Chairman of California Democrat Party Resigns Over Multiple Sexual Misconduct Allegations; “Media Strangely Muted Over Story”

SOURCE: Ace of Spades


Yes, there is some coverage, but pretty much just a headline and then they move right on.

Nothing to see here, folks.

Here’s the weird thing: He’s gay. But he still made sexually inappropriate remarks to women. And… touched them.

Multiple staffers told The Times that Bauman, the party’s first openly gay chairman, would often make sexual comments to men and women at work. One woman told the newspaper Bauman said he wanted to have sex with her and suggested she would have been a gay man in a previous life.

Grace Leekley, a 21-year-old temporary worker in the party’s communications department, said she arranged for her own transportation when the party traveled around the state with candidates earlier this month because she did not want to be on a bus with Bauman.

At a lunch on the trip, she claimed Bauman asked her and another woman if they were having an affair in front of other colleagues. Although they said no, Bauman allegedly continued to press the pair.

Oh, of course he’s saying he’s going to get treated for alcohol abuse.

I have to start drinking more, or at least creating a paper trail of claiming I drink a lot, so I always have this Demon Rum Made Me Do It excuse in my back pocket.

Hey, remember when saying that if you’re famous women let you grab them by the “genitals” was big news?

Not anymore.

Author: Papa Mike