FREE Air Conditioners For The Rich And Your Paying For It!

You better believe it.

And you best be prepared to pay the A/C bills for these people who will start leaving doors and windows open because they’re not paying these several hundred dollar ills.

And, of course, to make you think it’s only for the elderly they show a picture of one:

elderly a/c


But people making up to $46,100 are eligible!!!!!

$46,100!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And these bastards can’t afford a $159 A/C? Betcha they all have cell phones and cable, though! But US taxpayers are now making them comfortable.

Meanwhile no one is helping me pay my bills!

Thanks to a mild winter, vouchers for up to 700 free air conditioners may be available to low- and moderate-income families through the Lorain County Community Action Agency, according to interim President and CEO Jackie Boehnlein.

“It is exciting,” said Boehnlein about HEAP — the Home Energy Assistance Program’s Summer Crisis Program — which is funded by federal taxpayer dollars.

The agency already has distributed vouchers worth $250 to 325 families, she said.

It has 25 vouchers remaining and has applied for permission to distribute 350 more vouchers, she said.

The winter was so mild that leftover money from the heating assistance program was allocated to the cooling program, she said.

The vouchers are good for a $159 LG brand air conditioner from Home Depot and assistance paying electrical bills, Boehnlein said.

For the first time, those with disconnection notices are eligible, she said.

This year, LCCAA received $671,000 in funding for assistance with electric utility bills and air conditioners, she said.

That compares with $155,000 for 2011 summer season when the agency distributed 200 of the vouchers, she said.

Applicants are eligible if their household incomes are at or below 200 percent of the 2012-13 federal poverty guidelines and if they are seniors, have a disconnection notice or a documented medical condition such as asthma or lung disease.


A family of four making up to $46,100 qualifies for the program.