Gas Prices Be Damned… Obama & Senate Democrats Block Keystone Pipeline Again


Americans all agree that gas prices are now big issue for the presidential election.
CBS Local reported:

Obama: High Gas Prices Are Hurting Families


Gas Price Hypocrisy


But that didn’t stop Senate Democrats and President Obama from blocking construction of the Keystone Pipeline today.

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell released this statement today following the job-killing vote.

“The Democrat-controlled Senate just turned its back on job creation and energy independence in a single vote by rejecting the bipartisan Hoeven-Lugar amendment. They rejected legislation that would have led to construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline and the thousands of private-sector jobs that come with it. At a moment when tensions are rising in the Middle East, millions of Americans are struggling to find work and millions more are struggling with the rising cost of gas, Democrat opposition to this legislation shows how deeply out of touch they are with the concerns of middle-class Americans. President

Obama’s personal pleas to wavering Senators may have tipped the balance against this legislation. When it comes to delays over Keystone, anyone looking for a culprit should now look no further than the Oval Office.”

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