Elderly Couple Found Dead In Murder-Suicide Left Notes About Issues Paying For Medical Care

(CNN/Meredith) — After an elderly couple in Washington state was found dead in an apparent murder-suicide, investigators said they found notes suggesting the pair was struggling to pay medical bills.

Brian Jones called 911 on Wednesday morning and told the dispatcher he was going to shoot himself, according to the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office. The 77-year-old said he had prepared a note for the sheriff containing information and instructions and told the operator, “We will be in the front bedroom.”



I can sympathize with this. Last month the cost of several of Lisa’s medications went through the roof and we’ve pretty much spent what little savings we had covering them. I mean, we’ll get by – our bills are paid and we have food, but we damned sure don’t have any money for anything else like gasoline or any repairs that pop up. Seriously, I haven’t even started my truck in 3 days.
We’ll see her doctor at the beginning of next month to see if she can switch those meds to something cheaper, but until then we’re hanging on by the skin of our teeth.

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