Comey Writing Book About Career, Agent Says All Major Publishing Houses Interested

Is it just me, but does Comey’s eyes look like he’s either been crying a lot or is he DRUNK? Also what’s with that “halo” over his head. I think the “Hilldabeast” and “Slick Willie” touched it up to make him look like a “Holier- than-thou” person!!….………Papa Mike

He’s going to write about how he’s worked for more ethical leadership. In other words, it’s a work of fiction.

Via Free Beacon:

Former FBI Director James Comey is writing a book about his career in public service, including his dramatic and short tenure in the Trump administration, and all major publishing houses have expressed interest, his literary agent said.

Comey has been meeting with editors and publishers in New York in recent days and is being represented by literary agency Javelin partners Keith Urbahn and Matt Latimer, the New York Times reports. It will not be a “tell-all memoir,” the report says, but it will delve into his role in the Hillary Clinton email investigation and his conversations with President Donald Trump regarding the Russian election interference probe:

“It’s a book about leadership and his search for truth, informed by lessons and experiences he’s had throughout his career, including his recent experiences in the Trump administration,” said Mr. Latimer, whose agency also represents Tucker Carlson and Donna Brazile. “It will speak to a broader desire in our country for more ethical leadership.”

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