in response to the information leaks, although the person did not elaborate as to which pollsters would be let go.






The following video is from a recent episode, where we’re introduced to Marc Métral and his dog Ms. Wendy. He announces to the judges and the crowd, “I have a special guest for you,” before bringing Ms. Wendy on stage for her debut. Métral places his the adorable Ms. Wendy on a pedestal and begins asking her questions, leaving the judges and crowd in complete awe. It doesn’t take long before the crowd is COMPLETELY blown away with what they’re seeing. Métral’s routine is like none I’ve ever seen before, but that just adds to the intrigue. I won’t spoil it for you, just watch for yourself, it’s AMAZING! Have you ever seen anything like this? Were you as impressed as I was? Let us in the comment section below, and and be sure to SHARE the video with your friends on Facebook!


Former Circus Elephants Separated For 22 Years ( VIDEO )

You may need a few of these

While animals and humans may not look the same, it’s hard to deny the incredible similarities we share. Just like humans, animals are capable of joy and grief – and every so often an emotional moment comes along to remind us just how alike we truly all are. One such occurence aired on PBS in 2000, and the remarkable story quickly gained worldwide attention. In it we see two former circus elephants reuniting after 22 years apart, and the captured footage will leave you in tears.

Taken at the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, we see the incredible moment Shirley and Jenny recognize each other for the first time after over two decades apart. Not only is the reunion emotional, but it serves as a sobering reminder that these animals have the capacity to feel love just like we do.

The keepers are just as emotional as they watch the elephants meet for the first time in years. With anticipation in their eyes, they take in the beautiful moment as the elephants suddenly recognize each other through the gates. What happens next will leave you in tears, as they wrap their trunks around each other in a loving embrace. See the incredible moment two former circus elephants reunite in the emotional below – this story never gets old!

SOURCE: This Blew My Mind

Darci Lynn Nervously Returns To Stage But In Seconds Unleashes Song That Has Everyone Soaring From Their Seats


Guess what folks, Darci Lynne is back and better than ever! Fans everywhere are cheering over Darci Lynne Farmer’s return to AGT stage, but this time around she’s going to have to do more than just talk her way into first place. In a new spinoff series the 14-year-old ventriloquist and her smart-mouthed sidekick, Oscar, are duking it out with other Got Talent franchises from around the world for the ultimate prize. Although it’s been two years since Darci stole America’s hearts as an adorable 12-year-old ventriloquist, she’s grown up to become a stunning teenager with an even funnier sense of humor. But, the real question is, do Darci and puppet pal Oscar still have what it takes to ascend to the top of the “America’s Got Talent: The Champions” throne?

As the season 12 winner of AGT, Darci was a shoe-in for AGT’s latest series, which brings together all the memorable Got Talent fan favorites from around the globe. However, when Darci first steps out on stage, it’s obvious that there’s something different about her new act. In the two years since she first wowed audiences with her cheeky ventriloquism performances, which featured a diva rabbit named Petunia, the cutesy girl has transformed into a stunning-looking teen! Back in 2017 when Darci first appeared on the show, she was a shy girl from Oklahoma who didn’t know if her singing puppets would float people’s boats. After all, AGT hadn’t seen a ventriloquist on stage in the two years prior, and those who did perform before that were experienced adults. But as soon as a floppy-eared Petunia pressed her paw against Darci’s mouth to prevent the girl from stealing her limelight, everyone knew she was no ordinary talent.

In the new series, Darci has Oscar the mouse by her side, and she once again amazes judges with her unique singing ventriloquist act.

“Well, I always love a good competition, but I missed being on ‘AGT’ and maybe having a chance to have the ‘World Champion’ title just seemed awesome so.”

Simon told the pretty teen that there was no pressure, but he quickly added that since she was the first one up, it was her job to set the standard for everyone that followed!

After Oscar dared to make a joke at Simon’s expense, Darci wasted no time in showing everyone what a real champ looks like. With her trusty friend by her side, the talented teen went full throttle with amazing performances of “Nutbush City Limits” and “Proud Mary!” At one point, Darci quieted Oscar and sang in her own natural voic while “rolling on a river.” Everyone’s favorite judges, Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B, and Howie Mandel, were all there to witness the ventriloquist’s official return to superstardom, and every last one of them were blown away! Darci Lynne and Oscar return to the AGT stage to vie for the World Champion title!

SOURCE:This Blew My Mind

Dad Wakes Up To Find Dentures Missing Looks Over At Dog And Buckles Over In Laughter


This Blew My Mind

We’ve heard of dogs who nab steaks off the counter, treats straight from the container and ice cream cones out of our hands. But this pup had a penchant for something else – and now her odd crime is going viral online for all of the right reasons. No one can believe what she managed to get her paws into… What did we ever do to deserve dogs as pure as Maggie the Shih Tzu-Chihuahua mix?

Maggie lives a plush life in Long Island, New York with her owner, Eunice, and her owner’s father. The tiny pup loves to spend her days playing with her favorite toys, snuggling in the sun, barking at squirrels in the yard and getting into things (even when she knows it’s naughty). Eunice told The Dodo that, despite her small stature, Maggie has enough personality for two puppers.

“She is the cutest! She has quite a personality. She loves to cuddle but is also a yapper at times. She’s very mischievous!”

So when Eunice’s father sent her two hilarious images regarding Maggie’s latest hijinks out of the blue, she knew she had to share them online for the rest of the world to get the same joy she and her family did. One has to wonder if her dog knew exactly what she was doing while waiting patiently under the table waiting to how off her latest shenanigan to her loving owner. Her own little joke was absolutely as hysterical as it could possibly be. While trying to tamp down her giggling, Eunice wrote:

“You guyssss… My dog, Maggie, stole my dad’s dentures while he was napping (his gums had been hurting him so he took them out mid-afternoon) and he found her like this.”

Eunice explained what happened that hilarious afternoon in more detail with The Dodo.

“He thought maybe he had left them in the bathroom. When they weren’t there, he went searching downstairs and found Maggie under my living room table.”

That’s where he found Maggie with his dentures securely over her own teeth. She was smiling from ear to ear no doubt sending her owner into fits of laughter! Thank goodness he had his phone nearby and was able to snap a few quick pictures before retrieving his dentures. This is most certainly a dog with a funny personality no doubt bringing laughter and joy to her family every single day! This little loving dog is case in point why studies show how our pets have so many benefits in our lives. For this family on this day the sure benefit with the healing medicine of a very good laugh!

Maggie certainly looked happy to have such radiant pearly whites

Watch: Scientists Create “Deepfake” Software Allowing Anyone To Edit Anything Anyone Says On Video

Scientists at Stanford are doing their part to create what will be an inevitable dystopian nightmare.

The staff at the Max Planck Institute for Informatics, Princeton University and Adobe Research have developed software that allows you to now edit and change what people are saying in videos, allowing anyone to edit anybody into saying anything, according to Observer.

The software uses machine learning and 3-D models of the target’s face to generate new footage which allows the user to change, edit and remove words that are coming out of a person’s mouth on video, simply by typing in new text. Not only that, the changes appear to have a seamless audio/visual flow without cuts.

Here’s a video of the frightening software at work.


We also believe that it is essential to obtain permission from the performers for any alteration before sharing a resulting video with a broad audience.


We acknowledge that bad actors might use such technologies to falsify personal statements and slander prominent individuals. We are concerned about such deception and misuse.

Are they covering themselves legally for this “technology” to go mainstream?

Meanwhile, joke deepfakes continue to pop up, like this fake video of Mark Zuckerberg sitting at a desk giving a nefarious sounding speech about Facebook‘s power.

Joe Rogan was also victim to a deepfake by the AI company Dessa recently, who released audio making it sound like he is discussing chimpanzee hockey.