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Jared Kushner Told Ivanka Trump He Was Ready For The End Of Trump’s Presidency During Its Final Days: ‘We Will Get Our Lives Back’


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  • As Trump’s presidency ended, Jared Kushner told his wife he was ready to go back to their old lives.
  • In December 2020, he told her they’d soon “have a lot less responsibility,” he wrote in a memoir.
  • Kushner and Ivanka Trump have largely stayed out of the spotlight since leaving the White House. 

During President Donald Trump’s final days in office, Jared Kushner told his wife, Ivanka Trump, that he was ready to return to the lives they led before becoming Trump’s senior advisors.

“It’s been a wild five years, but in thirty days, we’ll have a lot less responsibility and we will get our lives back,” Kushner told his wife in December 2020, according to an excerpt of his forthcoming memoir, titled “Breaking History: A White House Memoir,” that Insider obtained.

“I’m ready,” he wrote. “We just have to keep going hard for thirty more days.”

At the time, Kushner had been helping coordinate the Trump administration’s ongoing response to the COVID-19 pandemic. He wrote in his book that he’d been trying to finalize a deal with the pharmaceutical company Pfizer to order millions more vaccine doses shortly after the Food and Drug Administration approved of it.


“I don’t think we are going to get that wind-down period we had hoped for,” Kushner told Ivanka Trump one December evening after he spent the afternoon bouncing between negotiating on the phone with Pfizer’s CEO, Albert Bourla, and discussing presidential pardons with Trump, the book said. Kushner eventually secured an agreement with Pfizer, he wrote.

Kushner and Ivanka Trump have largely stayed out of the spotlight since they left the White House and moved to Miami. Though the couple is an estimated 1.5 hours away from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club in West Palm Beach, they have avoided the former president, CNN reported in June 2021.

Both Kushner and Ivanka Trump testified before the House select committee investigating the Capitol riot on January 6, 2021. Parts of both of their interviews were played by the panel during a series of public hearings in June and July.

Kushner testified to lawmakers that he urged the president not to take legal advice from former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani.


When asked if he’d ever shared his views on Giuliani with Trump, Kushner replied, “Um, I guess, yes.” He later elaborated: “Basically, not the approach I would take if I was you.”

Ivanka Trump, meanwhile, told the committee that she did not believe her father should have declared victory on Election Day 2020.

“I don’t know that I had a firm view as to what he should say, in that circumstance,” she testified. “The results were still being counted. It was becoming clear that the race would not be called on election night.”

In another significant break with her father, Ivanka Trump also told the committee that she accepted that there was no evidence of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election when Attorney General William Barr publicly said so a month after the election.


“It affected my perspective. I respect Attorney General Barr, so I accepted what he was saying,” the former first daughter said.

Kushner’s memoir, which details his years in the Trump White House, is slated for release on August 23.

Former Attorney General Bill Barr Says Jan. 6 Grand Jury Activity Suggests Prosecutors “Taking A Hard Look At The Group At The Top, Including The President”




Former Attorney General Bill Barr called the newest federal grand jury subpoenas probing the Jan. 6, 202, Capitol riot “a significant event,” one that suggests that government prosecutors are probing high-ranking Trump administration officials and allies, and even former President Donald Trump.

“This suggests to me that they’re taking a hard look at the group at the top, including the president and the people immediately around him who were involved in this,” Barr told CBS News’ Catherine Herridge in an interview Friday.

The grand jury has been meeting weekly; in late July, Marc Short, former Vice President Mike Pence’s chief of staff, testified, and according to The Washington Post, Greg Jacob, Pence’s chief counsel, was also interviewed by the grand jury.

The Justice Department’s criminal investigation into Jan. 6 now includes questions for witnesses about the communications of people close to Trump and his reelection campaign, though it is not evident from CBS News’ reporting that Trump himself is a target of the investigation — only that that prosecutors have been asking questions related to him and his aides.

Barr also surmises that it looks like prosecutors are “going to try to get a ruling on the issue of executive privilege,” given reports by ABC News and other news outlets that former White House counsel Pat Cipollone has been subpoenaed to appear before the grand jury. The former attorney general noted that Cipollone, as then-counsel to the Office of the President, “has the strongest claim to executive privilege.”





Governor Ron DeSantis Says Monkeypox Concern Overblown: ‘We Are NOTt Doing Fear’


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) rejected growing concerns over monkeypox during a press conference Wednesday, arguing that the media and politicians were unnecessarily stoking fear about the illness.

“I am so sick of politicians, and we saw this with COVID, trying to sow fear into the population,” the Republican governor said. “We had people calling, mothers worried about whether their kids could catch it at schools.”

We are not doing fear,” he added. “And we are not going to go out and try to rile people up and try to act like people can’t live their lives as they’ve been normally doing because of something.”

DeSantis, who has been a vocal critic of the Biden administration’s response to COVID-19, also slammed states imposing emergency measures in regard to monkeypox.

“You see some of these states declaring states of emergency. They’re going to abuse those emergency powers to restrict your freedom. I guarantee you that’s what will happen,” DeSantis said.

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) declared a disaster in her state last weekend over the outbreak. California Gov. Gavin Newsom and Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker, both Democrats, also declared states of emergency over the virus on Monday.

Rep. Charlie Crist (D-Fla.), who is running against DeSantis in the Florida gubernatorial race, criticized the governor’s comments on Twitter.


Governor Ron DeSantis Boots Prosecutor Andrew Warren For Failing To Enforce State Laws



Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis suspended a George Soros-backed progressive prosecutor Thursday for declining to enforce several state laws — including the Sunshine State’s 15-week abortion ban. .

DeSantis said Hillsborough County State Attorney Andrew Warren — whose jurisdiction includes the city of Tampa — would be removed from his post immediately and DeSantis would seek his dismissal.

During a news conference, the governor insisted Warren had “publicly put himself above the law” while frustrating local law enforcement and citizens with a soft-on-crime approach.

DeSantis — considered by many to be a potential 2024 GOP presidential contender — accused Warren of directing his office to let serious offenses slide and promising to refuse to enforce the abortion ban or any potential state laws on restricting gender-affirming care for minors. 

“We are not going to allow the pathogen that’s been around the country of ignoring the law, we are not going to allow that to get a foothold here in the state of Florida,” the governor said. “We are going to make sure our laws are enforced and no individual prosecutor puts himself above the law.”

Susan Lopez will step in as the new state attorney of the 13th Judicial Circuit, DeSantis said.

CODE RED China ‘Convinced It Needs To Hit US With Pearl Harbor-Style Surprise Attack’ To Win War Over Taiwan, Expert Warns

Grand Jury Subpoenas Pat Cipollone, ln Signal DOJ Is Weighing Trump Indictment

The news that federal prosecutors are seeking the testimony of Trump’s former White House counsel suggests their investigation is ramping up.

The Justice Department’s issuance of a grand-jury subpoena to former White House counsel Pat Cipollone signals that the criminal investigation of former President Trump is ramping up.

Last month, we’ll recall, Cipollone agreed to sit for an interview with the House January 6 committee. It is important to understand: That was a heavily negotiated appearance in which conditions laid out by Cipollone had to be accommodated. Under Justice Department guidance that has long been followed by administrations of both parties, the president’s top advisers claim absolute immunity from compliance with congressional subpoenas. Moreover, as the lawyer for the president, the White House counsel is obliged by attorney–client privilege (ACP) to maintain the confidentiality of communications with the president and White House staff. (The White House counsel represents the president in his official capacity as president, so the scope of the ACP that applies to their communications is not the same as the scope of the ACP that applies to the president’s communications with his private lawyer.)

The theory of executive immunity from congressional information demands is rooted in the Constitution’s separation-of-powers principles. Ordinarily, the immunity is aggressively defended by the Justice Department, an important executive-branch component. So it is notable that DOJ has substantially refrained from defending executive privilege in connection with the House January 6 committee’s investigation. (This is because President Biden, the incumbent, has not supported his predecessor’s attempts to invoke executive privilege in the committee’s investigation.)

Obviously, though, a current or former executive-branch official’s constitutionally based immunity from congressional inquiries does not extend to inquiries undertaken by the executive branch itself.

The Justice Department is conducting a criminalinvestigation with an eye toward prosecuting penal offenses, not a legislative inquiry with an eye toward potentially enacting curative laws. Going back to the Watergate era, the Supreme Court and the lower courts have reasoned that there is a higher public interest at stake in criminal investigations of public officials than in congressional inquiries. While the mere existence of a criminal investigation does not eviscerate executive privilege, the privilege must yield if prosecutors demonstrate that they have a specific need for important evidence, and that that evidence is not reasonably available from other sources. Ergo, unless prosecutors had concluded Cipollone possessed information vital to possible criminal charges, they would not have subpoenaed him to appear before the grand jury.

Here, significantly, the Justice Department itself has issued the subpoena to the former White House counsel. Virtually all criminal investigations in which executive-privilege claims have arisen have been conducted by specially appointed prosecutors: Watergate-era “special prosecutors,” the “independent counsels” appointed under a now-defunct statute, or “special counsels” named under currently applicable federal regulations.

An Airport Fined A Traveler $1,874 Over 2 McMuffins Discovered In Their Luggage



  • A passenger was fined about $1,870 for failing to declare breakfast sandwiches in their luggage.
  • The fine was part of an Australian initiative to prevent an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease.
  • Agriculture minister Murray Watt said the food was confiscated, inspected, and destroyed. 

A handful of breakfast sandwiches cost one traveler more than their flight.

An Australian airport fined a traveler 2,664 Australian dollars, or $1,874, after authorities found McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches in their luggage, CNN reported on Monday, citing a press release from Australia’s minister for agriculture, fisheries, and forestry.

Australian authorities did not respond to a request for comment from Insider made outside of local working hours ahead of publication.

The press release — also cited in local news reports — said a biosecurity-detector dog at Darwin International Airport last week identified two egg-and-sausage McMuffins and a ham croissant in the luggage of a passenger on a trip from Bali. The agriculture minister, Murray Watt, said the food was confiscated, inspected, and destroyed.


In late July, Australian authorities tightened security measures to address an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in Bali.

Australian authorities have said the virus can be carried on people’s clothing and in foods. The disease does not affect people but would pose a risk to livestock including cattle, sheep, goats, and pigs.

CNN’s report mentioned that experts have estimated that an outbreak in Australia could cost its economy $80 billion. On July 22, the nation instituted a penalty for travelers who fail to declare dairy and meat products.

“This fine is twice the cost of an airfare to Bali, but I have no sympathy for people who choose to disobey Australia’s strict biosecurity measures, and recent detections show you will be caught,” Watt said in the press release.


Fox News, Once Home To Trump, Now Often Ignores Him



It’s been more than 100 days since Donald J. Trump was interviewed on Fox News.

The network, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch and boosted Mr. Trump’s ascension from real estate developer and reality television star to the White House, is now often bypassing him in favor of showcasing other Republicans.

In the former president’s view, according to two people who have spoken to him recently, Fox’s ignoring him is an affront far worse than running stories and commentary that he has complained are “too negative.” The network is effectively displacing him from his favorite spot: the center of the news cycle.

On July 22, as Mr. Trump was rallying supporters in Arizona and teasing the possibility of running for president in 2024saying “We may have to do it again,” Fox News chose not to show the event — the same approach it has taken for nearly all of his rallies this year. Instead, the network aired Laura Ingraham’s interview with a possible rival for the 2024 Republican nomination, Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida. It was the first of two prime-time interviews Fox aired with Mr. DeSantis in the span of five days; he appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show shortly after talking to Ms. Ingraham.

When Mr. Trump spoke to a gathering of conservatives in Washington this week, Fox did not air the speech live. It instead showed a few clips after he was done speaking. That same day, it did broadcast live — for 17 minutes — a speech by former Vice President Mike Pence.

Mr. Trump has complained recently to aides that even Sean Hannity, his friend of 20 years, doesn’t seem to be paying him much attention anymore, one person who spoke to him recalled.

The skepticism toward the former president extends to the highest levels of the company, according to two people with knowledge of the thinking of Mr. Murdoch, the chairman, and his son Lachlan, the chief executive. It also reflects concerns that Republicans in Washington, like Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the minority leader, have expressed to the Murdochs about the potential harm Mr. Trump could cause to the party’s chances in upcoming elections, especially its odds of taking control of the Senate.

The Murdochs’ discomfort with Mr. Trump stems from his refusal to accept his election loss, according to two people familiar with those conversations, and is generally in sync with the views of Republicans, like Mr. McConnell, who mostly supported the former president but long ago said the election was settled and condemned his efforts to overturn it.

One person familiar with the Murdochs’ thinking said they remained insistent that Fox News had made the right call when its decision desk projected that Joseph R. Biden would win Arizona just after 11 p.m. on the night of the election — a move that infuriated Mr. Trump and short-circuited his attempt to prematurely declare victory. This person said Lachlan Murdoch had privately described the decision desk’s call, which came days before other networks concluded that Mr. Trump had lost the state, as something only Fox “had the courage and science to do.”

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Is Rupert Murdoch Tiring Of Trump? Mogul’s Print Titles Dump The Ex-President.



“Character is revealed in a crisis, and Mr Pence passed his January 6 trial. Mr Trump utterly failed his.”

Did you hear the latest Trump quote today about those murdering TERRORISTS Saudi’s and why he allowed them to play their golf tournament at his country club. The 9/11 slaughter by Saudi’s was 2,977 people, 19 hijackers committed murder–suicide, and more than 6,000 others were injured. Of the 2,977 fatal victims, 2,753 were killed in the World Trade Center and the surrounding area, 184 at the Pentagon, and 40 in Pennsylvania.

15 of them from the 19 that flew those 2 jets into the World Trade buildings were citizens of “Saudi Arabia”, two were from the United Arab Emirates, one was from Lebanon, and one from Egypt.

Trump was asked today by a reporter why he was sponsoring the Saudi-backed tournament when it’s just a few miles from Ground Zero and his response was, “No one has EVER GOT TO THE BOTTOM OF WHAT REALLY HAPPENED on 9/11 

This is why and I believe I can speak for Rupert Murdoch, myself and MILLIONS of others in saying, we will sit at home before we would EVER vote for that, Sociopath Narcissistic, Arrogant, Uneducated, Lying, Mad-Man. If you doubt what I’m saying then look up the definition of  Sociopath




Biden Turns Up The Insults On Trump


BY AMIE PARNES – 07/29/22


President Biden has been proactively getting in Donald Trump’s face in recent days.

Biden has been taunting his predecessor with slights, calling him “the defeated former president of the United States.”

He’s called him out by name, dubbing him a liar and saying he lacks courage.

Biden has even ripped Trump’s patriotism and loyalty to the country, pointing to his actions on Jan. 6, 2021: “You can’t be pro-insurrection and pro-cop. You can’t be pro-insurrection and pro-democracy. You can’t be pro-insurrection and pro-American,” Biden

said in a virtual address Monday to the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives conference.

A day later, Biden took to Twitter, in a rare move, to rip Trump again: “Call me old fashioned, but I don’t think inciting a mob that attacks a police officer is ‘respect for the law.”

Earlier this month, Biden said while he couldn’t offer a prediction on if Trump would be the Republican nominee in 2024, he said he “would not be disappointed” if he were to face off with Trump again in 2024.

After ending his COVID-19 isolation, Biden appeared to take another shot at Trump, noting the former president, who got COVID before vaccines were available, had to be “helicoptered” to Walter Reed hospital.

The Trump insults are becoming more common, and they are no accident.