HOLY CRAP! MN Democrat Ilhan Omar Posts Another Anti-Semitic Tweet and Follows It Up with a “Hook-Nosed” Jewish Retweet

Anti-Jew Democrat lawmaker Ilhan Omar attacked the pro-Life Catholic Covington high school boys after they were viciously smeared by the liberal Trump-hating media.

Omar attacked the boys by defending the racist Black Israelite group who was hurling vile insults at the children.

Omar believed the boys were taunting the 5 black racists when the exact opposite was true…..That’s a lie Omar knew the Covington boys didn’t get near the 5 BLACK RACISTS!!……Papa Mike

The Black Israelites have a history of attacking Jews and gays.
Ilhan Omar supported the radical activists over the Catholic boys.

Ilhan Omar also called for a lenient sentence against an ISIS supporter in Minnesota just three years ago, in 2016.

And Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar blamed the US for the al-Shabab attack at a Kenyan mall killing nearly 70 people.

Now this…
On Sunday Democrat Ilhan Omar tweeted out another anti-Semitic attack.



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