FBI Agent “Peter Strzok” Was Fired From Mueller Probe Changed Wording in Comey Memo on Hillary’s Email


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 Peter Strzok is why the head of the FBI, James Comey went out of his way to keep Hillary Clinton out of “PRISON”! She LIED about sending classified emails, she had her own email AND SERVER at her home, she knew and allowed her staff to send classified emails, her personal secretary Huma Abedin sent classified emails to her husband Anthony Weiner to his computer at their home. Hillary “BLEACHED” over 33,000 emails just before she received a “Congressional Subpoena” with a software tool called BleachBit to have messages “deleted where even God can’t read them.” There were 13 mobile devices and 5 iPads that the FBI said that in some way were used with her private email server, and they just destroyed them with hammers when they were done with them.”  

I could go on “until the cows come home” BUT  this “NARCISSISTIC”  women ( CRIMINAL )  has NEVER been charged with anything!!……Michael Flynn lied once and he was run out of office and could face jail-time. So where’s Hillary Clinton and has she been charged for all her LIES?………..Papa Mike



Peter Strzok, the FBI agent removed from special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe for sending text messages critical of President Donald Trump and praising Hillary Clinton also had a role in the Clinton email probe.

Strzok headed up the Clinton investigation and he was the person who changed a draft of then-FBI Director James Comey’s description of Clinton’s actions from “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless,” CNN reported Monday.

While the wording may seem an insignificant change to the uninitiated, the original “grossly negligent” could have had “potentially significant legal implications,” CNN said since federal law on mishandling classified materials carries criminal penalties for “gross negligence.”

Strzok also was the agent who signed the order to begin the investigation into Russian meddling, adding more fuel to criticism of the probe being politically motivated.


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