Hallmark Channel Caves Again to Militant Degenerates

The Hallmark Channel, a lonely island of old-fashioned wholesomeness in a sea of degeneracy, continues to sink beneath the waves. Recently, we read that it had succumbed to LGBT bullies and plans to feature unnatural sexual relationships in its famous Christmas movies. Now it has caved again.

Via Entertainment Weekly:

Following intense criticism, Hallmark CEO Mike Perry is apologizing after the Hallmark Channel pulled multiple ads for the wedding planning site Zola in which same-sex couples were shown kissing.

“We are truly sorry for the hurt and disappointment this has caused,” Perry [whimpered] in a statement obtained by EW. “Across our brand, we will continue to look for ways to be more inclusive and celebrate our differences.”

That is, to drive away their viewers at the behest of militant activists like GLAAD, which rallied social justice warriors against them for pulling the tasteless and immoral commercials.

The statement also notes that the “Hallmark Channel will be reaching out to Zola to reestablish our partnership and reinstate the commercials,” and will be working with GLAAD on LGBTQ inclusion in its brands.

Gay militants now call the shots at the Hallmark Channel. Welcome to utopia.

Abject surrender to moonbat social engineers is no guarantee of good treatment. As many children learn on the playground, if you move when bullies push you, they will push you more.

This craven betrayal is unlikely to mollify actress Hilarie Burton, who has been screeching on Twitter that “bigotry comes from the top and permeates the whole deal over there [at the Hallmark Channel].”

No matter how extreme the Hallmark Channel’s future attempts to make obsequious obeisance to “inclusion,” until they stand their ground, they will never get the bullies off their back.

SOURCE: Moonbattery