Guess Who Paid For Donald Trump’s Crazy-Corrupt Mar-A-Lago Christmas Party? We Did

Never let it be said that Donald Trump lets a little ignominy and disgrace get in the way of a good time and money in his pocket.  Last Wednesday he became the third president in American history to be impeached. By Saturday he was throwing down at the Mar-a-Lago Studio 54 Party, alongside his lawyer, Rudy Giuliani. It must have been reminiscent of the good old days when Trump and his former lawyer Roy Cohn used to frequent the famous New York club on 54th Street in its 1970s heyday, only this time around Mick Jagger and Andy Warhol were replaced by war criminal Eddie Gallagher and evangelical leader Franklin Graham.

These parties seem to be a regular theme at Trump’s Palm Beach club. Back in February of 2018, he had to make an official visit to see some first responders and Parkland shooting victims at the Broward County sheriff’s office, but then he and Melania hightailed it out of there to, yes, a Studio 54 party at Mar-a-Lago. Perhaps he finds these shindigs comforting when he’s feeling stressed. Or maybe he just enjoys remembering how he cost the owner of Studio 54 and his investors a million dollars once by failing to disclose that a property he had sold them was in bankruptcy. Life was much simpler when all he had to worry about was outrunning frustrated bankers and angry women. Now he’s trying to outrun the U.S. Congress and the verdict of history, which is undoubtedly not quite as much fun.

Trump didn’t bother meeting any boring gun-violence victims before the party this year. Instead, he appeared at a big gathering of the Trumpen Youth at the Turning Point USA yearly meeting.  Giuliani had warmed up the crowd the day before with a new call and response:

Giuliani said, “this is why they don’t like what I’m doing in Ukraine. Because you know who was making big bucks in Ukraine?”

“Biden!” the audience replied.

I think we can assume we’ll be hearing that one again.

Trump himself was introduced by none other than Rush Limbaugh, who captured the hearts and minds of the young people in the audience with a very important message: