Do You Know The Difference Between Red & White Wine And Which One Is The Best For You?


Read The Difference HERE, And Which Wine Is Best For You, White Or Red!


Most of my Italian relatives made their own “Red Wine” a tradition among Sicilians that goes back to the very early 1800’s……..They drank wine with every meal, but hardly ever between meals…….( Unless they were alone or with somebody )….Ha-Ha-Ha!!

Some of you guys after reading 6/9 may think about giving up all that beer for a couple glasses of “Red” wine EVERY DAY!……I’m sure the women, because statics show they drink more wine than men, probably know all about 6/9………….Mike

Gallup has consistently found a wide gender difference in preferred alcoholic beverage, going back to the initial asking of the question in 1992. Currently, 53% of men name beer as their favorite drink, while 22% say liquor and 20% wine. Among women, 52% say they drink wine most often, while 24% say liquor and 20% beer………

Papa Mike



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