EPSO Waging Costly War On Black Market Marijuana




COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) – Right now, there is more black market marijuana on our streets than ever before, that’s according to the El Paso County Sheriff. And, more illegal marijuana grows translates into mounting costs for taxpayers. El Paso County will spend thousands tracking them down and then getting rid of the product.

The Sheriff’s Office estimates they’ve seized roughly 5,200 marijuana plants since January 1 in the county. All of the seized plants and processed marijuana ends up in huge storage containers owned by EPSO. Once its there, the marijuana is dried out, shredded, and then turned into mulch.


Of course the market’s flooded with ‘black market’ weed – why in the hell would I pay taxes on crap sold in a pot shop when I can pick up the phone and have the same amount of the same weed delivered to my door for half the price?
Did they seriously think that if they legalized it, it would put backyard growers out of business? The only way that would work is if the pot shops sold a much more potent strain, but that ain’t gonna happen considering that the backyard growers are the ones developing those very same strains.

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