‘It’s Way Too Terrifying’: Joker Viewers Around The World WALK OUT Of Movie Theaters

Joker is continuing to stir controversy on its opening weekend, after some fans stormed out of theaters around the world saying the movie was too disturbing and ‘triggering’.

The R-rated supervillain flick smashed October opening-day box office records after taking home $39.9 million in domestic ticket sales on Friday, and is on pace to take in an eye-watering $92 million weekend total.

But not everyone is embracing the dark, ultra-violent film, which sees Joaquin Phoenix portray Arthur Fleck, the embattled clown who later transforms into Batman’s most iconic nemesis.

On fan wrote on Twitter: ‘Literally just walked out of a screening of Joker. Way too terrifying to be there with all this going on the way the movie glamorizes gun violence and mental health issues.’

  • Some moviegoers bashed Joker on Twitter and said they walked out
  • A fan claimed Joker was ‘too terrifying’ considering ‘what is going on the world’  
  • Others are raving about the twisted R-rated portrayal of Batman’s nemesis
  • The film is raking in cash, breaking the October opening day box office record
  • So far there have been no serious incidents despite fears of a shooting
  • One theater in California shut down for a night after police received a threat
  • In Manhattan a disruptive patron was escorted out after scaring moviegoers
  • Police across the nation have high security in place for Joker screenings


  • Others have gone as far as calling for the movie to be banned from theaters, saying that it promotes violence and could even inspire a mass shooting.

    SOURCE: The Daily Mail

Author: Papa Mike


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