Chicago School Bans Homemade Lunches…..

picture by PapaMike

….the  Obama government is simply saying, “they can be better parents”.  Are there parents sending their children to school with unhealthy food, you bet, but one they are a minority, and two this is NOT child abuse or is it against any know law that I know of. We can NOT continue to allow these Dimocrats to force THEIR will on us as what pertains to what’s right and what’s wrong, and what we can do and not do in raising our own children…..What needs to happen here is to EDUCATE all parents AND children on what to eat and how not to become obese children and adults which leads to higher ‘health coverage’ which we all end up paying for. For Obama to say NO to bringing homemade lunches to school is in NO way the solution to the problem and he knows it!…..PM


Democrats are always pushing us towards some fascist system where all our choices are made for us!!

From President Obama’s hoemtown:

A Chicago school has banned homemade lunches to protect students from their parents’ bad choices, the Chicago Tribune reports.
But students at the kindergarten-through-8th grade Little Village Academy say they are often forced to go hungry because school lunches are so bad.
Principal Carmona says only kids who have a medical excuse are allowed to bring their own food. “Nutrition wise, it is better,” she told the paper. “It’s milk versus a Coke.”

This is a typical Dimocrat solution to every problem: OBEY, OBEY, OBEY, OBEY

You WILL eat our healthy lunch, it’s for the greater good.
You WILL use our eco-friendly lightbulbs, it’s for the greater good.  If you won’t we’ll just ban the old ones outright.
You WILL pay more for gas or get a “green” vehicle, it’s for the greater good.  If you don’t we’ll keep interfering with domestic oil exploration and let the price of oil keep shooting up until you have no choice but to comply.
You WILL pay tax dollars to bail out the UAW, it’s for the greater good.  Especially come election time.
You WILL pay 60% in taxes, it’s for the greater good.  Unless you are a typical Democrat voter, then you will likely get more back than you pay in taxes, but don’t you dare call it welfare!
You WILL make home loans to people with bad credit, it’s for the greater good.  Then when the stock market finally chokes on the trillions of mortgage backed securities we made you create we’ll just blame you for it.
You WILL pay tax dollars to fund abortions, it’s for the greater good.  If you dare to disagree we’ll say your against women’s health screenings.