Here We Go!!

I have put it off as usual because I hate going to the mall but a man has to do what a man has to do. I need to go do my Christmas shopping today. I only have a window of a few hours before I have to go to a Christmas party. Thankfully I only need to grab a couple of items. Unfortunately, they are in…

The Mall.


Especially at Christmas time.

It could be worse I guess, it could be Wal Mart


Parking is always a nightmare.


And the multitudes of Morons get on my nerves the second I step foot in the door.

By the time I get out of the place I have people getting out of my way like Moses parting the Red Sea.

They take one look at my face and suddenly find somewhere else to be.

I hate being amongst them but I have to make some sort of effort to appear normal this time of year. If I am still around next year I am gonna hit Amazon, hard.

Normally I just go into a place like Kohl’s and get a fist full of gift cards. In this instance that won’t do.

Wish me luck.

SOURCE:   Bustednuckles