NYT: State Gave Foundation Donor Access To Hillary In Exchange For A Private Jet Ride For Bill

You just can’t make this up! The “Hilldabeast” continues to do whatever she wants, LEGALLY or ILLEGALLY, without ANY CONSEQUENCES at all. From HotAir.com Here’s a better question: what specifically did Liveris want to discuss with Hillary in exchange for the use of the aircraft? And another: did Hillary agree to take some sort of action or intervention on behalf of Dow or Liveris in exchange for the favor? Answers to those questions do not emerge from the e-mails, the Times’ Eric Lichtblau reports, but those are the questions that require answering. And it seems even more odd now that these connections are emerging that the FBI and the Department of Justice didn’t take very much interest in finding them when they had these e-mails all to themselves. If elected President I promise you she will continue thes kind of actions still without any CONSEQUENCES!!……..Papa Mike




But that’s not quid pro quo, no sir…

Via Hot Air:

Ever wonder how to get a ride on a private jet? The Clintons figured it out pretty well while Hillary Clinton served as Secretary of State, as the New York Times explains today. New e-mails emerging from a FOIA lawsuit brought by Judicial Watch explain how Bill Clinton got the use of Dow Chemical’s private jet by having the Clinton Foundation and Bill himself arrange a one-on-one meeting with Hillary for its CEO and major donor through Huma Abedin at the State Department.

It’s good to be queen, eh?

The emails released by Judicial Watch also include discussions about meetings between Mrs. Clinton and a number of people involved in major donations to the Clinton Foundation.

In one exchange in July 2009, Ms. Abedin told Mrs. Clinton’s scheduler that Mr. Clinton “wants to be sure” that Mrs. Clinton would be able to see Andrew Liveris, the chief executive of Dow Chemical, at an event the next night. Dow Chemical has been one of the biggest donors to the Clinton Foundation, giving $1 million to $5 million, records show.

Ms. Abedin arranged what she called “a pull-aside” for Mr. Liveris to speak with Mrs. Clinton in a private room after she arrived to give a speech, according to the emails, which did not explain the reason for the meeting.

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Author: Papa Mike