It’s Ok I Promise

While a woman is keeping vigil beside her husband’s deathbed, he says to her, “Before I die, I have something to confess to you.”
“Shh, not now,” she replies.
“But I need to tell you: I cheated on you,” he admits.
“Yes, I know,” she replies.
“I need to clear my conscience before I die… “

“Shh,” she counters. “Just lie back and let the poison work.”

Chelsea Clinton To Headline Abortion Event Opposing Brett Kavanaugh


by Anna Giaritelli

Chelsea Clinton has not endorsed any candidates ahead of the 2018 midterm elections, but she is jumping into the Senate fight over President Trump’s nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

Clinton will headline a “Rise Up For Roe” event in New York City Saturday to oppose Trump’s second nominee to the nation’s highest court, she confirmed to the Washington Examiner.

The Aug. 11 event in Manhattan is meant “to talk about the very real threat #Kavanaugh poses to abortion rights,” according to the event’s website.

Planned Parenthood Action Fund, NARAL Pro-Choice America, and the Demand Justice Initiative have organized the New York event as part of a nationwide tour to urge people to consider what most assume to be Kavanaugh’s conservative-aligned views on abortion.

[More: Abortion rights groups quickly oppose Supreme Court nominee]

Trump nominated the federal appeals court judge on July 9. The 53-year-old judge would replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy, and he is expected to shift the court to the right.

Kennedy has been a Supreme Court justice for more than three decades, and Kavanaugh clerked for Kennedy during his tenure. Kennedy’s retirement became official at the end of July.

Scores Of Registered Voters Over 116 Years Old Found In Ohio’s 12th District That Just Had Tight Special Election

The living dead vote Democrat.

Via Daily Wire:

A new report alleges that there are scores of registered voters who are over 116 years old in Ohio’s 12th Congressional District, where Republican Troy Balderson is currently hanging onto a narrow lead over Democrat Danny O’Connor in Tuesday’s special election.

Eric Eggers, the research director at the Government Accountability Institute (GAI), reports that GAI accessed voter rolls in Ohio’s 12th Congressional District last August and found “170 registered voters listed as being over 116 years old [that] still existed on the [voter] rolls.”

Eggers notes that leftist billionaire and Democratic mega-donor George Soros pledged millions of dollars to fight against voter ID laws in Ohio before the 2016 elections.

While there is no indication that any fraudulent votes were cast in Ohio’s 12th Congressional District’s special election, it is important to note that Balderson’s narrow 1,564 vote lead highlights the importance of voter ID laws to protect the integrity of elections in the United States.

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Midwest ICE Raids Targeted Businesses That Hired, Mistreated Illegal Aliens, Officials Say

Instead of deporting the Illegals we should DEPORT all these busininess  who hire and mistreat the illegals “ASAP  TO PRISON!!”……….Papa Mike


Arresting 147, a federal law enforcement operation — one of the largest in Homeland Security Investigations’ 15-year history — targeted Midwestern businesses that officials say knowingly hired — and mistreated — illegal immigrants. ( IT’S ABOUT TIME…PM )

The focus of this operation was unusual in that it targeted business operators for arrest. Most immigration raids have targeted workers suspected of being in the country illegally. ( IT’S ABOUT TIME…PM )

“The whole investigation was initiated, basically, because we knew that these businesses were cheating these workers and cheating taxpayers and cheating their competition,” Special Agent in Charge Tracy J. Cormier, HSI St. Paul, which oversees Nebraska and Minnesota, said.

The investigative arm of U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement — Homeland Security Investigations — led the operation in Nebraska and Minnesota that saw about a dozen businesses and plants raided and 17 business owners and managers indicted for fraud, wire fraud and money laundering.

Of those, 14 were taken into custody Wednesday and three were still being sought. Authorities also arrested more than 130 workers at various businesses, busing them to Grand Island, Nebraska, to be questioned and processed.

“The job magnet in the United States is primarily what draws illegal aliens across our borders,” said Cormier in a statement posted to ICE’s website. “This HSI-led criminal investigation has shown that these targeted businesses were knowingly hiring illegal workers to unlawfully line their own pockets by cheating the workers, cheating the taxpayers, and cheating their business competitors.”

The businesses engaged in a scheme that used fraudulent names and Social Security numbers to employ people in the country illegally, she said. The businesses used “force, fraud, coercion, threat of arrest and/or deportation” to exploit the workers, Cormier said. The business that hired out the immigrants also forced the workers to cash their paychecks with that business for an exorbitant fee, officials said, and withheld taxes from workers’ pay without paying those taxes to the government.

“It kind of reminds us of the revival of the old ‘company store’ policy, where it used to keep the coal miners indebted to the company for all kinds of services … like check cashing,” she said.[…]

Officials opened nearly 5,300 employer audits since January, many after audits at 100 7-Eleven franchises in 17 states in January.

Pork producing giant Christensen Farms saw search warrants served at its headquarters in Sleepy Eye, Minnesota, its truck wash facility in Appleton, Minnesota and a producer plant in Atkinson, Nebraska. Spokeswoman Amber Portner said the company was cooperating with agents. She said she knew of no arrests at any of the company’s locations Wednesday.

Other businesses raided were in Stromsburg, Ainsworth, Bartlett and Royal, all in Nebraska.

Civil rights organizations in Nebraska were quick to denounce Wednesday’s operation.

“The ACLU condemns this ongoing campaign of misery that targets immigrants, disrupts local businesses and separates families,” Rose Godinez, an attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union of Nebraska, said in a written statement released Wednesday morning.

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California Lawmakers Set Up Secret DMV Office So They Don’t Have to Wait in the Heat for Hours to Renew Licenses (Video)


 Republican and Democrat lawmakers should be ashamed and now that the California people who have stood in long hot lines should PROTEST AND DEMAND this “SPECIAL DMV” office be shut down ASAP!…….PM

Everyday working Californians have to wait in lines in the hot sun for hours with illegal immigrants to renew their licenses.

But not the California lawmakers.
The Democratic controlled California legislature set up a secret DMV office so they don’t have to worry about sun stroke and can just walk right in and renew their licenses.

The normal wait at a California state run DMV is several hours.
Ah — the joys of Socialism!

KCRA has learned of a DMV office that is not open to the public.

It’s located inside the Legislative Office Building on N Street, adjacent to the state Capitol.

The office, inside Room 121, has no markings on the door and was locked when KCRA visited it on Thursday, but after knocking, a worker confirmed it was a DMV office and said it’s set up to handle customer complaints that escalate to the legislative branch.