Ford was “NOT” looking for the “TRUTH” She was looking for a HUGE payday and she’s getting it!!


Are you surprised!
This is nothing. Wait til you see what this new darling of the democrats gets from book deals, movies and TV appearances. It will be in the millions. 




Dr. Christine Blasey Ford claims she wasn’t paid to testify. She claimed it was her civic duty to launch allegations that she was sexually assaulted at an unknown location on an unknown date by Judge Brett Kavanaughwhen he was in high school. But, the fact is that she stands to get a serious financial windfall from GoFundMe accounts she mentioned during her testimony.

When asked how she was paying for her legal team, Blasey Ford mentioned the crowdfunding websites where multiple accounts have been set up for her benefit. Ford’s mere mention of collecting money from donors sent liberals opening up their wallets and fleeing to their keyboards to keep this charade going. Within just a half hour of Ford plugging her GoFundMe accounts during the hearing, one jumped from $179,000 to $305,000.

One accounthas over a half a million dollars. Performing her civic duty has been financially advantageous for Christine Blasey Ford. Another accountraised $209,000. That is more than $700,000 on just two accounts. There are at least 17 accounts benefiting Ford, so it’s impossible to discount that this will benefit her financially.

Lawyers had mentioned they were working pro bono……..hummmmmm

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