Italy Set To Become Next EU Country To Ban The Burqa In Public…

ROME: An Italian parliamentary commission has approved a draft law banning women from wearing veils that cover their faces in public.

The draft passed by the constitutional affairs commission on Tuesday would prohibit women from wearing a burqa, niqab or any garb that covers the face in such circumstances. It would expand a decades-old law that for security reasons prohibits people from wearing face-covering items such as masks in public.
Women who violate the ban would face fines of up to €300 ($397). Third parties who force women to cover their faces would be fined €30,000 euro and face up to 12 months in jail.

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The Definition Of How The Elderly Rich Get Richer…They CHEAT!!

An elderly couple stands to make millions of dollars after purchasing more than $600,000 worth of lottery tickets over a three-day period, according to a report by the Boston Globe.

Marjorie and Gerald Selbee, both in their 70s, each bought $307,000 worth of $2 tickets for a relatively obscure Massachusetts lottery called Cash WinFall.

One location that sold them half the tickets, Billy’s Beer and Wine, had sold only $47 worth of lottery tickets the day before.
The Selbees are among a small group of gamblers — including statisticians and engineers from MIT and Northwestern University — who were able to exploit a lottery loophole providing them with risk-free winnings. The Selbees have already claimed nearly $1 million in prize money this year.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, according to Mohan Srivastava, an MIT-educated statistician who gained fame when he found a flaw in a Canadian scratch ticket game that allowed him to pick the winners more than 90 percent of the time
“Cash WinFall isn’t being played as a game of chance. Some smart people have figured out how to get rich while everyone else funds their winnings,” Srivastava told the Boston Globe.

According to Srivastava, because of the way Cash WinFall is setup, a gambler who bought 200,000 tickets during a special four-week period would not only cover his investment, but also make anywhere from $240,000 to $1.4 million in guaranteed profit. All in all, Srivastava calculates the top five groups and individuals playing Cash WinFall collectively win $1 million to $6 million in profits every year from less than two weeks of gambling, the Globe reported.

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A Texan’s Answer To Welfare!

This was in the Waco Tribune Herald, Waco , TX Nov 18, 2010

NOT the picture above, I stole it and thought it was VERY appropriate for the AWESOME article!


Put me in charge . . .

Put me in charge of food stamps. I’d get rid of Lone Star cards; no cash for
Ding Dongs or Ho Ho’s, just money for 50-pound bags of rice and beans,
blocks of cheese and all the powdered milk you can haul away. If you want
steak and frozen pizza, then get a job.

Put me in charge of Medicaid. The first thing I’d do is to get               women
Norplant birth control implants or tubal ligation’s. Then, we’ll test
recipients for drugs, alcohol, and nicotine and document all               tattoos and
piercings. If you want to reproduce or use drugs, alcohol, smoke or get
tats and piercings, then get a job.

Put me in charge of government housing. Ever live in a military barracks?
You will maintain our property in a clean and good state of repair. Your
“home” will be subject to inspections anytime and possessions will be
inventoried. If you want a plasma TV or Xbox 360, then get a job and your
own place.

In addition, you will either present a check stub from a job each week or
you will report to a “government” job. It may be cleaning the roadways of
trash, painting and repairing public housing, whatever we find for you. We
will sell your 22 inch rims and low profile tires and your blasting stereo
and speakers and put that money toward the “common good..”

Before you write that I’ve violated someone’s rights, realize that all of
the above is voluntary. If you want our money, accept our rules.. Before
you say that this would be “demeaning” and ruin their “self esteem,”
consider that it wasn’t that long ago that taking someone else’s money for
doing absolutely nothing was demeaning and lowered self esteem.

If we are expected to pay for other people’s mistakes we should at least
attempt to make them learn from their bad choices. The current system
rewards them for continuing to make bad choices.

AND While you are on Gov’t subsistence, you no longer can VOTE! Yes that is
correct. For you to vote would be a conflict of interest. You will
voluntarily remove yourself from voting while you are receiving a Gov’t
welfare check. If you want to vote, then get a job.

Thanks Michele T.


I’m sorta confused on this. I did not think a president had the right to force a company to give their products away.

But Obama is doing just that:
Health insurance plans must cover birth control as preventive care for women, with no copays, the Obama administration said Monday in a decision with far-reaching implications for health care as well as social mores.

The requirement is part of a broad expansion of coverage for women’s preventive care under President Barack Obama’s health care law. Also to be covered without copays are breast pumps for nursing mothers, an annual “well-woman” physical, screening for the virus that causes cervical cancer and for diabetes during pregnancy, counseling on domestic violence, and other services.
“These historic guidelines are based on science and existing (medical) literature and will help ensure women get the preventive health benefits they need,” said Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

The new requirements will take effect Jan. 1, 2013, in most cases. Tens of millions of women are expected to gain coverage initially, and that number is likely to grow with time. At first, some plans may be exempt due to a complex provision of the health care law known as the “grandfather” clause. But those even plans could face pressure from their members to include the new benefit.
You know what this is, right?

A preview of coming events. A first step in the “slippery slope.”

First it’s free birth control. Then it will be free “morning after pills.”
Then it will be free abortions.
Then free pre-natal care.
Then free child birth care.
Then free post-natal care for 6 months.
Mark my words.


‘NUDITY’ The Best Birth Control For Seniors!


Many people in the UK are getting placed on waiting lists for operations like cataracts, knees, hips, tonsils, etc.

Hip replacements, cataract surgery and tonsil removal are among operations now being rationed in a bid to save the NHS money.

Two-thirds of health trusts in England are rationing treatments for “non-urgent” conditions as part of the drive to reduce costs in the NHS by £20bn over the next four years. One in three primary-care trusts (PCTs) has expanded the list of procedures it will restrict funding to in the past 12 months.

Examples of the rationing now being used include:
* Hip and knee replacements only being allowed where patients are in severe pain. Overweight patients will be made to lose weight before being considered for an operation.

* Cataract operations being withheld from patients until their sight problems “substantially” affect their ability to work.

* Patients with varicose veins only being operated on if they are suffering “chronic continuous pain”, ulceration or bleeding.

* Tonsillectomy (removing tonsils) only to be carried out in children if they have had seven bouts of tonsillitis in the previous year.

* Grommets to improve hearing in children only being inserted in “exceptional circumstances” and after monitoring for six months.

* Funding has also been cut in some areas for IVF treatment on the NHS.

The alarming figures emerged from a survey of 111 PCTs by the health-service magazine GP, using the Freedom of Information Act.

Doctors are known to be concerned about how the new rationing is working – and how it will affect their relationships with patients.
Sounds grim, eh?

Patients sometimes can’t even GET on the wiating lists!!

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Details Of Debt Deal…BOEHNER – 1…….. OBAMA – 0 REID – 0

Same as House-passed bill, the framework includes no tax hikes.

Requires baseline to be current law, effectively making it impossible for Joint Committee to increase taxes.

Same as House-passed bill, framework includes spending cuts that exceed the amount of the increased debt authority granted to POTUS.

Would cut & cap discretionary spending immediately, saving $917B over 10 years (certified by CBO) & raise the debt ceiling by less — $900B — to approximately February.

Before debt ceiling can be raised, Congress and the president must enact spending cuts of a larger amount first.

Same as House-passed bill, framework requires both House & Senate to vote on a BBA after Oct. 1, 2011 but before the end of year.

Similar to House-passed bill, framework authorizes POTUS to request second tranche of debt limit increase of $1.5T if:

Joint Committee cuts spending by greater amount than the requested debt limit hike, OR A Balanced Budget Amendment is sent to the states.

Creates incentive for previous opponents of a BBA to now support it.

Same as House-passed bill, framework includes spending cuts that exceed the amount of the increased debt authority granted to POTUS.

Would cut & cap discretionary spending immediately, saving $917B over 10 years (certified by CBO) & raise the debt ceiling by less — $900B — to approximately February.

Before debt ceiling can be raised, Congress and the president must enact spending cuts of a larger amount first.

As in House-passed bill, framework imposes spending caps that would set clear limits on future spending & serve as barrier against gov’t expansion while economy grows.

Failure to remain below these caps triggers automatic across- the-board cuts (“sequestration”). Same mechanism used in 1997 Balanced Budget Agreement.

Same as House-passed bill, framework creates a 12-member Joint Committee required to report legislation by November 23, 2011 that would produce a proposal to reduce the deficit by at least $1.5T over 10 years.

Each chamber would consider Joint Committee proposal on an up-or-down basis without any amendments by December 23, 2011.

If Joint Committee’s proposal is enacted OR if a Balanced Budget Amendment is sent to the states, POTUS would be authorized to request a debt limit increase of $1.5T.

Sets up a new sequestration process to cut spending across-the-board — and ensure that any debt limit increase is met with greater spending cuts — IF Joint Committee fails to achieve at least $1.2T in deficit reduction.

If this happens, POTUS may request up to $1.2T for a debt limit increase, and if granted, then across-the- board spending cuts would result that would equal the difference between $1.2T and the deficit reduction enacted as a result of Joint Committee.

Across-the-board spending cuts would apply to FYs 2013-2021, and apply to both mandatory & discretionary programs.

Total reductions would be equally split between defense and non-defense programs. Across-the-board cuts would also apply to Medicare. Other programs, including Social Security, Medicaid, veterans, and civil & military pay, would be exempt.

Sequestration process is designed to guarantee that Congress acts on the Joint Committee’s legislation to cut spending.




The head of the NAACP and the assholes at ACORN are always whining about how states are “disenfranchising” voters by making them produce ID even though we all know ID needs to be produced to get a driver’s license, collect social security, SSI, Medicaid, welfare, WIC, etc.
I wonder if there are any reporters left with the balls necessary to challenge them on this next time they whine about it and have them defend their position against it when people like the head of Mississippi’s NAACP are going to jail for committing the fraud this law is designed to prevent:

You’ll especially enjoy learning that the Mississippi NAACP head’s name is….wait for it…..”Lessadolla”
Think now….
It’s Missisippi. Talk like the parents probably do:
“Less a dollar.”

And people wonder why respect is so hard to give to those whose parents think it’s “funny” or “cute” to give their kids stupid names that reflect their lack of education.


While NAACP President Benjamin Jealous lashed out at new state laws requiring photo ID for voting, an NAACP executive sits in prison, sentenced for carrying out a massive voter fraud scheme.
In a story ignored by the national media, in April a Tunica County, Miss., jury convicted NAACP official Lessadolla Sowers on 10 counts of fraudulently casting absentee ballots. Sowers is identified on an NAACP website as a member of the Tunica County NAACP Executive Committee.
Sowers received a five-year prison term for each of the 10 counts, but Circuit Court Judge Charles Webster permitted Sowers to serve those terms concurrently, according to the Tunica Times, the only media outlet to cover the sentencing.

“This crime cuts against the fabric of our free society,” Judge Webster said.
Sowers was found guilty of voting in the names of Carrie Collins, Walter Howard, Sheena Shelton, Alberta Pickett, Draper Cotton and Eddie Davis. She was also convicted of voting in the names of four dead persons: James L. Young, Dora Price, Dorothy Harris, and David Ross.
In the trial, forensic scientist Bo Scales testified that Sowers’s DNA was found on the inner seals of five envelopes containing absentee ballots.

This wasn’t Sowers’s first run-in with the law. Sowers previously had her probation revoked for disturbing the peace at a junior high school library, the Commercial Appeal of Memphis reported in 1990. During a hearing at that time, Sowers played the race card. She claimed to be the victim of “an attempt by powerful whites to silence” her, the newspaper reported. It didn’t work. She was ordered back to prison to complete the remaining two years of a three-year sentence she received for check forgery.

The NAACP has had other problems with voter fraud. The NAACP National Voter Fund registered a dead man to vote in Lake County, Ohio, in 2004. That same year, out of 325 voter registration cards filed by the NAACP in Cleveland, 48 were flagged as fraudulent.
But the NAACP’s voter fraud record doesn’t approach that of ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. At least 54 individuals employed by or associated with ACORN have been convicted of voter fraud.



Boy, if this doesn’t hit the nail on the head, I don’t know what does!

Two patients limp into two different medical clinics with the same complaint.

Both have trouble walking and appear to require a hip replacement.

The FIRST patient is examined within the hour, is x-rayed the same day and has a time booked for surgery the following week.

The SECOND sees his family doctor after waiting 3 weeks for an appointment, then waits 8 weeks to see a specialist, then gets an x-ray, which isn’t reviewed for another week, and finally has his surgery scheduled for 6 months from then.

Why the different treatment for the two patients?

The FIRST is a Golden Retriever.


The SECOND is a Senior Citizen.

Allen West’s Straight Talk Riles the Moonbats


Allen West’s Straight Talk Riles the Moonbats

Allen West sure has been getting under the skin of our rulers. Obama has even released the flying moonbats against him:


Rep. West is standing by his accurate description of Debbie Watermouth Schultz (pictured above) as vile, despicable, and cowardly. From the Lt. Colonel’s eloquent letter to the Chairmoonbat of the DNC:

Look, Debbie, I understand that after I departed the House floor you directed your floor speech comments directly towards me. Let me make myself perfectly clear, you want a personal fight, I am happy to oblige. You are the most vile, unprofessional ,and despicable member of the US House of Representatives. If you have something to say to me, stop being a coward and say it to my face, otherwise, shut the heck up. Focus on your own congressional district!

I am bringing your actions today to our Majority Leader and Majority Whip and from this time forward, understand that I shall defend myself forthright against your heinous characterless behavior … which dates back to the disgusting protest you ordered at my campaign hqs, October 2010 in Deerfield Beach.

You have proven repeatedly that you are not a Lady, therefore, shall not be afforded due respect from me!


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1954 Olds Rocket World’s Rarest Automobile

This is the car that in 1954 could have “killed” the Corvette.

So, Chevrolet, being GM’s big sales and profit division, campaigned

to GM to “kill” this car.

When Chevy was coming out with its 6-cyl. sports car with its

2-speed  “powerglide” transmission and side curtains,

here was a sports car from Olds with a big old V-8 and

power windows.

So, GM said no to Oldsmobile on building this car.

The world’s rarest automobile:  a 1954 Concept Olds Rocket

F88 – the only one in existence. (read the story below)

John S. Hendricks, (Discovery Communications founder) paid

in excess of 3 million to acquire this 1954 Oldsmobile F-88

Convertible Concept Car .

After spending decades as a collection of parts stuffed into

wooden crates, the F-88 was reassembled.

In 1954, the F-88 was a Motorama Dream Car, and was one

of only two, or an unconfirmed possible three, ever created.

The F-88 seen here is literally the only car left of its kind,

and was sold to John and Maureen Hendricks at the

prestigious Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction in  Scottsdale ,

Arizona , for an unbelievable $3,240,000.

This acquisition made automotive history, and is the

cornerstone of the Gateway Colorado Automobile

Museum, in its own special room in a rotating display,

worthy of the F-88!


Top 10 Ways to Speed Up Your Computer’s Boot Time




10 ways to speed things up (details at the link)

10. Tweak Your BIOS

9. Clean Out Programs that Launch at Startup

8. Delay Windows Services That Run at Startup

7. Change Your Boot Menu’s Timeout Values

6. Disable Unused Hardware

5. Keep Your Antivirus Running and Up to Date

4. Remove Unnecessary Fonts

3. Upgrade Your RAM

2. Give Your Computer a Static IP

1. Install a Solid State Drive


Montana Bear Tragedy

This is a very sad story about a bear.. Everybody should heed
the warnings not to feed wildlife because they become dependent
and don’t forage for themselves any longer.  It is such a tragedy
to see what has been done to our country’s wildlife!  The photo
below captures a disturbing trend that is beginning to affect
U.S wildlife. 


Animals that formerly were self-sufficient are now showing
signs of belonging to the Democrat Party..    They have apparently
learned to just sit and wait for the government to step in and provide for
their care and sustenance.  This photo is of a black bear in Montana
turned Democrat.  He’s nicknamed Bearack Acorn Obearma.  It is
believed that he has become a campground organizer.