BREAKING, Mexico Deploys 15,000 Troops on U.S. Southern Border


Mexico has just deployed 15,000 troops on our southern border in a muscular bid to stop and deter migrants from crossing into the USA illegally.

This is a big milestone as it shows the Mexican government is serious about stemming the flow of migrants, as CNN reports:

Mexico has deployed almost 15,000 troops to the US-Mexico border, according to the country’s Secretary of Defense Luis Sandoval.

“In the northern part of the country, we have deployed a total of almost 15,000 troops composed of National Guard elements and military units,” Sandoval announced today in Cancun.

Approximately 2,000 National Guard members have already been deployed to Mexico’s southern border with Belize and Guatemala, he noted, adding to the 4,500 troops already spread across the area. Many migrants begin their journey in Central America and even further south, passing through Mexico on their way toward the United States.

The deployments come after renewed pressure from the Trump administration on Mexico to help slow migration flows northward. Mexico, however, has also called on the United Nations and the United States to help with the monumental task.

The Mexican government is sadly doing far more to solve this problem than Democrats, as Reuters reports:

Who Is Carl Cameron?

Former Fox News reporter Carl Cameron said Monday that he left the network favored by conservatives because “right-wing hosts drowned out straight journalism with partisan misinformation.”

Cameron made the remarks in a promotional video about why he joined Front Page Live, a website whose goal is, in part, to serve as an antidote to the conservative Drudge Report.

“What’s a former Fox guy doing here on Front Page Live partnering with progressives?” Cameron, who worked at Fox News for more than two decades, said in the video.“Well, it’s about facts, not partisanship.”

Cameron, now Front Page Live’s chief political correspondent, said he joined Fox News in its early days because the “idea of fair and balanced news appealed to me.”

“But over the years, the right-wing hosts drowned out straight journalism with partisan misinformation. I left,” he added before noting that he has “unique insight and understanding of how the right operates and literally 30 years of covering Donald Trump.”

SOURCE:  The Hill

Colorado Man Receives Lifetime Ban On Hunting, Fishing And Trapping After Investigation

Jeff Bodnar of Hartsel, Colo., was arrested and charged with 22 crimes related to illegal hunting and trapping activities. (Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission ​​​​​​)

By Alexandra Deabler | Fox News

A Colorado man received a lifetime hunting, fishing and trapping ban after an investigation into his activities led to a felony conviction.

Jeff Bodnar of Hartsel, Colo., was arrested and charged with 22 crimes related to illegal hunting and trapping activities, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Northeast region shared in a press release.


The 46-year-old, who has had his hunting, fishing and trapping privileges suspended twice before, pleaded guilty in May to unlawful possession of two black bears and a mountain lion as well as possession of a weapon by a previous offender.

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission handed down the lifetime suspension in June, following an investigation that started in 2014 after a report was received that Bodnar was hunting and trapping while his license was suspended.

“Mr. Bodnar appears to possess a complete disregard for Colorado’s hunting laws and a total indifference for wildlife,” said wildlife officer Ian Petkash. “We take these investigations seriously because of the toll someone like this can take on local wildlife populations.”

“The illegal exploitation of wildlife will not be tolerated and we will continue to aggressively investigate wildlife crimes in this state. It is important to note that these type of actions are those of a poacher, not a hunter, and it is good to bring somebody like this to justice,” Petkash continued in the press release.

Bodnar has been the subject of illegal hunting investigations before. In 2008, he was convicted of conspiracy to violate the Lacey Act of 1900, which prohibits selling or trading wildlife or fish that has been possessed illegally, and received 27 months in federal prison.

If he is found to violate the lifetime ban, Bodnar faces fines up to $10,000 and 90 days in jail.

North Korea’s Killing Fields Where People Are Shot For Stealing A Cow Or Watching TV




It was a scene which Sang Chun Hook never forgot.

Aged nine, the young boy became curious after seeing a group of people gathered near a brick factory in his hometown in North Korea , close to the border with China.

He made his way to the front in time to see six soldiers aiming their rifles at a terrified man, who looked like he could barely walk.

Each fired three shots, all of which hit their target, and then it was over.

The young boy later found out why the man had been shot to death in front of his friends and family – he had been accused of stealing copper wires from the state-owned power lines.

Sang, now 33, who fled North Korea in 1998 and now lives in Seoul, remembered: “I was curious, and I wanted to pick up shell casing. But I was shocked.”

The death penalty is used to spread fear and control the populatio

He is far from the only North Korean to have witnessed the death of a countryman at the hands of their state, often for the most spurious reasons, according to a new report.

Four in five people who have fled Kim Jong-un ’s secretive country interviewed for a new human rights report said they had witnessed a public execution in their lifetime.

More than half said they had been forced to watch one.

And most claimed that authorities force family members of those sentenced and local residents, including children, to watch the condemned men and women being shot to death.

Using the testimonies from more than 600 North Korean defectors, the Seoul-based Transitional Justice Working Group has mapped hundreds of locations in the country where witnesses claim public executions and extrajudicial state killings have taken place.

Kim Jong-un has had his own family members executed

Most of the 715 executions documented were as punishment for crimes such as theft or damage to property, with 238 reports, followed by violent crime such as murder, rape and arson, with 115 reports.

They were followed by people accused of political crimes such as spying, desertion, helping others flee the country or even for watching South Korean TV.

The group has not released the exact locations of the executions as the report is intended to prepare for eventual legal proceedings against North Korea under international law.

But the grim map of 323 execution sites – probably just a fraction of the real number – reveals the hermit state’s heavy reliance on the death penalty to provoke fear and intimidate the population.

Indeed in January 2014 Kim Jong-un sent his own uncle to his death after accusing him of orchestrating a coup.

Sang Song Thank and five of his aides were reportedly stripped naked and fed to 120 hungry dogs, who had been starved for three days.

Hundreds of officials watched as they were attacked and eaten.

The new report shows that the threat of a humiliating death hangs over even the poorest North Koreans, and the punishment is meted out for the tiniest of misdemeanours.

Most of the killings – 267 – took place in just two northeastern provinces near the border with China, the area where most of the defectors who took part in the study came from.

Researchers have also been documenting suspected mass graves where remains of the condemned may be buried, using satellite images and retracing escapees’ memories, to help with any future prosecutions or tribunals.

Sarah Son, one of the report’s authors, said the continued practise of public executions is a key tool through which North Korea maintains control over its people.

She said: “It’s a clear tactic, it serves a purpose. It maintains that culture of fear, it asserts regime control, it reminds people that certain crimes are not tolerated.”

The report found that the most common crime for which people were executed was property crime, such as stealing copper from power lines, or the theft of livestock, especially cows.


Hypersonic Missiles Are Unstoppable. And They’re Starting a New Global Arms Race.


Check this out Iran!!… you won’t be shooting this one down! This is a revolutionary new type of weapon, one that would have the unprecedented ability to maneuver and then to strike almost any target in the world within a matter of minutes. Capable of traveling at more than 15 times the speed of sound, hypersonic missiles arrive at their targets in a blinding, destructive flash, before any sonic booms or other meaningful warning. So far, there are no surefire defenses. Fast, effective, precise and unstoppable …  Papa Mike

1/4 SLIDES © Dan Winters for The New York Times

This article is a collaboration between The Times Magazine and the Center for Public Integrity, where R. Jeffrey Smith is the managing editor for national security. 

R. Jeffrey Smith has won a Pulitzer Prize and a National Magazine Award and is managing editor for national security at the Center for Public Integrity.

Jeffrey Stern and Matt Stroud contributed research.

On March 6, 2018, the grand ballroom at the Sphinx Club in Washington was packed with aerospace-industry executives waiting to hear from Michael D. Griffin. Weeks earlier, Secretary of Defense James Mattis named the 69-year-old Maryland native the Pentagon’s under secretary for research and engineering, a job that comes with an annual budget of more than $17 billion. The dark-suited attendees at the McAleese/Credit Suisse Defense Programs Conference were eager to learn what type of work he would favor.

The audience was already familiar with Griffin, an unabashed defender of American military and political supremacy who has bragged about being labeled an “unreconstructed cold warrior.” With five master’s degrees and a doctorate in aerospace engineering, he was the chief technology officer for President Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative (popularly known as Star Wars), which was supposed to shield the United States against a potential Russian attack by ballistic missiles looping over the North Pole. Over the course of his career that followed, he wrote a book on space vehicle design, ran a technology incubator funded by the C.I.A., directed NASA for four years and was employed as a senior executive at a handful of aerospace firms.

Griffin was known as a scientific optimist who regularly called for “disruptive innovation” and who prized speed above all. He had repeatedly complained about the Pentagon’s sluggish bureaucracy, which he saw as mired in legacy thinking. “This is a country that produced an atom bomb under the stress of wartime in three years from the day we decided to do it,” he told a congressional panel last year. “This is a country that can do anything we need to do that physics allows. We just need to get on with it.”

In recent decades, Griffin’s predecessors had prioritized broad research into topics such as human-computer interaction, space communication and undersea warfare. But Griffin signaled an important shift, one that would have major financial consequences for the executives in attendance. “I’m sorry for everybody out there who champions some other high priority, some technical thing; it’s not that I disagree with those,” he told the room. “But there has to be a first, and hypersonics is my first.”

Griffin was referring to a revolutionary new type of weapon, one that would have the unprecedented ability to maneuver and then to strike almost any target in the world within a matter of minutes. Capable of traveling at more than 15 times the speed of sound, hypersonic missiles arrive at their targets in a blinding, destructive flash, before any sonic booms or other meaningful warning. So far, there are no surefire defenses. Fast, effective, precise and unstoppable — these are rare but highly desired characteristics on the modern battlefield. And the missiles are being developed not only by the United States but also by China, Russia and other countries.

Griffin is now the chief evangelist in Washington for hypersonics, and so far he has run into few political or financial roadblocks. Lawmakers have supported a significant expansion of federal spending to accelerate the delivery of what they call a “game-changing technology,” a buzz phrase often repeated in discussions on hypersonics. America needs to act quickly, says James Inhofe, the Republican senator from Oklahoma who is chairman of the Armed Services Committee, or else the nation might fall behind Russia and China. Democratic leaders in the House and Senate are largely in agreement, though recently they’ve pressed the Pentagon for more information. (The Senate Armed Services Committee ranking member Jack Reed, a Democrat from Rhode Island, and House Chairman Adam Smith, the Democratic representative for Washington’s ninth district, told me it might make sense to question the weapons’ global impact or talk with Russia about the risks they create, but the priority in Washington right now is to get our versions built.)

In 2018, Congress expressed its consensus in a law requiring that an American hypersonic weapon be operational by October 2022. This year, the Trump administration’s proposed defense budget included $2.6 billion for hypersonics, and national security industry experts project that the annual budget will reach $5 billion by the middle of the next decade. The immediate aim is to create two deployable systems within three years. Key funding is likely to be approved this summer.


Dear Californians – Your Government Hates You

Not content on wasting money on a high speed rail boondoggle that will never get finished, or turning Los Angeles into a Third World shithole with typhus and possibly bubonic plague, or turning San Francisco into a poop infested city, or importing millions of disease infested illegal aliens, it’s another BOHICA for law abiding California taxpayers.

Some low-income adults in California living in the country illegally will soon get their health benefits paid for by taxpayers.

Democrats in the state Legislature on Sunday agreed to make adults between the ages of 19 and 25 eligible for the state’s Medicaid program. Not everyone will get those benefits, only people whose incomes are low enough to qualify for the program. State officials estimate the program will cover an additional 90,000 people at a cost of $98 million.

Which means it will cost more than $500 million, but that’s OK, money grows on trees. And that age limit of 19 to 25? Won’t be long until that is changed to all ages.

“California believes that health is a fundamental right,” said state Sen. Holly Mitchell, a Los Angeles Democrat who led the budget negotiations

As is being in the country illegally. To a Dimocrat that’s a right as well.

But to pay for part of it, the state will begin taxing people who don’t have health insurance. It’s a revival of the individual mandate penalty that had been law nationwide under Obama’s health care law until Republicans in Congress eliminated it as part of the 2017 overhaul to the tax code.

So you suckers who don’t want to have health insurance have to pay for freeloaders who are in this country illegally.

Do you get it yet Californians? Your gummint hates all of you citizens and loves the freeloaders who are here illegally.

Keep Voting For Dimocrats.

Review: Google Chrome Has Become Surveillance Software. It’s Time To Switch.

Our latest privacy experiment found Chrome ushered more than 11,000 tracker cookies into our browser — in a single week. Here’s why Firefox is better.



By Geoffrey A. Fowler | The Washington Post Columnist

You open your browser to look at the web. Do you know who is looking back at you?

Over a recent week of web surfing, I peered under the hood of Google Chrome and found it brought along a few thousand friends. Shopping, news and even government sites quietly tagged my browser to let ad and data companies ride shotgun while I clicked around the web.

This was made possible by the web’s biggest snoop of all: Google. Seen from the inside, its Chrome browser looks a lot like surveillance software.

Lately I’ve been investigating the secret life of my data, running experiments to see what technology really is up to under the cover of privacy policies that nobody reads. It turns out, having the world’s biggest advertising company make the most-popular web browser was about as smart as letting kids run a candy shop.


It made me decide to ditch Chrome for a new version of nonprofit Mozilla’s Firefox, which has default privacy protections. Switching involved less inconvenience than you might imagine.

My tests of Chrome versus Firefox unearthed a personal data caper of absurd proportions. In a week of web surfing on my desktop, I discovered 11,189 requests for tracker “cookies” that Chrome would have ushered right onto my computer, but were automatically blocked by Firefox. These little files are the hooks that data firms, including Google itself, use to follow what websites you visit so they can build profiles of your interests, income and personality.


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With Iran Reversal, Did Trump Break Pledge To NEVER ‘Telegraph’ Military Operations?

If our Liar-In-Chief called up our enemy and told them what he was going to do then “what part of YES YES-YES-YES-YES don’t you understand?……Papa Mike

Navy Lt. Rob Morris watches as an F/A-18F Super Hornet lands on the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln in the Arabian Sea on May 30. The Lincoln strike group is in the Middle East amid tensions with Iran. (Photo by Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class Amber Smalley)

Iran’s military got a glimpse of how President Donald Trump would attack their country despite his years-old pledge never to “telegraph” U.S. military operations to an enemy.

‘He basically called them up and told them what he was going to do,’ military expert says YES

My administration will not telegraph exact military plans to the enemy,” then-candidate Donald Trump said on Aug. 15, 2016 — less than three months before he was elected president.

“I have often said that Gen. [Douglas] MacArthur and Gen. [George] Patton would be in a state of shock if they were alive today to see the way President Obama and [former Secretary of State] Hillary Clinton try to recklessly announce their every move before it happens – like they did in Iraq – so that the enemy can prepare and adapt,” Trump said in 2016.

As President Trump a year later, he repeated his mantra when laying out his strategy for the conflict in Afghanistan.

“I’ve said it many times how counterproductive it is for the United States to announce in advance the dates we intend to begin, or end, military options. We will not talk about numbers of troops or our plans for further military activities,” he said. “Conditions on the ground — not arbitrary timetables — will guide our strategy from now on. America’s enemies must never know our plans or believe they can wait us out. I will not say when we are going to attack, but attack we will.”

[Trump says he aborted strike against Iran because it wouldn’t have been ‘proportionate’]

Yet, by moving U.S. Navy ships Thursday into combat positions and launching American military aircraft and then declaring on Twitter Friday he had called off missile launches just 10 minutes before they were scheduled, Trump showed the posture the military takes when when it is about to strike.

Though he did not give away the timing of planned strikes during public comments, Iranian leaders could have gleaned intelligence about U.S. ship and aircraft tactics and their capabilities before Trump issued the cancel order.

“He basically called them up and told them what he was going to do,” said Daniel Davis, a retired Army lieutenant colonel who served in Iraq and Afghanistan and now is a senior fellow at Defense Priorities think tank.


Today Pretends Matt Lauer And Ann Curry Don’t Exist In Anniversary Video

Today has seemingly decided to take the Soviet Russia method of erasing people from various media. In celebration of the morning show’s momentous 25th anniversary, Today released a retrospective video on its social media channels that features the likes of Kathie Lee Gifford, Hoda Kotb, Savannah Guthrie, and Al Roker reminiscing about their careers — as well as clips from some of the show’s most memorable moments. Notably absent from the video? Matt Lauer and Ann Curry, whose bitter feud generated a fair share of headline news before they both departed the show for very different reasons. As you may likely recall, Lauer was fired from Today in late 2017 after being accused of sexually harassing multiple women at NBC, claims he has continued to deny. Curry, however, was forced out of Today’s co-anchor job in 2011, due to Lauer “openly complaining” about her performance.

More recently, Curry revealed she had reported Lauer’s inappropriate behavior to NBC back in 2012, after a woman working for the network told Curry that Lauer sexually propositioned her. “A woman approached me and asked me tearfully if I could help her. She was afraid of losing her job. I believed her,” Curry explained. “I told management they had a problem and they needed to keep an eye on him and how he deals with women.” Curry added that the network didn’t proceed with any investigation, although NBC disputed her account. Lauer, meanwhile, is doing a lot of solo boating.

Judge Orders Appointment of Special Prosecutor In Jussie Smollett Case, Additional Prosecution Back On The Table



A Cook County judge on Friday ordered the appointment of a special prosecutor in the Jussie Smollett case, which could lead to new charges against the “Empire” star.

Chicago Tribune reporter Megan Crepeau was in this morning’s hearing, where Judge Michael Toomin ruled that when State’s Attorney Kim Foxx recused herself from the case, she did not have the authority to appoint her replacement.

Crepeau reported that the special prosecutor may further prosecute Smollett and quoted the judge as saying if they have “reasonable grounds to believe that any other criminal offense was committed … special prosecutor may commence the prosecution of any crime as may be suspected.”

The judge’s ruling stated that the special prosecutor was to be appointed so as to “restore the public’s confidence in the integrity of our criminal justice system.”

At the time, Foxx said she recused herself after she had conversations with a relative of Smollett’s before he was charged with disorderly conduct for allegedly faking the attack against himself.


Buffalo Wild Wings Customers Shocked As Rat Falls From Restaurant Ceiling

Well that’s not a wing.

Customers at a Los Angeles, Calif., Buffalo Wild Wings were in for a stomach-churning incident when a rat reportedly fell from the ceiling and landed on a table.

Alisha Norman, who was visiting Los Angeles from Texas, was getting ready to order at the chain restaurant when she heard something crawling above her, she told FOX35. Soon after, a rat fell and landed on a menu on the table.

According to a statement from Buffalo Wild Wings to Fox News, the restaurant immediately closed following the incident for cleaning. (Alisha Norman)


The diners were reportedly shocked by the rodent – but the manager quickly disposed of the creature.

“The waitresses stood off to the side until after the manager picked him up with two plates and dumped him in a bag,” Norman said.

According to a statement from Buffalo Wild Wings to Fox News, the restaurant immediately closed following the incident for cleaning.

Alisha Norman, who was visiting Los Angeles from Texas, was getting ready to order at the chain restaurant when she heard something crawling above her. (Alisha Norman)

“The isolated incident at the Westchester-area Buffalo Wild Wings in Los Angeles yesterday was unfortunate. The center where the restaurant is located is undergoing significant construction and we are confident it was directly related. We hold Buffalo Wild Wings to the highest operating standards and promptly closed the restaurant for proper remediation, cleaning and sanitization. We look forward to reopening soon to once again serve our guests in the Westchester area.”

Though Norman said she had her meal comped, and doesn’t feel it’s the manager’s fault, she likely won’t be returning to the Buffalo Wild Wings.


Shades Of The Safeway Warehouse

I bet there were 10 of those stand-ups flipping in the 25 years I was there, but most if not all of them were caused by the lift operator starting to move before he brought the load down and clipped an overhead rack.
I don’t recall ever hearing about an injury though because unlike the dumbass here, our people had enough sense to hang on and tuck in until it hit the ground.

What caused this accident? He hit a small piece of wood from a pallet while running with his forks up. You can see it kick out right after the lift started to flip. That’s all it took.



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Okay, I Learned NOT To Play With Fire When I Was 2

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (WXYZ/CNN) — A Michigan teen is speaking out after she burned 49 percent of her body while attempting a disturbing online challenge.

Miyah Landers, 13, was hospitalized last August with severe burns to her entire back and limbs. The teen said she and her friends participated in the so-called “fire challenge” after seeing it on YouTube.

The challenge involves people dousing themselves in rubbing alcohol, lighting themselves on fire, and then jumping into a tub or shower to extinguish the blaze.


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Please Teach Your Children Well

A rambunctious tyke was kicked out of his kindergarten graduation after he unleashed a foul-mouth tirade at his teacher.

A parent captured the unlikely outburst while filming the ceremony at a school in the US.

Pomp and Circumstance plays as children file in and take their seats before a teacher welcomes everyone in attendance, only to be interrupted by one of her pupils.

A little boy in a bright orange shirt sitting in the middle of 10 or so of his classmates replies to her greeting by saying: ‘Shut the f*** up!’


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Diane Feinstein, The AR-15 Expert…😂😂

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) wants people to believe that the most popular rifle platform in the United States — the AR-15 or modern sporting rifle — is only good for shooting innocent people quickly, but not good for shooting game in the wild or protecting one’s home.


She’s right about one thing though – if my house gets broken into while I’m there, my goal is to put out as much accurate fire as I possibly can to eliminate the threat. I’m not real worried about over-penetration seeing as I live in a brick house.

A 45 ACP? Eight rounds. An AR-15? 27 rounds. I fail to see the issue here.

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Polar Bear Encounter


The Arctic equivalent of a shark cage is a steel box with strong glass. Wildlife photographer Gordon Buchanan used one to protect himself while getting up close and personal with a polar bear. The polar bear is curious, then furious because she can’t figure out how to get this lunch box open. This clip is from the BBC Earth series Polar Bear Family and Me. This is one rare case in which the YouTube comments are gold.

Polar bear goes away and 5 minutes later comes with a wrench

“I’m coming buddy!!! Just hang in there, I’ll get you out in a sec”

Typical canned food. Too hard to open, not worth it. I feel you bro.

That Bear just wanted five dollars for cleaning the glass.

“When your snack gets stuck in the vending machine.”


SOURCE: Miss Cellania

Supreme Court Upholds Cross On Public Land In Maryland


WASHINGTON (AP) — A World War I memorial in the shape of a 40-foot-tall cross can continue to stand on public land in Maryland, the Supreme Court ruled Thursday in an important decision about the use of religious symbols in American life.

The justices, ruling 7-2 in favor of the cross’ backers, said preserving a long-standing religious monument is very different from allowing the building of a new one. The court concluded that the nearly 100-year-old memorial’s presence on a grassy highway median doesn’t violate the First Amendment’s establishment clause, which prohibits the government from favoring one religion over others.

The case had been closely watched for its potential impact on other monuments. Defenders of the cross in Bladensburg, a suburb of the nation’s capital, had argued that a ruling against them could doom of hundreds of war memorials that use crosses to commemorate soldiers who died.

“The cross is undoubtedly a Christian symbol, but that fact should not blind us to everything else that the Bladensburg Cross has come to represent,” Justice Samuel Alito wrote.

“For some, that monument is a symbolic resting place for ancestors who never returned home. For others, it is a place for the community to gather and honor all veterans and their sacrifices to our Nation. For others still, it is a historical landmark. For many of these people, destroying or defacing the Cross that has stood undisturbed for nearly a century would not be neutral and would not further the ideals of respect and tolerance embodied in the First Amendment. For all these reasons, the Cross does not offend the Constitution,” he wrote.

Two of the court’s liberal justices, Stephen Breyer and Elena Kagan, both of whom are Jewish, joined their conservative colleagues in ruling for the cross.

Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who is also Jewish, dissented, with Ginsburg writing that “the principal symbol of Christianity around the world should not loom over public thoroughfares, suggesting official recognition of that religion’s paramountcy.” In all, seven of the nine justices wrote to explain their views in opinions that totaled over 80 pages.

The cross’ challengers included three area residents and the District of Columbia-based American Humanist Association, which includes atheists and agnostics. They argued that the cross, in a suburb near the nation’s capital, should be moved to private property or modified into a nonreligious monument such as a slab or obelisk.

Defenders included the American Legion, which raised money to build the monument honoring area residents who died in World War I. Other backers included the Trump administration and Maryland officials who took over maintenance of the cross nearly 60 years ago to preserve it and address traffic safety concerns.

Maryland officials had argued that the cross, sometimes called the “Peace Cross,” doesn’t violate the Constitution because it has a secular purpose and meaning.

In the past, similar monuments have met with a mixed fate at the high court.

On the same day in 2005, for example, the court upheld a Ten Commandments monument on the grounds of the Texas Capitol while striking down Ten Commandments displays in Kentucky courthouses.

After those rulings and others the Supreme Court has been criticized for being less than clear in explaining how to analyze so-called passive displays such as Maryland’s cross, that are challenged as violating the Constitution’s establishment clause.


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