Colin Kaepernick Kneels And Oakland High School Football Team Lays Down During The National Anthem…



Everyone of these high school players should be kicked off their team, AND out of school! The adult coaches should be FIRED ASAP..Would any of this ever happen in today’s “Political Correct” times, HELL NO! When I played football and went to high school if we would have done this, you better believe we would be not only kicked off the football team, our parents would have been called and told to come up immediately and pick us up, and start looking for a new school ……Papa Mike




A real role model and pillar of the community.



Colin Kaepernick joined a high school football team in its protest Friday night in Oakland, California, where numerous players were photographed lying on their backs with their hands raised while the San Francisco 49ers quarterback kneeled during the pregame playing of the national anthem.

Kaepernick visited with players from Castlemont High School and spoke with the team in the locker room before the game, telling them that “you are important, you make a difference, this matters. Everything you do matters.”

Castlemont’s football team gained attention in the Bay Area last weekend when players kneeled with their fists raised in the air during the national anthem.

Videos began circulating early Saturday morning on social media of Kaepernick addressing the team and thanking them for their initial protest.

“I had to come support you all, because the same way you all took a stand and stood with me, I had to come out here and stand with you all,” Kaepernick told the players. “So I appreciate what you all did. I love you all. You all are my brothers, I’m here with you.”

The photo of the players and coaches lying on their backs, tweeted by former NFL linebacker Kirk Morrison among others, also shows Kaepernick in the background on one knee.

SOURCE: Weasel Zippers 

Author: Papa Mike