How Much Damage Is This Man Going To Be Allowed To Do To Our Country Before Somebody Says Enough Is Enough And Puts Him In Prison Where He Belongs?


Why did this judge not recuse herself from this case? She is being very biased in dragging out the criminal investigation of the person who put her forward as a judge. She is highly conflicted.

Go after the corruptlyingsonofabitchorangemonkey and nail him to the wall!!!!

For 20 months the Archives played nice with this guy and still here we are. Now we find out that Trump likely has more documents that are known to be missing. Lets make this real clear. HE is not the owner of even a scrap of paper from the white house yet he had the gall to take thousands of classified documents thinking he was untouchable. If anyone needs straightening out it is Trump. If it was you or I we would be answering questions from a jail cell.

Anyone else would have already been indicted, tried, convicted and imprisoned long before now. Given Trump’s age and his lousy physical condition, he’ll be dead before he can face punishment for his crimes. Unless he goes to prison for whatever time he has left on earth, justice will not prevail.

Trump says he’s an expert on a lot of things, including ISIS, taxes, technology, nuclear arms and even Sen. Cory Booker.

Campaign finance: “I think nobody knows more about campaign finance than I do, because I’m the biggest contributor.”

(1999.) TV ratings: “I know more about people who get ratings than anyone.”

(October 2012.) ISIS: “I know more about ISIS than the generals do.”

(November 2015.) Social media: “I understand social media. I understand the power of Twitter. I understand the power of Facebook maybe better than almost anybody, based on my results, right?”

(November 2015.) Courts: “I know more about courts than any human being on Earth.”

(November 2015.) Lawsuits: “[W]ho knows more about lawsuits than I do? I’m the king.”

(January 2016.) Politicians: “I understand politicians better than anybody.” The visa system: “[N]obody knows the system better than me. I know the H1B. I know the H2B. … Nobody else on this dais knows how to change it like I do, believe me.”

(March 2016.) Trade: “Nobody knows more about trade than me.”

(March 2016.) The U.S. government system: “[N]obody knows the system better than I do.”

(April 2016.) Renewable energy: “I know more about renewables than any human being on Earth.”

 (April 2016.) Taxes: “I think nobody knows more about taxes than I do, maybe in the history of the world.”

(May 2016.) Debt: “I’m the king of debt. I’m great with debt. Nobody knows debt better than me.” (June 2016.) Money: “I understand money better than anyone!

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