Ruth Bader Ginsburg Is Back At Work


She said as long as Trump is President to replace her with another Supreme Court Justice she will NEVER retire!! If you don’t think she means that then just take a look at that “skowel” on her face!!!…………Papa Mike

She’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

Via Daily Wire:

After nearly a two-month hiatus while recovering from lung cancer surgery, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg returned to the Supreme Court on Friday to participate in several meetings.

Fox News reports that a court spokesperson said Ginsburg was working in her chambers on Friday and “will participate in the in-person closed-door conference Friday morning.”

The 85-year-old Ginsburg missed oral arguments on the bench for the first time since being appointed by President Clinton just a little over 25 years ago. In late December of last year, Justice Ginsburg underwent surgery for lung cancer. The Supreme Court said at the time she underwent a “pulmonary lobectomy” resulting in the removal of two malignant nodules.

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‘Assman’ Displays Name On Truck’s Tailgate After License Plate Request Denied

Via Fox News:

A Canadian man whose real last name “Assman,” was deemed “unacceptable” for a personalized license plate has taken it a step further and emblazoned the back of his truck with a giant design of the offending plate.

Dave Assman (pronounced “Oss-man), who lives in the province of Saskatchewan, said the denial upset him, but “I’m not one of those guys to take offense to it.”

Saskatchewan Government Insurance, or SGI, is the review board which manages vehicle registration and approves or denies personalized requests. Assman said he filed an appeal Tuesday but SGI rejected it the same day – a decision he anticipated, CBC reported.

Assman posted a photo Tuesday of a giant decal which bears his last name and spans the truck’s tailgate. The decal is styled after a typical Saskatchewan license plate.

“Just as Sgi anticipated me appealing my denial I also anticipated them refusing my appeal !” read his now-viral post. “I could have got a plate for the front but I really wanted a vanity plate on the back of my truck ! Thank you eternally etched.”

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Jussie Smollett Appears Ready To Admit Hate-Crime Attack Was All An Elaborate Hoax

Multiple sources are just now telling ABC 7 Chicago Eyewitness News that Jussie Smollett and the two men currently being questioned by police staged the entire attack between them all because his character was being written out of the show ‘Empire.’

From The Washington Times:

Chicago police reportedly believe two Nigerian men and Jussie Smollett conspired to fake an attack on the “Empire” actor that supposedly involved racist and homophobic slurs and taunts that Chicago was “MAGA country.”

According to Chicago TV station WLS, the two “persons of interest” arrested late Wednesday and Mr. Smollett have been questioned along those lines all day Thursday by the police.

“Multiple sources tell @ABC7Chicago Eyewitness News Jussie Smollet and the 2 men who are being questioned by police staged the attack – allegedly because his character was being written out of the show Empire,” WLS reporter Rob Elgas tweeted. …

In response, Jussie Smollett is more than likely preparing to come clean about the whole thing. The jig is finally up. There’s no more hiding behind the lies and distortions.

Even the liberal mainstream media is reporting that the attack was faked and is urging Smollett to issue an official statement taking responsibility for his role in the fake hate crime.

“Get ready guys the Jussie Smollett case is about to break wide open. Insane details coming soon…”

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Don’t Believe the Fake News. Tax Cuts for Everyday Americans Are Real.

The left-leaning media would have you believe that the 2017 tax cuts were nothing of the sort. Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., recently tweeted that average refunds are down, calling the president’s tax cut a “middle-class tax hike.”

Kamala Harris


The average tax refund is down about $170 compared to last year. Let’s call the President’s tax cut what it is: a middle-class tax hike to line the pockets of already wealthy corporations and the 1%.
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This is simply the latest episode in a long-running campaign to demagogue tax cuts that let the vast majority of Americans keep more of their hard-earned money.

Some of the biggest cuts are actually being enjoyed by the lowest-income Americans. A typical family of four got a $2,917 tax cut this year.

So what’s the complaint about?

In an early sample of tax returns, the IRS has reported that average refunds are down $170 from last year and that they hadn’t changed much from 2017, the year before.

But this is not relevant, for two reasons.

First, the sample of tax returns cited by the IRS is very small, and some analysts expect refunds will actually go up this year.

But second, and more importantly, tax refunds have nothing to do with the size of anyone’s tax cut. A refund is what you get back if you’ve paid too much in taxes throughout the year. Your tax cut is the drop in total taxes you owed to Uncle Sam last year. The two are not connected.

Employers across the country already gave us our tax cuts by withholding less money from our paychecks every pay period. Americans saw a bump to their paychecks in February 2018.

Of course, withholding is never perfectly accurate, so your refund or tax payment at the end of the year is simply a last-minute adjustment. But that refund does not cancel out the overall bump in take-home pay due to the tax cut.

Do you remember when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the tax cuts “monumental, brazen theft,” or when former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers predicted the tax cuts would kill 10,000 people every year? This most recent round of hysteria is just more of the same.

Last year, The Heritage Foundation calculated what Americans across the country can expect from the tax cuts. The average household can expect about $26,000 more in take-home pay over the next 10 years thanks to the tax reform.

Americans benefit twice from the tax cuts—first, by paying less in taxes, and a second time from higher wages generated by a faster-growing economy.

At the end of 2018, workers saw some of the largest wage gains in over 10 years, and unemployment rates remain historically low. Over the next 10 years, because of a larger economy, the…Read more »

SOURCE:  90 Miles From Tyranny

911 Call Reports Bear Hanging From Trash Truck Driving On NC Highway

Via Charlotte Observer:

One of North Carolina’s bears was caught in the act of eating trash on Wednesday, after it got stuck in a garbage truck headed to the landfill, according to the Windsor/Bertie County Chamber of Commerce.

A photo posted by the chamber on Facebook showed the pitiful bear perched on the top of the truck’s trailer, trapped by the netting used to keep trash from blowing out.

TV station WTKR reported authorities in Bertie County got a call from a motorist at 7:20 a.m. Wednesday, reporting “a bear was hanging off of a dump truck” headed north on US 17 to the Bertie County landfill. The county is in eastern N.C., on the Albemarle Sound.

Chamber of Commercial spokesman Lewis Hoggard told the Virginian-Pilot a deputy stopped the truck and then the bear “stuck his head up” out of the trailer.

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Different Ways Of Looking At Things


Two guys were discussing popular family trends on sex, marriage, and family values..

Bill said, ‘I didn’t sleep with my wife before we got married, did you?’

Larry replied, ‘I’m not sure, what was her maiden name?’

______________________________ _______

A little boy went up to his father and asked: ‘Dad, where did my intelligence come from?’

The father replied. ‘Well, son, you must have got it from your mother, cause I still have mine.’

______________________________ _______

‘Mr. Clark, I have reviewed this case very carefully,’ the divorce Court Judge said, ‘And I’ve decided to give your wife $775 a week,’

‘That’s very fair, your honor,’ the husband said. ‘And every now and then I’ll try to send her a few bucks myself.’

______________________________ _______

A doctor examining a woman who had been rushed to the Emergency Room, took the husband aside, and said, ‘I don’t like the looks of your wife at all.’

‘Me neither doc,’ said the husband. ‘But she’s a great cook and really good with the kids.’

______________________________ _______

An old woman goes to the Wizard to ask him if he can remove a curse she has been living with for the last 40 years.

The Wizard says, ‘Maybe, but you will have to tell me the exact words that were used to put the curse on you.’

The old woman says without hesitation, ‘I now pronounce you man and wife.’

______________________________ _______

The Parris Island Marines Are Torching Christmas Trees With WWII Flamethrowers — And People Are Loving It

Next year sell tickets for a chance to operate a flamethrower.

Via BI:

Leave it to the Marines to turn a annual fire safety demonstration into a fun-filled flamethrower festival.

Their annual Christmas tree bonfire is yearly event that was started by the Parris Island Fire Department to educate the public about the dangers of a dry Christmas tree, which is highly flammable, 1st Lt. Bryan McDonnell, Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island spokesman told Business Insider.

The Marines then added a flamethrower, excitedly pulling a World War II-era weapon out of the museum.

The flamethrower used at the annual Christmas tree bonfire is an actual Marine-issued M2 flamethrower maintained by the Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island Command Museum, Mr. Eric Junger, G3 Curriculum Department, told BI.

The M2, an iconic weapon for Marines storming islands in the Pacific during the World War II, “is the most successful and longest serving model of flamethrower ever produced,” he explained. It could effectively pour flame on targets 20-40 meters away.

The weapon used in the tree-scorching was only slightly modified for convenience and safety.

A handheld propane torch was added as the ignition source to ensure constant ignition, as the original igniters are old, temperamental, and ridiculously expensive. And the fuel is diesel, not napalm.

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House Democrats Plan Vast Russia Probe

Mueller is just the beginning. House Democrats plan a vast probe of President Trump and Russia — with a heavy focus on money laundering — that will include multiple committees and dramatic public hearings, and could last into 2020.

The state of play: The aggressive plans were outlined yesterday by a Democratic member of Congress at a roundtable for Washington reporters. The member said Congress plans interviews with new witnesses, and may go back to earlier witnesses who “stonewalled” under the Republican majority.

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Why it matters: The reporters, many of them steeped in the special counsel’s investigation, came away realizing that House Dems don’t plan to depend on Robert Mueller for the last word on interference in the 2016 election.

  • Instead, Dems will use their new subpoena power to produce a voluminous exposé of their own.

Here’s the congressional blueprint, as outlined by the member:

  • At least three committees are already involved: The House Intelligence Committee is taking the lead, coordinating with House Financial Services on money-laundering questions and with House Foreign Affairs on Russia.
  • Democrats are considering ways to uncover what was said in a Trump private meeting with Putin, “whether that’s subpoenaing the notes or subpoenaing the interpreter or other steps.”

On Trump family finances, the member said the president is “not in a position to draw red lines.”

  • “I am concerned that he may have drawn a red line that the Department of Justice may be observing.”
  • “If we didn’t look at his business, … we wouldn’t know what we know now about his efforts to pursue what may have been the most lucrative deal of his life, the Trump Tower in Moscow — something the special counsel’s office has said stood to earn the family hundreds of millions of dollars.”
  • “Now, most of his stuff isn’t building anymore: It’s licensing, and it doesn’t make that kind of money. So, this would have been huge.”
  • “[T]he fact that the president says now: ‘Well, it’s not illegal and I might have lost the election. Why should I miss out, basically, on all that money?’ He may very well take the same position now: ‘I might not be re-elected, and so why shouldn’t I … still pursue it?”

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Undocumented Residents


Click on any state below to see the effect that ‘Undocumented R esidents’ 
are having on that state.
State by state detailed infographics on how much illegals burden you and your state:
Then, write your state and federal representatives to act for reform and to stop protecting and providing non-essential (like education) services.

Minnesota’s Largest Newspaper: Omar Has Not Exhibited ‘Change and Personal Growth’

But she’s learning the technique of apologizing without really apologizing.

Via Free Beacon:

Minnesota’s largest newspaper argued Rep. Ilhan Omar (D., Minn.) has not shown “change or personal growth” in the wake of her latest controversy over tweets widely condemned as anti-Semitic.

“Getting attention does not equal effective leadership. That is a reality that U.S. House Rep. Ilhan Omar urgently needs to grasp as she settles into her new role representing Minnesota’s Fifth Congressional District,” the Star Tribune editorial board wrote on Monday.

The editorial board noted Omar’s latest tweet controversy came less than a month after the newspaper criticized her for spreading conspiracy theories about Sen. Lindsey Graham (R., S.C.). Omar also ultimately admitted last month that a widely-criticized tweet of hers from 2012 was “offensive.” She had for months defended the tweet, which claimed Israel had “hypnotized the world” while doing “evil.”

“With an apology comes the expectation of change and personal growth. Omar’s two tweets from the past weekend made it clear that hasn’t happened. The flippant tone of one of her statements also underscores doubts about her judgment, particularly when this latest communications crisis could have been easily avoided,” the editorial board added.

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