Campus Group Rejected Because It Makes Liberal Students Feel ‘Unsafe’ [VIDEO]



The student senate at Santa Clara University rejected a petition to form a campus chapter of Turning Points USA, a conservative activism group, because opponents of the group complained that its presence would make them feel “unsafe” — and because of the “mood” on campus since Donald Trump was elected president.

A full-time school employee also primed Santa Clara student senators with a lengthy PowerPoint presentation associating Turning Points USA with vile, fringe white supremacist groups.

The rejection occurred on Thursday night during a meeting of the Associated Student Government at the Jesuit bastion in the thick of Silicon Valley.

The Feb. 2 student senate meeting generated a standing-room-only crowd.

The petitioners gave a short presentation about their desire to form a campus chapter of Turning Point USA, a national student activist group which endorses “fiscal responsibility, free markets, and limited government.”

Then, for roughly an hour, a group of about 50 students — and also a smattering of school employees — spoke about how they adamantly oppose allowing a few students to form a conservative-oriented campus organization.



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