CA Governor Signs Bill Extending Health Care To Illegal Immigrants


And it sounds like they’re using federal money for it too.

Via Daily Wire:

On Tuesday, California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed into law State Bill 104, which now extends health care benefits to illegal immigrants between the ages of 19-25, in addition to the law that already had guaranteed coverage to illegal immigrants under the age of 19.

The Hill noted, “The bill, introduced earlier this year, is estimated to cover about 90,000 low-income residents overall and comes with a roughly $98 million price tag.”

The bill states:

The federal Medicaid program prohibits payment to a state for medical assistance furnished to an alien who is not lawfully admitted for permanent residence or otherwise permanently residing in the United States under color of law.

Existing law requires that individuals under 19 years of age enrolled in restricted-scope Medi-Cal at the time the Director of Health Care Services makes a determination that systems have been programmed for implementation of these provisions be enrolled in the full scope of Medi-Cal benefits, if otherwise eligible. Existing law requires the department to maximize federal financial participation in implementing the provisions.

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NYPD Let Epstein Skip Judge-Ordered Check-Ins, Manhattan DA Tried To Reduce His Status As Registered Sex Offender

Where’s the attention on the Democratic Manhattan D.A. who also gave Harvey Weinstein a pass?

Via NY Post:

Convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein never once checked in with city cops in the eight-plus years since a Manhattan judge ordered him to do so every 90 days — and the NYPD says it’s fine with that.

After being labeled a worst-of-the-worst, Level 3 sex offender in 2011, Epstein should have reported in person to verify his address 34 times before he was arrested Saturday on federal child sex-trafficking charges.

Violating requirements of the state’s 1996 Sex Offender Registration Act — including checking in with law enforcement — is a felony punishable by up to four years in prison for a first offense.

Subsequent violations carry a sentence of up to seven years each.

But the NYPD hasn’t required the billionaire financier — who owns a $77 million Upper East Side townhouse — to check in since he registered as a sex offender in New York over the controversial 2008 plea bargain he struck in Florida amid allegations he sexually abused scores of underage girls in his Palm Beach mansion.

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These People Really Are Stupid

Like there aren’t probably a few MILLION copies of this shit floating around on people’s personal computers already?

And Ol’ Slick Willy trying to claim he knows nothing about Epstein’s little escapades on Pedo Island?

It depends on what the definition of is, is, right?

His name IS on the flight records of Epstein’s private plane 26 freaking times for crying out loud.

He IS known to be a serial sexual predator.

He IS known to be a lying sack of crap first and foremost.

There is a large group of people shitting their britches right about now, knowing full well and good that their names are going to be drug out int the sunlight because of their involvement with this.

Whoever is trying to scrub the internet  right now is a day late and a dollar short.

They are even trying to scrub Wikipedia.

It would be comical if it wasn’t so pathetic.

Make no mistake, Epstein’s arrest and the charges against him have been a long time coming.

Good old Do Nothing Jeff Sessions started this investigation years ago and then handed it off.

These people are screwed.

We still haven’t seen what was on Anthony Weiner’s laptop yet either.

Remember Pizzagate?

It’s all tied together and it’s huge.


SOURCE: Bustednuckles

VIDEO: Hillary Dances Cares Away With Huma Abedin At Earth, Wind & Fire Concert

As Democrat candidates for president carve each other up, Hillary Clinton is lying in wait, dancing with Huma Abedin to the sweet grooves of Earth, Wind & Fire.

The failed candidate was at the Beacon Theatre in New York City Tuesday night to take in a show by the aging rockers.

A shot from the balcony shows Clinton clapping and grooving along:

Abedin appears to be to Hillary’s left. Bill Clinton is nowhere to be seen.

Clinton’s performance on Tuesday was more reserved than when she was in South Africa in 2012:

JULY 10, 2019


Abortion Support Is The Highest It’s Been On Two Decades As Challenges Mount

In 2013, a Post-ABC poll found 55 percent of Americans said abortion should be legal in all or most cases. The increase in support for legal abortion has increased in part due to large growth in support among independent women voters (up 16 points to 71 percent) and Democrats (up 12 points to 77 percent).

A 41 percent plurality of Americans want their own states to avoid making it either harder or easier for women to have access to abortion. Fewer (32 percent) say their states should make it easier and fewer still (24 percent) say their states should make it harder for women to have access to abortion.

Many states have recently passed laws to limit abortion, and some, such as Georgia, have tried to effectively ban it. Many of these restrictions are being challenged and could eventually wind up before the Supreme Court.

Most Americans have circumstantial views of abortion laws – a majority say that abortion should be either legal in most cases (33 percent) or illegal in most cases (22 percent). About 4 in 10 say it should always be legal or illegal, with roughly twice as many who say abortion should be legal in all cases (27 percent) as say it should be illegal (14 percent).

Even within party ranks, allowing or banning abortion in all cases is a minority position. Among Democrats, 77 percent say abortion should be at least mostly legal, but just over 4 in 10 (42 percent) say it should be legal in all cases. Among Republicans, 52 percent say it should be at least mostly illegal, but fewer than a quarter, 22 percent, want it to be illegal in all cases.

Examining annual averages in opinions toward abortion across Post-ABC and Pew Research Center polling since the mid-1990s, support for legal abortion was last this high in Post-ABC polling in 1995, right before the country saw a decrease in the abortion rate. In 2015, the most recent data available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the abortion rate reached a historic low.

Opposition to abortion was highest in 2010, when 45 percent of Americans said it should be illegal in most or all cases and 52 percent said it should be legal.

Looking ahead to 2020, just over 6 in 10 Americans say abortion is either “one of the single most important issues” in their vote or a “very important issue.” Democrats are more likely than Republicans to say that abortion is an important issue in their vote for president, 71 percent versus 57 percent.


Boomerang Imminent: Could A Subpoena Of David Pecker Bring Down Bill Clinton?

This seems to match the comment that Trump made to Hannity in 2015 at CPAC about Clinton having trouble from Epstein and the island.

Via Twitchy:

Emily Jane Fox has a new piece out for Vanity Fair alledging that former National Enquirer chief David Pecker may have dirt on former President Bill Clinton thanks newly-indicted sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein and his orgy island:

Here’s the money paragraph:

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‘Underage Girls’ On Epstein’s Plane When Clinton Flew On It, Says Investigative Journalist

So what’s his explanation for that one?

Via Daily Wire:

Investigative journalist Conchita Sarnoff told Fox News’ Shannon Bream on Monday night that there were “underage girls” on accused pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s plane when former President Bill Clinton traveled on it — at times without his Secret Service detail.

Fox News’ Lukas Mikelionis reports that Sarnoff is the executive director of Alliance to Rescue Victims of Trafficking and is the author of the book “TrafficKing: The Jeffrey Epstein Case.” The Fox News segment followed the recent developments in the Epstein case that have occured after the financier was arrested on Saturday on child sex trafficking charges.

Sarnoff made the remarks in response to the following statement from Clinton on Monday:

President Clinton knows nothing about the terrible crimes Jeffrey Epstein pleaded guilty to in Florida some years ago, or those with which he has been recently charged in New York. In 2002 and 2003, President Clinton took a total of four trips on Jeffrey Epstein’s airplane: one to Europe, one to Asia, and two to Africa, which included stops in connection with the work of the Clinton Foundation. Staff, supporters of the foundation, and his Secret Service detail traveled on every leg of every trip. He had one meeting with Epstein in his Harlem office in 2002, and around the same time made one brief visit to Epstein’s New York apartment with a staff member and his security detail. He’s not spoken to Epstein in well over a decade, and he has never been to Little St. James Island, Epstein’s ranch in New Mexico, or his residence in Florida.

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Record 60 Million Hispanics In US, 52% Of Population Growth

The U.S. Hispanic population surged another 1.2 million last year and now is a record 59.9 million, according to newly released U.S. Census Bureau population estimates.

The percentage of Hispanics as part of the overall U.S. population also jumped to 18%.

A Pew Research Center analysis of the new data also found that between 2008 and 2018, “Latinos accounted for about half (52%) of all U.S. population growth over this period.”

The largest growth area for Hispanics was the South, at 33% since 2008. That includes Texas and Florida.

Every region in the U.S. saw growth.

And there were areas of historic growth not typically associated with Latinos, including North Dakota.

Pilot Films Two Circular Objects Flying Over Grand Canyon Sparking UFO Conspiracy Meltdown

Mike Wagner uploaded the bizarre clip to YouTube last Wednesday.

The footage begins by showing a panoramic view of the Grand Canyon National Park, in Arizona, US.

Once it reaches the far left-hand side, two objects come into view.

They seem to be in formation and in tandem as they make their way over the famous site.

Conspiracy YouTuber The Hidden Underbelly later shared the clip, captioning it: “Two UFOs captured lying in tandem over the Grand Canyon in Arizona.”

Thousands have since flooded in to watch the clip.

One person said: “Alien ships!”

Another added: “That’s awesome.”

A third, however, shared her own similar experience at the location.

She said: “I was watching my latest vlog (also in Arizona) and caught something that looked like it was cigar-shaped too.”

It is not the first time bizarre sightings have been spotted.

Only last week, a mystery object plunged towards the ground before speeding off at breakneck speed.

One YouTube star was left perplexed after spotting a huge UFO shaped like a snake.

Cody Kennedy, 31, was driving with friends in Twentynine Palms, California, when he came across the bizarre sight.


Epstein Arrest Is A HUGE Worry For Donald Trump


Timothy L. O’Brien

(Bloomberg Opinion) — Jeffrey Epstein, a prominent money manager who owns sprawling homes in Palm Beach, New York, the Virgin Islands and other locales, was charged as a sex trafficker and pedophile by federal prosecutors in a Manhattan courtroom on Monday.

Epstein, who has been accused repeatedly over the years of manipulating and molesting underage girls, was arrested at a New Jersey airport on Saturday, according to multiple media reports. The Daily Beast, which broke the news of Epstein’s arrest, correctly predicted that prosecutors would accuse the financier of luring minors and other women to his homes by offering cash for massages and then sexually molesting them.

In an interesting twist, the U.S. Attorney’s office in Manhattan has put its public corruption unit in charge of the Epstein case – not, as might be expected, its human-trafficking team (although the latter unit is being consulted reportedly). It’s likely, at least in part, that the case is being handled by corruption prosecutors because of a controversial and lenient plea deal struck between Epstein and federal law enforcement officials in Florida back in 2008. The financier was being investigated at the time for having sex with underage girls – many of them orphans or runaways – at his Palm Beach mansion.

The Justice Department said in February that it planned to investigate “allegations that Department attorneys may have committed professional misconduct in the manner in which the Epstein criminal matter was resolved” in Florida. Later that month, a federal judge ruled that the same group of attorneys broke the law by not telling Epstein’s victims that the plea deal existed. The Miami-based prosecutors had prepared a 53-page federal indictment against Epstein, but his deal allowed him to plead guilty only to a state charge of soliciting a minor for prostitution. He served 13 months in a Palm Beach prison that allowed him to leave six days a week to work. The deal also granted immunity to any of Epstein’s potential co-conspirators, who otherwise might have been swept up in his abuses.

Alexander Acosta, who is now President Donald Trump’s labor secretary, was the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida in 2008 and he supervised the group of lawyers that forged the Epstein deal. Members of Acosta’s team from that period have said that they lacked the evidence to prove Epstein had violated federal law and did as much as they could to see that justice was served. But Julie Brown, a Miami Herald reporter, published a series of stories last fall that raised questions about Acosta’s independence and prompted the new federal probes of the U.S. Attorney’s office in Miami.

Brown’s stories took note of the extensive network of political, business and legal allies assembled by Epstein over the years and questioned the extent to which that network may have protected him or helped cushion his fall. It included: A former president, Bill Clinton; the U.K.’s Prince Andrew; powerhouse attorneys such as Alan Dershowitz, Kenneth Starr, and Roy Black; and business contacts such as Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of the late publishing tycoon Robert Maxwell, and Leslie Wexner, the owner of retailer Victoria’s Secret. Several years ago, Gawker published a copy of Epstein’s address book and it was packed with marquee names from Hollywood, Wall Street and Washington.

Trump’s name was among them, too.

Seeing the president’s name mixed in with dozens, if not hundreds, of other well-known personalities is hardly unusual. He has had a certain form of celebrity for a very long time. But for a while Trump was more than just a casual acquaintance of Epstein.

The financier was a member of Trump’s Palm Beach club, Mar-a-Lago, and the men dined at one another’s homes. Trump flew on Epstein’s plane at least once. According to Brown, Epstein is quoted in court papers as saying he wanted to set up his modeling agency – which prosecutors believe he used to get access to underage girls – “the same way Trump set up his modeling agency.”

Although a court filing says Mar-a-Lago eventually dumped Epstein from its ranks after he approached an underage girl there, Trump has generally spoken about Epstein fondly – to me and to others. “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy,” Trump told New York magazine in 2002. “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.”

Hollywood, Media Partied With Epstein After His Plea To Soliciting Underage Girl, Clintons Invited His ‘Fixer’ To Chelsea’s Wedding


This was AFTER he got out of jail for his 13-month sentence for soliciting prostitution from a minor.

Via Daily Beast:

On the evening of December 2nd, 2010, a handful of America’s media and entertainment elite—including TV anchors Katie Couric and George Stephanopoulos, comedienne Chelsea Handler, and director Woody Allen—convened around the dinner table of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. It wasn’t just any dining room, but part of a sprawling nine-story townhouse that once housed an entire preparatory school. And it wasn’t just any sex offender, but an enigmatic billionaire who had once flown the likes of former President Bill Clinton and former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak around the world on his own Boeing 727. Last spring, Epstein completed a 13-month sentence for soliciting prostitution from a minor in Palm Beach. Now he was hosting a party for his close friend, Britain’s Prince Andrew, fourth in line to the throne.


Much of Epstein’s entrée into New York society can be credited to Ghislaine Maxwell, the superbly well-connected daughter of the late press magnate Robert Maxwell. Epstein started dating her in the 1990s. The romantic relationship ended after a few years, but they have remained close ever since. Last week two victims publicly alleged that Ghislaine procured them for Epstein, one at age 15 from a Mar-a-Lago country club locker room. Virginia Roberts, now 27, who was Epstein’s sexual plaything for several years, told the Mail on Sunday. “Ghislaine sent me to a dentist to have my teeth whitened and I went for Brazilian waxes. He wanted me to look pre-pubescent.”

Now, New York friends are suddenly hesitant to talk about Maxwell. “She’s a high-end ‘fixer’,” and so what? they ask. “No one in café society gives a damn that a 15-year-old girl gives massages,” says one frequent charity-benefit guest. “She gets people into parties and runs around for a lot of people.” As to the fallout from her association with Epstein, he says, “If you’re Mike Huckabee it would matter but not if you’re Ghislaine Maxwell.”

And the Clintons invited Maxwell to Chelsea’s wedding in July 2010.


Jeffrey Epstein: Trump Once Praised Billionaire Charged With Sex Trafficking Minors For Liking Women ‘On The Younger Side’

From left, American real estate developer Donald Trump and his girlfriend (and future wife), former model Melania Knauss, financier (and future convicted sex offender) Jeffrey Epstein, and British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell pose together at the Mar-a-Lago club, Palm Beach, Florida, February 12, 2000.
Davidoff Studios/Getty Images


  • In light of Jeffrey Epstein’s reported Saturday night arrest on charges of sex trafficking minors, a quote from Donald Trump praising the billionaire’s fondness for young women has re-surfaced.
  • Trump biographer Tim O’Brien tweeted the quote from a 2002 profile of Epstein in New York Magazine, in which Trump says “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.”
  • Trump’s association with Epstein extends into allegations that women were lured directly into sex trafficking from Mar-A-Lago, with one woman claiming Epstein’s then-girlfriend recruited her for prostitution as a 15-year-old when she worked as a locker room attendant at Trump’s resort that Epstein frequented.
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After Jeffrey Epstein was reportedly arrested Saturday night on charges of sex trafficking of minors, links between the billionaire and President Donald Trump have emerged, including a 2002 quotefrom Trump that Epstein “likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.”

Trump biographer Tim O’Brien tweeted the quote on Saturday, which is from a New York Magazine profile of Epstein, which also includes Trump saying he knew Epstein for 15 years at that point, and calling him a “terrific guy” and “a lot of fun to be with.”

Few photos exist of longtime friends Trump and Epstein together, but a 2000 photo of the two, Melania Trump, and Epstein’s then-girlfriend and British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell show the four together at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida.

In 2017, Politico reported allegations that a woman who claims to have been a part of a sex trafficking ring run by Epstein was recruited directly from Mar-a-Lago in 1999 by Maxwell, where the woman, who was then 15-years-old, worked as a locker room attendant.

Read more: Jeffrey Epstein has reportedly been arrested and charged with sex trafficking of minors

The 1999 accusations mirror the The Daily Beast’s report of Epstein’s Saturday night charges, which allege that Epstein’s operation trafficked dozens of minors in New York and Florida between 2002 and 2005, according to three unnamed law enforcement sources.

Epstein is already a convicted sex offender, having allegedly molested dozens of underage girls in Florida before signing a 2008 secret plea agreement that allowed him to avoid federal prosecution and jail time. The plea deal, signed by federal judges that includeTrump’s current Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta, was ruled unconstitutional by a Palm Beach judge in February.

Epstein’s alleged sexual exploitation entailed him coercing minors – such as the 1999 Mar-a-Lago locker room attendant – into giving him “massages,” followed by him allegedly molesting or sexually abusing them in his Upper East Side or Palm Beach residences.

The alleged trafficking involved Epstein flying minors aboard his private 727 jet between the New York and Florida residences. Epstein, a money manager and philanthropist, has donated to the Clinton Foundation repeatedly and lent his jet to former President Bill Clinton for overseas trips.

Neither the Trump Organization nor the White House immediately responded to Business Insider’s request for comment.

SOURCE: Business Insider

Garbage Party: NY Dems Reject Bill To Provide Tuition Aid To Families Of Fallen Vets, But Do It For “ILLEGAL ALIENS”

Democrats in New York — home to Bill DeBlasio, Alexandria Ocascio-Cortez, and the Cuomo dynasty — are continuing their competition with California to see which state can become the biggest anti-Trump haven for America haters.

Last week, Democrats who rule the Empire State voted to reject a bill that would have provided less than $3 million in aid to Gold Star families — those who have lost military members in war, but only after passing a measure earlier providing $27 million in the same benefits to illegal immigrants.

The New York Republican Party couldn’t let that outrage stand without calling out members of the Garbage Party.

“Democrats just rejected tuition assistance for Gold Star families but approved it for illegal immigrants. Would these Democrats dare to look into the eyes of the children of fallen servicemen and women and say they matter less than those here illegally?” the party tweeted.

“We set aside $27 million dollars for college for people that are here illegally … Apparently, $2.7 million is all that the families of soldiers who are killed, get. If you’re a child of a fallen soldier, you do not rank as high…

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U.S. Soccer Fans Chant ‘F#*K Trump’ On Live TV Shot

– The Washington Times – Sunday, July 7, 2019

After the United States won the Women’s World Cup by beating Netherlands 2-0 in Sunday’s final match, a group of American soccer fans in France chanted an expletive about President Trump on a live television broadcast.

Fox News prepared to do a live TV shot from a sports bar in Lyon, France — the site of the final — that was populated with American fans. Fans in the background began to chant shortly after reporter Greg Palkot began to speak.

American players have said they do not support Trump and do not wish to visit the White House if they are invited. Megan Rapinoe, the team’s captain and co-scoring leader for the tournament with six goals and three assists, said earlier in the summer that she is “not going to the f–– White House.”

It was the U.S.’s second straight World Cup victory, following up on their win in 2015.

Britain’s Man In The US Says Trump Is ‘Inept’: Leaked Secret Cables From Ambassador Say The President Is ‘Uniquely And Totally Dysfunctional And His Career Could End In Disgrac

Britain’s Ambassador to Washington has described Donald Trump as ‘inept’, ‘insecure’ and ‘incompetent’ in a series of explosive memos to Downing Street.

Sir Kim Darroch, one of Britain’s top diplomats, used secret cables and briefing notes to impugn Trump’s character, warning London that the White House was ‘uniquely dysfunctional’ and that the President’s career could end in ‘disgrace’.

His bombshell comments risk angering the notoriously thin-skinned President and undermining the UK’s ‘special relationship’ with America.

Sir Kim Darroch (pictured), one of Britain's top diplomats, used secret cables and briefing notes to impugn Trump's character, warning London that the White House was 'uniquely dysfunctional' and that the President's career could end in 'disgrace'

Sir Kim Darroch (pictured), one of Britain’s top diplomats, used secret cables and briefing notes to impugn Trump’s character, warning London that the White House was ‘uniquely dysfunctional’ and that the President’s career could end in ‘disgrace’


Now They Can REALLY Celebrate! U.S Women’s Soccer Team Wins Its FOURTH World Cup By Beating Holland, 2-0, After Megan Rapinoe Broke A Scoreless Tie On A Penalty Kick In The 61st Minute And Rose LaVelle Sealed The Victory With A Goal In The 69th

  • The U.S. women’s soccer team won its fourth World Cup with a 2-0 victory over the Netherlands in Lyon
  • Megan Rapinoe scored a penalty kick in the 61st minute and Rose LaValle added a goal of her own in the 69th
  • Dutch goalie Sari van Veenendaal was spectacular in the first half, making four saves as the two teams went into halftime knotted in a scoreless tie. The Americans had scored in the first 12 minutes of every other game 
  • The American women have four World Cup titles, which ties them for second with the Italian men and the German men for the most all time. Only the Brazilian men’s team has won more titles – five 
  • As has been the case throughout the tournament, Rapinoe did not sing the national anthem with teammates 
  • Fans, many dressed in red, white and blue, chanted ‘Equal Pay!’ at the final whistle, a reminder players sued the U.S. Soccer Federation in March claiming gender discrimination
  • The U.S. never trailed in the tournament and set records with 26 goals and a 12-game World Cup winning streak. U.S. coach Jill Ellis became the first coach to lead a team to two Women’s World Cup titles
  • President Donald Trump had already invited the U.S. women’s team to the White House, ‘win or lose,’ but forward Alex Morgan said the decision would be made as a team. Rapinoe previously said she would not go 

After weeks of uproar over its sportsmanship and elaborate goal celebrations, the United States women’s soccer team has every reason to party after winning a fourth World Cup with a 2-0 victory over the Netherlands in Lyon, France on Sunday.

‘We’re crazy,’ captain Megan Rapinoe told Fox after the U.S. won its second consecutive World Cup title. ‘That’s what makes us special.’

Following a scoreless first half, Rapinoe scored a penalty kick in the 61st minute and Rose LaValle added a goal of her own in the 69th minute.

‘It’s unbelievable,’ Rapinoe continued. ‘Just to know all of the people in our group that put in so much work, obviously the players – we have all our friends and family here – it’s surreal.’

President Donald Trump congratulated the team after the win: ‘Congratulations to the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team on winning the World Cup! Great and exciting play. America is proud of you all!’

Fans, many dressed in red, white and blue, chanted ‘Equal Pay!’ at the final whistle, a reminder players sued the U.S. Soccer Federation in March claiming gender discrimination.

The Americans never trailed in the tournament and set records with 26 goals and a 12-game World Cup winning streak dating to 2015. U.S. coach Jill Ellis became the first coach to lead a team to two Women’s World Cup titles, and the U.S. joined Germany in 2003 and 2007 as the only repeat champions.

With confidence and brashness that some called even arrogant – triggering a backlash that the angry response was sexist – this American team established a standard of excellence that will be a goal for other U.S. teams and the rest of the world to match. Former American players joined the current generation on the field for the postgame celebration.