Liberals Once Again Burying Their Heads In The Sand

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President Trump warned on Twitter last week that law enforcement would be looking for “voter fraud” in the midterm elections. Many journalists quickly responded – as they always do – by dismissing the very existence of voter fraud.

CNN’s Jim Acosta tweeted “voter fraud in this country is actually very rare.”

CNN Tries To Get Israeli Ambassador To Blame Trump For ‘Environment’ That Created Synagogue Shooter

He wasn’t biting.

Via Daily Caller:

Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer praised President Donald Trump’s forceful condemnation of anti-Semitism on Sunday after the synagogue shooting Saturday in Pittsburgh.

CNN reporter Victor Blackwell asked Dermer during a Sunday interview if Trump bears any culpability for the rise of anti-Semitism in the U.S. after 11 people were shot dead at a Pittsburgh synagogue on Saturday.

“Let’s get you to wade into the conversation that’s been happening since this happened yesterday about the president and responsibility,” Blackwell said to Dermer. “Now the only person responsible here is the man who pulled the trigger … to what degree do you believe, as some of the president’s critics have said, that he is responsible for the environment that would have fed some of what we’re seeing?”

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5200 Additional Troops Being Sent To Border Along With Heavy Equipment To Build Barriers

So what will they do when they get there? If you arrest them, they’ll claim asylum and the law will require them to be released pending hearing and they’ll disappear in country.

Via ABC:

The U.S. military announced Monday that, by the end of the week, it will send 5,200 active duty troops to the southwest border, as well as helicopters and heavy equipment to build new barriers, to meet a request from the Department of Homeland Security to augment resources in anticipation of the arrival of two caravans of migrants currently in Mexico.

The deployment of active duty service members was triggered by President Trump’s remarks last week that he wanted the military to get involved in dealing with the caravan of migrants from Central America.

On Monday, Trump, who has made the caravan and immigration a top issue ahead of the midterm elections, tweeted that the caravan of migrants included “Many Gang Members and some very bad people” and that they would not be allowed to enter the United States unless they went through “the legal process”.

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WATCH: Hillary Clinton ‘Jokes’ That All Black People Look Alike (VIDEO)

Twice-failed presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton was interviewed by Kara Swisher of Recode at the 92nd Street Y in New York City Friday.

Clinton told Kara that she “still wants to be president,” and will make her decision whether she will throw her hat in the ring for a 2020 rematch with Trump after the midterms.

Hillary often makes awkward ‘jokes’ to make herself appear more human but this time her ‘joke’ was a little…off…

Kara Swisher brought up Eric Holder’s recent call to “kick” Republicans, however she confused the former African-American Attorney General Eric Holder with Democrat Senator Cory Booker.

“That was Eric Holder,” Hillary said correcting Swisher. “I know they all look alike,” Hillary added as she laughed.

The audience laughed and Hillary Clinton will get away with it because she’s a Democrat.

If Donald Trump made the same remark, there would be calls for him to resign and he would have been raked over the coals by the media and Democrats.

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A mother whose son was shot by an illegal immigrant in 2002 said the migrant caravan headed for the southern border doesn’t respect the United States and poses a risk to its citizens.

Angel Mom Agnes Gibboney, who legally immigrated to the U.S., said the government failed to flag her son’s killer, Cristhian Bahena Rivera, despite his use of a fake ID card and false Social Security number.

“My son was born here in the United States,” she said on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday. “He was standing on the driveway when this gang member was going to shoot his friend and got my son instead. He fled to Mexico immediately after the shooting and eventually he turned himself in.”

Host Ainsley Earhardt asked Gibboney what her message was for the caravan and she said she would tell them to stop their siege on the border. (RELATED: Legal Immigrant Explains How To Enter America The Right Way And Says Illegals Are A Threat To National Security)

“I want to tell them to stop. This mob, this criminal activity, this is — these are — I’m speechless,” she replied. “This is a mob that’s invading our country and this needs to be stopped. They don’t respect our country. They didn’t respect the borders into Mexico. They tore down their wall and Mexico has very strict immigration laws and they didn’t care.”

“What makes anybody think that they are going to respect American laws? We don’t need these people here. And if they are legitimately refugees, don’t come here just because you need a job,” she added. “That’s not a real reason to be a refugee. Go to the first port of entry.”

Gibboney said America needs to revisit its immigration laws and require a full screening and strict vetting process for anyone who wishes to cross the border.

“It’s not unreasonable, the time that it is required. You’ve got to go through a full background investigation, full medical, make sure that you have good character, good morals,” she said. “It takes a few months once the process is started. Waiting until you start may take a little longer, but you need to be patient like my family was.”

“We never for a minute thought about invading this country coming here as a tourist and overstaying our visa. That needs to stop,” she said, adding:

“We have immigration laws. We need to enforce them and lawmakers need to work with President [Donald] Trump.”

SOURCE: Daily Caller


Hah-Hah! Obama Can’t Fill High School Gym in Milwaukee — But Daily Beast Hack Claims Line Was Mile Long!



Hah-Hah!  Former President Obama was in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Friday and he couldn’t fill a high school gymnasium.

But this didn’t stop a far left Daily Beast hack from claiming the line was a mile long to get into the event!

Never trust the liberal media.  Never!

The Daily Beast does it again – their National Security writer, Erin Banco, claimed that the line to see former President Barack Obama in Milwaukee today was a mile long….

Hah-Hah-Hah!  This was clearly a fabrication because the disgraced former President’s event was at North Division High School gymnasium and it was barely half full:

Meanwhile in the middle for rural Illinois President Trump had an event and his line did look to be a mile long –


Looks like Obama’s rallies are about 1/1024 of Trump rallies!

UPDATE— We wrote the Daily Beast for comment on their dishonest reporter–  We will publish any response they send our way.

Migrant In Caravan, Convicted Of Attempted Murder In U.S., Is Hoping He’ll Be Let Back In


Via Twitchy:

Fox News interviewed a caravan member who straight up admitted he’s a felon who was convicted of attempted murder, yet he’s still hoping to be granted asylum after President Trump gives him a pardon. Fast forward to the :50 second mark and pay attention to the look on the translator’s face when she realizes his crime. Priceless:

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Whistleblower Says Bishop Knew Of Sexual Abuse Allegations, But Did Nothing

Bishop Malone below

For the first time on television, the former executive assistant to Buffalo’s Bishop Richard Malone explains why she decided to speak out against the bishop for not taking action against priests accused of sexual abuse

The Roman Catholic Church is facing its biggest crisis in the United States since the Boston sex abuse scandal 16 years ago. 13 states are now investigating whether abuse was concealed by church leaders, including bishops who head each diocese. We have learned one place under scrutiny by federal investigators is Buffalo, New York. In August, information about dozens of accused priests was leaked from the diocesan secret archive. What it revealed, infuriated many of Buffalo’s 600,000 Catholics. Tonight, you will hear from a priest who will share his direct knowledge about what he has called a cover-up. But first, the anonymous whistleblower who uncovered proof that Bishop Richard Malone withheld the names of dozens of priests accused of abuse.

“At the end of my life, I’m not going to answer to Bishop Malone. I’m going to answer to God.”

Until now, Siobhan O’Connor had carefully kept her identity secret.

Siobhan O’Connor: I had to rely on God even more than I ever have before.

She is the whistleblower who leaked records from the secret archive of the Diocese of Buffalo. Siobhan O’Connor worked closely with Bishop Richard Malone as his executive assistant for three years. Last week she spoke with the FBI.

Bill Whitaker: Some people would say that you betrayed Bishop Malone.

Siobhan O’Connor: I did betray him, and yet I can’t apologize for that, because there was a greater good to consider.

The hundreds of pages Siobhan O’Connor uncovered included personnel files and memos. They revealed that for years Bishop Malone allowed priests accused of sexual assault such as statutory rape and groping to stay on the job.

Siobhan O’Connor: I love my church, I love our diocese, and I– I loved him. I– I genuinely did as my bishop and as my boss.

Bill Whitaker: So why are you doing this?

Siobhan O’Connor: The reality of what I saw really left me with no other option. Because at the end of my life, I’m not going to answer to Bishop Malone. I’m going to answer to God.

At first, she took pictures with her phone. Then she used the copy machine at the bishop’s offices. The documents provided an extraordinary window into how the diocese handled abuse.

Bill Whitaker: And nobody caught on to what you were doing?

Siobhan O’Connor: No, they didn’t. I was always working with paper, and I was always there, so it wasn’t as though I had to ask for keys or take them from someone’s desk.

Her decision to act was influenced by the phone calls she fielded from dozens of people who said they had been abused. O’Connor says she tried to get the bishop to be more responsive to them. He would tell her it’s not her concern. She said by last summer she was, in her words,  “morally allergic” to what she witnessed. Just before O’Connor quit her job in August, she anonymously leaked the church documents to a reporter at Buffalo television station WKBW.

Bill Whitaker: There was no other way you saw to handle this?

Siobhan O’Connor: Not with any expediency, no. I mean, I– I did hope and pray that a grand jury would eventually be convened and that there would be hopefully an independent investigation, but I felt that there could be other victims between now and then, and I– I couldn’t have that on my conscience if there was a way to prevent that.

Her doubts began in March. Bishop Malone had agreed to release a list of 42 priests accused of sexually abusing minors. But O’Connor knew there should be more names because she had seen the draft list that circulated between the bishop and diocesan lawyers. There was also something else, a dossier about priests she discovered in a supply closet.

Siobhan O’Connor: There was one particular binder, which was of pending litigation that had been presented to Bishop Malone when he first was installed as our bishop. And this was from the lawyers. And this was a large, over 300-page binder, and I found it when I was cleaning the closet where they kept the bishop’s vacuum. And I remember finding this obviously very important and sensitive information and thinking, “How did it ever end up here, first of all?” And– and then I was shocked at the volume of it.

The cases in the dossier Bishop Malone inherited when he arrived in 2012 stretched back decades. As they worked on the list, the bishop and his lawyers decided they would not reveal the names of accused priests still in ministry.

Siobhan O’Connor: It was a very carefully curated list. And I– I saw all the– the lawyers coming in and out, and I was aware of the– the various strategies that were in place.

Bill Whitaker: What were they trying to do if not help the victims?

Siobhan O’Connor: Well, to my mind the overarching attitude seemed to be to protect the church’s reputation and her assets.

Bill Whitaker: And the assets?

Siobhan O’Connor: Uh-huh. Very much so.



Congressional Democrats Use Pittsburgh Shooting To Demand Gun Control

True to form.

Via Daily Caller:

Congressional Democrats immediately pushed for gun control measures following the mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue Saturday that left at least 10 people dead.

The suspect, identified as Robert Bowers, was reportedly armed with a rifle and several handguns. Bowers’ social media accounts were filled with anti-Semitic rhetoric and is said to have yelled “All Jews must die!” during the shooting.

It’s unclear at this point how Bowers acquired his weapons, whether he passed a background check and whether any proposed legislation could have prevented the shooting. Even so, prominent Democrats took to social media to advocate for more restrictive gun legislation in response to the mass murder.

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10 Facts About The Kamikaze You Probably Didn’t Know

Kamikaze suicide attacks were one of the most frightful tactics of the Pacific theater during World War II. Named after the divine wind of a hurricane, these these planes and pilots are often thought of as nothing more than fanatics, brainwashed into giving their lives, but the truth is more nuanced.

These pilots were as human as any and often battled between loyalty and their fear of death. The details of the Kamikaze attacks are a history lesson that we should not forget.

SOURCE: The Presurfer

Food of the Day: Krispy Kreme Announces Donut Dog with Raspberry Jelly and Bacon

Is the world (or our heart) even ready for this?

It’s only been a few weeks since Little Caesars unleashed their bacon-wrapped pizza, and now Krispy Kreme has come along with an exclusive new creation to put that thing to shame.

Meet the “Krispy Kreme Donut Dog,” a hot dog in a glazed donut bun, slathered in raspberry jelly and covered in bacon.

The Wilmington Blue Rocks, a minor league baseball team from Delaware, has partnered with the donut company to sell this beast during their games at Frawley Stadium.

“The Blue Rocks are always looking for new ways to please our fans, and we think this is certainly going to accomplish that,” said Blue Rocks Director of Advertising Sales Brian Radle. “Krispy Kreme doughnuts and ballpark hotdogs are two of America’s favorite treats, so why not combine them?”


I Don’t Care!

Let me join the chorus of people who simply don’t care about the death of Jamal Khashoggi.

I! Don’t! Care!

This dude hung out with Osama bin Laden. He supported the Moslem Brotherhood. He loved terrorists. He was a supporter of radical Islam. He was not our friend. The only reason the Fake News Media is up in arms about his dude is they think it will hurt Trump.

I! Don’t! Care!

Now we have the same people who don’t get upset about Iranians throwing gay people off buildings getting upset about this dude because he was a “journalist” for Jeff Bezos’ blog, the Washington Post.

I! Don’t! Care!

Supposedly the Saudis killed this dude and chopped him up and buried him.

I! Don’t! Care!

It’s a big ol’ nothing burger.

I! Don’t! Care!

The Fake News Media can blow this story out their asses.

Jimmy crack corn and I! Don’t! Care!


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