Parking Ticket!

Working people frequently ask retired people what they do to make their days interesting. Well, for example, the other day, Mary my wife and I went into town and visited a shop.

When we came out, there was a cop writing out a parking ticket. We went up to him and I said, ‘Come on, man, how about giving a senior citizen a break?’

He ignored us and continued writing the ticket.

I called him an asshole. He glared at me and started writing another ticket for having worn-out tires.

So Mary called him a xxxx head. He finished the second ticket and put it on the windshield with the first.

Then he started writing more tickets. This went on for about 20 minutes. The more we abused him, the more tickets he wrote.

Just then our bus arrived, and we got on it and went home, we always look for cars with “OBAMA 2012” stickers. We try to have a little fun each day now that we’re retired. It’s important at our age.


Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL), who holds President Obama’s old seat in the United States Senate, has been one of Israel’s staunchest supporters in Congress. And despite his recent struggles after suffering a stroke — which has earned him get-well wishes from no less than Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – he has been at the forefront of U.S. efforts to constrain Iran’s nuclear ambitions. In fact, he authored the most recent sanctions imposed on Iran, which are the most severe yet imposed by the United States, and which President Obama only recently (and reluctantly) signed into law.


SOURCE:  The Blaze


Lottery Winner Amanda Clayton Still on Food Stamps

Last fall, 24-year-old Amanda Clayton struck it big when she won $1 million playing the Michigan lottery. That’s life-changing. And in many ways, it was: she bought a new house and car. But in at least one way, it wasn’t: hidden cameras found she’s still using food stamps to pay for her meals.

WDIV-TV got a tip from a viewer saying Detroit resident Clayton — who took a $500,000 lump sum payment — was using the taxpayers to foot her food bill. So the station followed her. Sure enough, she was. And the reporter confronted her about it.

“I thought that they would cut me off, but since they didn’t, I thought maybe it was okay because I’m not working,” Clayton, who gets $200 a month from the state, said when asked if she thought it was right. When asked if she thinks she has a “right” to the food stamp money, she said yes. “I mean, I kind of do.”

“I feel that it’s okay because I mean, I have no income and I have bills to pay,” she added. “I have two houses.”

The Blaze

The Obama’s Continue To Vacation On Our Money!


Judicial Watch is suing the Air Force for access to records detailing the First Wookie’s vacation.

A conservative legal group is suing the U.S. Air Force for access to first lady Michelle Obama’s travel records from a 2010 vacation to Spain.

Judicial Watch filed suit Tuesday in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia for access to all records pertaining to an August 2010 vacation taken by the first lady and her daughters — including cost estimates and passenger manifests.

“Evidently, American taxpayers were stuck with a sizable bill so Mrs. Obama could tour around Spain with her family and friends, This administration, as a supposed steward of taxpayer dollars, has an obligation to disclose the full costs of the Obama family’s luxury trip,” said Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton in a statement.

The White House has insisted that the Spanish vacation was paid for by the Obama family — but taxpayers generally pick up the tab for security and other assorted costs.


Obama Urges Civility In Public Debate, Then Dems Respond By Signing Atheist “Scumbag” Bill Maher For Fundraiser…


Via Daily Caller:

Alabama’s Democratic Party has recruited controversial comedian Bill Maher to headline a fundraiser March 17, amid calls by President Barack Obama and other Democrats for greater civility in public debate.

Maher has donated $1 million to aid a superPAC that is aiding Obama’s re-election campaign. He is popular among Democrats, but is reviled by many GOP advocates for his frequent sexually-themed insults of Republican women.

Last March, for example, he called Gov. Sarah Palin a “c*nt” during a live show in Texas and a “dumb twat” during his HBO TV show.

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Cardinal Dolan Stunned: Obama Lectured The Catholic Church Bishop’s


Over the past week, the media firestorm surrounding Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke and Rush Limbaugh has eclipsed the larger issue of religious liberty that stands at the forefront of the contraception mandate.

With the distracting debate raging, Fluke has received the majority of the media attention surrounding the subject. New developments in the faith world, unfortunately, have gone unnoticed. Of particular note is a public letter that was penned on March 2 by Cardinal Timothy Dolan (also president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops).

The letter recaps a bizarre conversation U.S. Conference staff recently had with White House officials regarding the mandate. In fact, Dolan seems to allege that government officials lectured Catholic leaders about church teaching, writing:

At a recent meeting between staff of the bishops’ conference and the White House staff, our staff members asked directly whether the broader concerns of religious freedom—that is, revisiting the straight-jacketing mandates, or broadening the maligned exemption—are all off the table. They were informed that they are.  So much for “working out the wrinkles.”  Instead, they advised the bishops’ conference that we should listen to the “enlightened” voices of accommodation, such as the recent, hardly surprising yet terribly unfortunate editorial in America.  The White House seems to think we bishops simply do not know or understand Catholic teaching and so, taking a cue from its own definition of religious freedom, now has nominated its own handpicked official Catholic teachers.

The Blaze

Disgusting Moo-slimes

I hate these murdering bastards, and they call themselves, “People Of The Religion Of Peace”….PEACE alright, PEACE OF SHIT!….Papa Mike

So, I got the following e-mail from Ron.

O.K. Now we’ve had apologies from the Precedent of the US and several other people plus a rash of murders by “outraged” Muslim “believers” over the destruction of a few compromised religious texts. Even though Islamic scholars agree that burning is the prescribed method for getting rid of damaged or defiled Qur’ans, the outrage over outrage continues.

We’re also repeatedly told by our highest leaders, both black and white, Christian and Jew, and military and civilian, that Islam is indeed a “religion of peace,” and that the vast majority of its followers are decent, god-fearing people just trying to live reasonable and productive lives. This is, of course, and always has been pure balderdash, the most cowardly form of appeasement.

About two days ago, I even heard a commentator saying that Muslims respect the holy texts and icons from all religions and would never burn Bibles as our vicious, bloodthirsty, infidel troops did with the deeply sacred (spit!) Qur’ans. Well, anybody wanna bet on the likelihood of this clip making the news on any of the alphabet networks?


Remember all the rioting Christians and Jews when these Moo-slime barbarians desecrated this cemetery? Me neither. And let’s not forget the Paleostinians who were holed up in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem about nine or ten years ago? They desecrated Bibles and other holy stuff. Yeah, they really showed their “respect (of)the holy texts and icons” of that church. And remember the Jewish and Christian rioting that followed that episode? Me neither.

Ron’s email continues.

Proof enough for me that Islam is a suppurating carbuncle on the soul of decent human society, a malignant tumor spreading throughout the body of mankind, a philosophy which makes zombies of what might otherwise have turned out to be people, and the strongest advertisement I can think of for universally outlawing the very word Allah.
I’m in a pretty foul mood today. Started on my taxes last night and that always pisses me off. I replied to Ron.

Being pretty much from my generation, I’m sure that when you were a kid, your dad prolly did what my dad did. When I cried and carried on, he would tell me that if I didn’t stop, he would give me something to cry about. After a few of those “give me something to cry about” experiences, I learned not to carry on and cry about things. It’s past time that we tell the Moo-slime world that if they want to act like little children and carry on and riot, we’ll give them something to riot about. Here’s what I would do.

1. Quit apologizing already. Where’s the apology for 9/11 from these barbarians?

2. Tell Karzai to STFU. We made him. We can unmake him by cutting off aid and military support. He’s a corrupt asshole anyway.

3. Leave Afghanistan. According to the libs progressives rat bastard commies, the only reason we were there was to get bin Laden. We got him. He’s bin Dead.

4. On our way out, do some selective bombing.

5. Tell them that if there are any more terrorist attacks on us that were planned and executed from Afghanistan, we won’t bother invading. We’ll carpet bomb them up to the Stone Age. What about innocent people? Who gives a flying fuck? We gave the innocent people a chance when we overthrew the Taliban. The Afghan Moo-slimes don’t give a shit about innocent people. They strap bombs on them. As far as I’m concerned, there are no innocent Moo-slimes, especially in countries run by them. The Moo-slimes in western countries are colonists. As soon as there are enough of them, they start demanding that we live by their rules. They want us to live by Sharia. Sorry sheethead. Doesn’t work that way. If you want to live under Sharia Law go back to the Shitholestan that you came from. As for you American Moo-slimes, you need to make a decision. Are you an American first or a Moo-slime first. If you are the latter, it’s time for you to get a one-way ticket to Shitholestan.

As I said, I’m in a foul mood and I’m getting sick and tired of these barbarians rioting over every perceived insult. Last week’s AOTW needs to be bitchslapped and sent off to Shitholestan. Letting a Moo-slime get away with assault because he didn’t like someone making fun of Mohammed (Piss be upon him) is inexcusable. He needs to be kicked off the bench.

Am I a religious bigot? No. There’s only two things I really hate: Bigoty and Moo-slimes.

Grouchy Old Cripple

Did You Know Convicted Killers Can Collect Over $30,000.00 In Unemployment Benefits?

….and Obama keeps extending those benefits every 6 months. Right now people like this scumbags can sit at home or in prison and collect their money for over 2 years…..Papa Mike

If they live in the land of Californicators, it’s simple and they can do it for 2 years:


A convicted killer who got caught because he’d tattooed a graphic mural of the murder scene on his chest raked in more than $30,000 in unemployment benefits while he sat in the Los Angeles County jail system, a sheriff’s spokesman said.

Anthony Garcia, 26, had family and friends cashing his $1,600-per-month checks while he served time, said Capt. Mike Parker, spokesman for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. His accomplices would then deposit a portion of the money into Garcia’s jail account. They also shared the cash with Garcia’s fellow incarcerated gang members.

Police arrested Garcia’s father, 47-year-old Juan Garcia, and girlfriends 45-year-old Sandra Jaimez and 25-year-old Cynthia Limas on unemployment fraud and related charges Thursday, Parker said.

“It’s pretty appalling when you think about somebody sitting in jail collecting unemployment,” Parker said.

He did not say whether Anthony Garcia would face additional charges.

The money was deposited in Garcia’s jail account from October 2008 to March 2010. “Investigators determined that … Garcia was having family members and friends fraudulently obtain and cash biweekly unemployment insurance benefit checks,” Parker said in a statement.

Parker said the unemployment money was “used to benefit a criminal gang.”

Israel Disappointed In Meeting With Obama; US Will Do Nothing Because Of Election Year

I hope Israel and Netanyahu blow Iran off the face of the earth. Obama is a Muslim / Muslim sympathizer and since he took office he has NEVER been a friend of Israel. The Jewish people do NOT have to live in fear any longer and they do NOT need Hussein Obama’s approval or help. They are more than capable to take out Iran AND Syria on their way over there…….Papa Mike

According to, Israel is very dissapointed after the meeting about Iran with President Obama. It seems, not surprisingly, that Obama doesn’t want to have anything to do with forceably shutting down Iran’s Nuclear program because it’s an election year:

“Israeli state officials were disappointed Tuesday with the results of the Netanyahu-Obama meeting at the White House on Monday. “There were no surprises,” a senior state official said. “It was clear from recent months that there are differences between ourselves and the Americans. We have different perspectives when it comes to the question of time and red lines.”

It was claimed that the Americans view the Iranian issue in the context of the upcoming presidential elections. “It’s a bad message for the issue and a good message for the Iranians,” a state official said.”

…”As of yet, there is no decision to attack but we’ll see what tomorrow brings,” a senior official close to the talks with the Americans said. “Right now we are certain the Americans won’t do anything and we need to decide what to do.”

SOURCE: The Gateway Pundit

President Mahatma – Mandela – Obama?

Speaking at (yet another) campaign fundraiser in New York City last Thursday –

Obamanation invoked the names of Gandhi and Nelson Mandel as examples of why he needs another term to get ‘his work’ done. It takes time….

Bless his heart, it’s not his fault he’s short of time. He’s appeared at over a hundred fundraisers this cycle, twice as many as ‘W’ did and three times as many as ‘Bubba’ Clinton.

 How can you find time to be a problem solving POTUS when you are out with a tin cup on the golden street corners of the Liberal Lobbies?

SOURCE: Pecozbill

Outrageous! Daily Kos Urges Westboro Baptist Church to Protest Andrew Breitbart’s Funeral

I hope my fellow Patriot Guard Riders show up in force ( “SOUNDS OF THUNDER” ) and drown these assholes out!. I hope my fellow Patriot Guard Riders show up in force ( “SOUNDS OF THUNDER” ) and drown these assholes out!. There is NOTHING wrong with not agreeing with what Andrew stood for, but to go as far as to get these Westboro atheists involved is SICK!….Papa Mike


It’s just outrageous.  Daily Kos is urging the crazy extremists of Westboro Baptist Church to protest at Andrew Breitbart’s funeral.

According to The Daily Caller,

Although the news of Andrew Breitbart’s death is still fairly fresh, the merry band of faceless marauders at the Daily Kos have decided it is time to use his death as an opportunity to make political hay.

A post dated March 1 by “dragon82a,” titled “Let’s Help Andrew Breitbart go out In Style..Get Westboro Baptist Church to Protest Him” encourages readers to post on the Westboro Baptist Church’s Facebook page calling for the group to protest Andrew Breitbart’s funeral:

Here is the Facebook of the WestBoro Baptist Church:

Send them a message anything will do, about how much publicity they would get by Protecting Andrew.…

Lets give back to Andrew what he has so generously given to us all these years.

We could call this “Operation Sendaway”

SOURCE: The Gateway Pundit

This Is A Site The Westboro ‘Scumbags’  Hate To See Coming Down The Road!


A lot  of folks can’t understand how we cameto have  an oil shortage here in our country.
Well,  there’s a very simple answer.
Nobody  bothered to check the oil.
We  just didn’t know we were getting low.
The  reason for that is purely geographical.
Our  OIL is located in:
Coastal  Florida
Coastal Louisiana
Coastal  Alabama
Coastal  Mississippi
Coastal Texas
North  Dakota
Our dipsticks are located in  DC
Any  Questions?




Obama Re-Election Credited With Burst of Gun Sales


Obama Credited With Burst of Gun Sales

Gun sales are booming across Texas, and some buyers say their growing belief that President Barack Obama’s re-election is inevitable is fueling their race to bear more arms.

So brisk have sales been that the rush has created a nationwide shortage of firearms and ammunition, the Star-Telegram reports. Fort Worth gun shop owner DeWayne Irwin said the rush is similar to one seen shortly after the president’s 2008 election.

Alan Korwin, author of nine books on gun laws and operator of a gun laws website, tells the Star-Telegram that some are worried that Obama’s re-election would embolden a major gun control push.

Korwin said people worry that if Obama wins “he will go after firearms in a way we have never seen before.” He added the belief is fueled by perceived disarray in the field of candidates for the Republican presidential nomination.


Then why is the Chief of Police in his “home city” telling muslims he’s giving them a free pass?

Chicago Police Chief Pledges To CAIR They Won’t Look For Possible Muslim Terrorists…

chicago police chief

For the first time in public, Chicago Police Supt.Garry McCarthy promised his department will never conduct blanket surveillance of Muslims like the New York Police Department did in Newark, N.J., when he was chief there.

McCarthy addressed hundreds of Muslims on Saturday at the annual banquet of the Council on American-Islamic Relations-Chicago, a civil rights organization. He said police would follow leads in criminal cases, but the department “does not and will not conduct blanket surveillance and profiling of any community in the city of Chicago.”

“We are deeply committed to respecting the civil rights of all Chicagoans,” McCarthy said.

McCarthy and Mayor Rahm Emanuel have tried to reassure Chicago-area Muslims since The Associated Press revealed the NYPD’s spying in Newark. The AP reported last month that in 2007, the NYPD’s secretive Demographics Unit fanned out across Newark, photographing mosques and eavesdropping on Muslim businesses. Earlier, the AP reported that the department was conducting similar surveillance in New York, building databases showing where Muslims live, shop and pray.

New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly defended his department’s operations again Saturday in a speech at Fordham Law School, as about 60 protesters marched outside. Addressing New Jersey officials’ complaints that the NYPD overstepped its bounds by not fully informing them of officers’ activities, Kelly noted 746 Garden State residents were killed in the9/11 attacks.


Liberal Radio Host Mocks Tornado Victims Because They Live In The Bible Belt: “Their God Keeps Smashing Them Into Little Grease Spots”…


Behold, the “progressive” and “forward” thinking left.

“Their God … keeps smashing them into little grease spots on the pavement in  Alabama, and Mississippi, and Arkansas, and Georgia, and Oklahoma. You know, the Bible belt, where they ain’t gonna let no goddamned science get in the way, it says in the Bible, blah blah blah blah. So, according to their way of thinking, God with his omnipotent thumb reaches down here and so far tonight has smashed about twenty people into a grease spot on highway 12, or whatever the hell highway they live next to.”

SOURCE:  Weasel Zippers

Listen to our President, among many, many SICK statements, praise IRAN and tell Americans that our country is no longer a Christian Nation!…..Papa Mike



This is scary! Please don’t consider this is just a bunch of political hog-wash and trash it. Read it carefully, think about it, research it, item by item. A lot has happened in the last 3 years, WOW. It’s not what I had expected to happen within our country. How about you?

WHEN – he refused to disclose who donated money to his election campaign, as other candidates had done, people said it didn’t matter.

WHEN – he received endorsements from people like Louis Farrakhan, Muramar Kaddafi and Hugo Chavez, people said it didn’t matter.

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Blonde Joke



A blonde had two red ears, and so went to the doctor. The doctor
asked the blonde what happened to the ears?

“Well, I was ironing my shirt and the phone rang and instead
of picking up the phone, I accidentally picked up my iron
and stuck it to my ear.”

“Oh Dear!” The doctor exclaimed in disbelief. “But that
doesn’t explain the other red ear. What happened to your other ear?”

“The son-of-a-bitch called back.”



And rightfully so if someone in Congress would have had the balls to ask him, “Mr. President, you think it’s important enough in this election season whe3n you are losing women’s votes to call a 30 year old woman’s activist in college who wants free contraception so she can screw her brains out at taxpayer expense but you didn’t think it was important enough to call the family of Brian Terry, the Border Patrol agent shot by Mexicans with an AK-47 given them by Obama’s own Regime’s Justice Department. Why is that?”

Please do not miss this epic rant at Obama and the Kept-Whores who KISS his ass.